How Beyonce Balances Work & Family Life Like a Boss! | E! News

  • Beyonce ain't a queen yet.
    She ain't even 40. She's just a Diplomat and an Ambassador that grants diplomatic immunity.

  • I love Beyonce but let's not be naive all celebrities have assistants, now if you're at Beyonce's level we know she has a huge house, were she must have cleaners, chef's, drivers, and assistants, etc so she has the luxury of having time on her hands to "balance" it all, because she has the money to provide help for her

  • I’m sure she has a whole team raising her children and taking care of the house, did she even change her kids diapers on her own? I mean I love BeyoncΓ© and I love her music but going on vacations all the time isn’t really juggling a family life and a career.

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