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HOTMAN – Dari Anak Kampung Sampai Bisa Bayar Pajak 30 Milyar – InspiRANSi #3

I heard yesterday, is it true that Om Hotman paid taxes up to 30 billion? Finally I didn’t pass ITB Enter the Law Faculty because
There is no other choice During my studies, I was admitted to hospital twice
because of the pessimism of the future Life is if you are not full of hypocrisy
you will be HAPPY Ok, see you again at RANS ENTERTAINMENT And this is our segment, our second guest star There is Om Hotman Paris in the INSPIRATION section (Raffi) Hahahaha
This inspiration we always present figures
that inspires One of course is who doesn’t know Om Hotman Paris From millennial children, ABG,
until the same age,
everyone knows Om Hotman Successful people
One of the most rich lawyers in Indonesia (Nagita) Weitzzzz..jeng!
(Raffi) Tuh … people see him arrogant But actually it’s only natural that Om Hotman Paris is like this Because indeed this results in HARD WORK itself
Not the result of corruption So what does he want to use, he can use it It should be made young people become MOTIVATION (Raffi) Before I ask deeper questions, bro Hotman: Yes (Raffi) Is this a shoe why does Om Hotman really like these blink-shoes? If it’s not wrong, is there another lawyer who likes shoes like this? (Nagita) I just want to talk (Hotman) Yes he might only have one, but I have 30. It’s different (Raffi Nagita) Wowwwwwhowww I always want to be different
In terms of color also must be different from other people (Raffi) So that people
(Hotman) Because this is me! Just like that
This is me. Ok? Not arrogant. But this is me! (This is me) Almost everyone is successful if you learn about their history At the beginning before he was successful he always took things that other people considered strange (Raffi) That was an inspiration too. Listen carefully The person who is successful is sometimes eccentric, and different from the others (Hotman) Right
(Nagita) Sometimes. But don’t force it too. Can’t you bang? (Hotman) Don’t force it
(Raffi) Don’t force it (Hotman) But almost all of them always travel
path different from others It was precisely because of this that he succeeded Because if it’s the same as someone else, does that mean it’s not successful Because other people are already there, you know If I go abroad, I like to buy TOP people’s books And buy books about the mafia
(Nagita) Why is that? Yes, because a mafia must have a characteristic
Especially ONCE The appearance is very necessary, especially in the field of services Every time we enter in one room, our appearance must be convincing (convincing) People see it already reluctant first
If it’s already reluctant first, of course he too (Raffi) Jiper
(Hotman) Jiper … you know (Raffi) So don’t be afraid to dare to be different Especially if you dare to be different,
YES show it (Hotman) As long as you do not use KW KW
(Raffi) Well don’t KW KW (fake product) I heard yesterday, is it true that Om Hotman paid taxes up to 30 billion? (Hotman) Yes Tax Amnesty time, not annual tax So it’s the history
I already bought hundreds of shophouses (shop houses) All of that before my tax amnesty seemed to be lending money from abroad Even though it’s already own money
So in my SPT before the tax amnesty I wrote that I have hundreds of billions of foreign debt Even though it’s my money too And I rent companies overseas to borrow money from me Even though I signed it abroad, (Raffi) Finally the tax amnesty paid 30 billion
(Hotman) Yes, it’s just really troublesome, bro Because if it’s found out it’s 25% & 45% fine.
In fact 30% if individuals Once there is a tax amnesty, finally I dare to pay a fine of only 2% Only on behalf of my wife and 3 children Everything is 5 people
Because the shop has been bought a lot, divided from the first Let me not be too taxed too (Nagita) Wow, financial people are confused, huh? (Hotman) Yes we used to when there was no tax amnesty
we have to pretend to pay debts abroad Even though our money & our account too (Raffi) But now there is a tax amnesty
(Hotman) That’s really lucky (Raffi) Okay that means that paying 30 billion taxes is true, tax amnesty Now we want to dig deeper About the figure of Hotman Paris Om is a real real name, HOTMAN PARIS? (Hotman) Yeah right. Many Batak people have the name Hotman I don’t know if it’s because of imitating the Dutch name When the VOC came to Indonesia, its leader Cornelis de Houtman But Hotman from Batak language can also It means permanent, long life, you know Paris is also a lot of Batak people, not just me
(Nagita) Oo so Paris means evenly, is it even fortune or something It’s just that I didn’t have time to ask my parents But there are also other Batak people called Paris There are also many Hotman’s names, there is Hotma Sitompul
(Raffi) Hehe is different, don’t use N (Raffi) So it’s really real name, Hotman Paris Hutapea
(Hotman) Right (Raffi) Well, bro. Om Hotman consists of 10 siblings huh?
(Hotman) Right (Nagita) What kind of child is Om Hotman?
(Hotman) I am a child no. 6 The food in my car is mostly 6666, you know (Raffi) That’s because the child no. 6
(Hotman) yes (Raffi) Bang Hotman is a healthy person since childhood
Because his mother always teaches healthy eating discipline (Hotman) Right (Raffi) Mama used to go to the fish market too often
buy fish to make soup Ask the kids to eat the sauce
and eat eggs every day to be healthy (Nagita) Oo, my mom was like that too (Hotman) Yeah, so I was in Tapanuli, the son of a car entrepreneur But not a conglomerate class, ordinary class So from a capable family but not a farmer Luhut’s meal says I am a child of a new rich person, isn’t it
that’s a lie hehehe Being a car entrepreneur, not a farmer means that his life is enough
his child is 10 I happen to be from the lineage
which I’m sure is high IQ My father’s grandfather was a warlord who died in the shooting of the Netherlands If from Tapanuli Khan is Sisingamangaraja’s national hero Well, one of the warlords, my grandfather, my father So I have blue blood (Raffi) Blue blood
(Hotman) Benaar (Hotman) My mother is from a farm family but is very smart Well he really believes that food
determine IQ So from us small he always goes to the market to buy mujahir 1 emberr fish Soup is made and the child must eat everything (Nagita) Every day? Yes, often. Not to mention chicken
and the most frequent eggs Every egg we eat must be there
Entered into our mouths one by one like that (Raffi) So from 10 siblings
all of them all successful? (Hotman) Almost all are successful So before 1980 my parents
able to send to school 6 college people, imagine, the most expensive private school
in Bandung, it’s UNPAR (Nagita) All 6 people go to college together there? (Hotman) Yeah Parahyangan Catholic University (Bandung)
the campus is mostly Chinese (Raffi) Yeah And it was once the most expensive university in Indonesia for the private sector 6 people and all graduated Imagine the 1970s
that year the scholars still have difficulties? If now it’s easy, bachelor (Raffi) Well this is all about UNPAR (Parahyangan Catholic University) Om Hotman is the best Law Faculty graduate
and the youngest at UNPAR The previous one was also possible
Om Hotman doesn’t think
will be a lawyer Can you do it or not?
(Nagita) Why the hell, what is the story like? (Raffi) But this is no. 1 You are the best & youngest Law Faculty graduate anymore (Hotman) Well, first people always aspired
studying at ITB (Bandung Institute of Technology) (Nagita) What do you want to be?
(Hotman) Engineer, contractor, or doctor If in Bandung, if you look at students
bring architect paper
who is on that back, child ITB If he is missing a girl, don’t play the girl’s mother
Friendly is not playing (Nagita) haha ​​so
(Hotman) Wow, this is my prospective maid going to be a tycoon If (students) are legal, on the contrary, you already go to the sea, hahaha Because on average they enter the law faculty
stubborn people who don’t have a future (Nagita) Ooo gituu (Hotman) I am testing at ITB
wong I am Batak shooting directly from Tapanuli Boro-boro graduated at ITB
just fill out the exam I don’t understand Finally I didn’t pass ITB Enter the Law Faculty because there are no other choices (Raffi) But did you want to be a lawyer?
(Hotman) No, you want to be a lawyer I want a doctor or contractor, finally I was forced
entered the Faculty of Law of UNPAR During my lecture 2x entered the hospital
because it’s pessimistic about the future (Nagita) Oh God, is that stressful?
(Hotman) Stress! What will I do in law school? Because I feel I’m smart (Nagita) Is that depression?
(Hotman) Yes, depression It turns out that at the Law Faculty I am alive.
Nangkep that’s how you know Until the person who usually graduated 5 years, I graduated only 3.5 years (Raffi) Wuooooow
(Hotman) plus the cheats are also there hahaha, it must be rather stubborn right (Raffi) According to Om Hotman Khan,
There are 3 types of lawyers (lawyers) What are the lawyers, bro? This is all I recorded (Hotman) Yes First, om Hotman,
there is a Lawyer who has been smarter since he was in the womb A talented lawyer, born to be a Lawyer (Hotman) Really (Raffi) Type 2 and 3, Lawyers are good and stupid Why, according to Om Hotman, are there 3 Lawyers? (Hotman) If Lawyer is a natural talent from
womb mother is a lawyer who (Raffi) Like Om Hotman?
(Hotman) Like that So in minutes,
The brain immediately looks for a solution Once arguing, deadlock, there is a solution in minutes That’s the name Born To Be A Lawyer
So it’s already talent, you know? Because there are problems that are not written in the book
so it must automatically come to mind (Nagita) So the brain automatically connects here right away here
(Hotman) Yes, it connects immediately, automatically That is Born to be a lawyer (Hotman) Second type, good lawyer
whatever we give you understand But once it changed a little, he was dizzy (Nagita) I’m not flexible
(Hotman) I’m not flexible (Raffi) If the last type 3 lawyer? (Hotman) The third one is a stupid Lawyer
Whatever the brain gave me dodol, hahahaha (Raffi) Hahahaha
(Nagita) If you know who it is like? (Hotman) Yes, the main thing is that you become a lawyer But still staying in a cheap apartment, maybe it’s the 3rd character Those who still live in the Kalibata area there hahahaha … (Nagita) hahahaha (Raffi) But remember Bang Hotman didn’t think of what case first Or who was the first artist to handle first? (Hotman) I have forgotten about the artist, but I was the first to make the artist become my aspri (personal assistant) (Nagita) Who is it? (Hotman) Cut Keke was my first aspri (personal assistant) (Raffi) Ooo been an aspri, Cut Keke? (Hotman) Oh yeah, the time after the first monetary crisis (Th 1998) My Aspri is every big trial
Cut Keke accompanied me (Nagita) At that time she was in school?
(Hotman) Not an artist.
But to attract public attention He went to court as an assistant (Hotman) The second is Annisa Tribanowati Which ex-wife, who? (Nagita) Former wife?
(Hotman) Yeah (Raffi) Yes, his ex-wife, Adjie Pangestu
(Hotman) yes (Hotman) Well, the last one is Sophia Latjuba Imagine, Sophia Latjuba can be my aspirant
join the trial to the court (Raffi) How come …
(Nagita) Really?
(Hotman) Really! (Raffi) Then if it is a Cannon Belina? (Raffi) Hahahahaha (Hotman) Well here it is (Hotman) Try here first
(Raffi) Try here, bro (Raffi) Is this an aspri (personal assistant) or what is the name? (Hotman) Actually he used to be my assistant And when he entered my office he was an agricultural engineer (Nagita) Oo? (Hotman) Yes, only engineers
can it just use what tree wrap it is? (Benny) the containment method hehe … (Hotman) Now this has never been in this newspaper
but nothing From time to time we go to Lampung Khan from the airport to the court was 1 hour Suddenly the driver sang the song I ask who is the song?
He said, Cannon Belina. Yes, khan He suddenly tricked me
Can you not get Hotman close to him? (Hotman) I immediately said, 1 month. Bet. hehehehe (Nagita) Ooo that’s the story (Hotman) Yes … you know the wrong phone number
Didn’t the USA say the name? I know the telephone of another girl, who is also a singer He was very excited and immediately came to the office hahahaha (Nagita) turns out the person is wrong?
(Hotman) Yeah wrong Yes, I don’t need the husband to be top again at that time, who is that (Nagita) Oh God, I know. The front letter B (Hotman) Yeah
Only the second was the artist (Nagita) come too?
(Hotman) ya acquaintance, acquaintance Our first dinner at Pondok Indah Mall (Raffi) Wowww Ahaaaayy..hahaha (Hotman) But once the first dinner, oh … Already the smells of love have grown that night There is a match Ordinary, try to pay attention I sometimes like to pay attention If a husband has been married for decades Do you see
for hours at the restaurant the two played the game all the time (Raffi) Yes it happened to me with him hahaha (Hotman) I never talk about playing games, hahaha (Hotman) But if I’m with him
man, bro, bro, talking to you .. (Raffi) According to Mba Benny, Om Hotman
what kind of figure? He is boss, boss Om Hotman in the eyes of the men like what? (Benny) In the eyes of the men? hahaha sucks
Fierce (Nagita) How fierce
(Hotman) What’s up for what it was (Benny) YES, for the sake of being smart, you know
Educate (Nagita) What is the problem?
(Benny) It’s hard, if you can’t, when you ask Jump g * bl * k hahaha (Raffi) Hahahahaha
Ever cried not scolded? (Benny) Often
(Raffi) But Bang Hotman loves Mba Benny dearly? (Hotman) The point is I am angry but I didn’t arrive
3 hours is fine again (Hotman) Don’t take it to heart, you know?
(Raffi) Just in the mouth (Nagita) Mba Benny how many times have I asked for resign / leave? (Hotman) Very often hahaha
(Benny) yes often (Hotman) Hahahaha (Raffi) But have you got any cooperation with Bang Hotman? (Hotman) Huuuuuhhhh
(Raffi) Name it (Hotman) Huuu luckily didn’t bring it, 2 Mercedes Benz cars (Raffi) Wooooww …
(Hotman) You … don’t lie (Raffi) two Mercedes Benz?
(Hotman) Yes! (Raffi) Who wants to work with Bang Hotman?
Want to move? ha ha ha ha (Raffi) OK, let’s talk about the aspri Now we talk about wife This wife is the mother of children His mother Frank, Fritz
This child knows me all (Raffi) What does a Hotman Paris mean to a wife? (Nagita) Weits
(Raffi) Not a boyfriend. Wife (Hotman) Look, this wife is mother of children, part of children If you love children Means that the wife must indeed exist This means that recognition of the wife
you have to associate with children (Raffi) So, what does the wife mean?
(Hotman) Yeah. That wife
already part of our family Her mother is from children
Its existence is 100% absolutely necessary
Gitu, you know (Nagita) How do you like brothers and sisters?
(Hotman) Right (Hotman) Yes already, especially if it’s been 30 years, especially … (Raffi) OK, this is 30 years of marriage, but there are no What memory have you never missed most?
What good times are you with your wife? (Nagita) Where do you know that, the good times? (Hotman) My wife is a Batak Bandung
Mr. Professor at IKIP (Raffi) How smart are you? Yes … He’s in 1977, I’m 1978, he’s my senior (Nagita) Oo at UNPAR?
(Hotman) UNPAR Faculty of Law (Hotman) Suddenly the final semester of the exam announcement He turned out to be 1st place at the Faculty of Law of his generation Well I won 1st place in my class (Hotman) So 2 Batak people beat Chinese people, Ciyeeeeee! (Nagita) And both Batak people (Raffi) Was love, crush?
(Hotman) Yes, I immediately searched,
which one is he? Yes it turned out to be a Batak person. You know Yes, acquaintance, already …
Can you play home? He said (Raffi) Is his girlfriend long?
(Hotman) First, first. Yes finally khan He’s in the IKIP complex
Setia Budi khan area (Bandung) I live near Jalan Merdeka So if you want to go there, you have to
ride the oplet that is cranked (swivel) from the front In the past, is that still right?
What year was 1979 Well before going to the complex he is I went to the shop first to buy the roll-on diadorant
Dung dung dung hahaha (Raffi) Hahaha huh? (Hotman) Apple is the first time Because he lives in the IKIP complex
yes I take a walk
around campus (Raffi) How many years have you been dating, long? (Hotman) Super old
Dating from 1979, just married 1988 (Raffi) Almost 10 years?
So how long is getting married now? (Hotman) Just count from 1988 January. 31 years
(Nagita) Lasting yes (Raffi) So from dating 10 years, married 31 years
(Hotman) A total of 41 years (Raffi) 41 years together
(Hotman) Does that mean I’m a good guy? You don’t tell me the food is land crocodile The land crocodile, husband and wife you watch now
(Raffi) Hahahahaha (Raffi) When it comes to children, I have a wife What does Brother always apply to children?
(Raffi) There are 4 children, eh, Sori 3 Fritz, Frank, Felicia (Hotman) For their children
without me even applying it they have seen it for themselves They are sometimes disturbed Because every morning, I accidentally opened their door so that the TV sounds on I mean, so they wake up (Nagita) Every dawn is certain?
(Hotman) Yes (Hotman) Because I’ve been a habit from the past
Wake up at 3, 4 o’clock in sports (Raffi) Sleep?
(Hotman) I slept at 10 at night (Hotman) I am the person who disciplines his life (Raffi) So now sleepy?
(Hotman) almost hehehe (Raffi) Already at 10 p.m. (Hotman) I averaged 10 hours of sleep At 3 am wake up, 4 o’clock swimming, at 6 o’clock already (Raffi) WoooooW (Hotman) That is an example seen by children
That it is necessary to work hard So we don’t have to shout and be angry like that, you know
Let them see for themselves How to educate him again, if he still does not come Yes we have smooth text Hey where are you, already afternoon? Almost every day like that (Raffi) Ever been angry with a child?
(Hotman) Yeah, sure (Hotman) I have only been when my child was in middle school There is a child that I beat using a belt
because the value of the report card is not good (Nagita) Ogitu
(Raffi) waah until hit? (Hotman) Yes but suddenly my mother came to me Crying to me He says this advice: “You, as a father, never beat your child
later you have no authority ” “Because you never hit your father,” he said (Hotman) It’s true that I was never beaten by my father Since then I don’t want to beat my child anymore Sometimes we, as parents, are upset
if there are a lot of red values, then you know But since then it’s no longer like that (Raffi) Here is the question of many people including me Before going to sleep, what did Om Hotman think? Cases? Normal Khan before bed we like to think (Hotman) I’m a normal human. I am no different from a Raffi Okay … what happened that day must have been brought to bed There are beautiful women, too, too, that’s sure (Raffi) hahahaha But think of your wife, child? (Hotman) all of them, but mostly what happened on that day Suppose someone new to someone Usually before going to bed we text, how come hahahaha (Raffi) The impression is that I patted me like I did, Gituuu
Haaha (Hotman) While thinking about the success of all kinds, right? (Raffi) But Om, if you are now Om Hotman the Instagram is really popular
(Hotman) Yes (Raffi) Everybody see, what do you do with girls It’s said to be the same as people, what does Om feel like? (Hotman) Yes, I know, people always think If the girls I hug in Bali were actually mistaken for my girlfriend (Nagita) Even though?
(Raffi) Friend? (Hotman) Even friends don’t, it’s just on my Instagram If people see me in Bali, you believe me From Bandung, from Kalimantan, it came The Omnia Balinese are the stories Once they arrive at the Omnia, instead of directly looking for a seat But in the question, isn’t there Hotman or not? (Raffi) Wuuuoooh … means it’s not Om Hotman’s fault (Hotman) Yes, it’s not wrong So they came for the sake of just taking pictures with me So if I sit at the Omnia or in Finns (Bali) Benny asked, the witness lived, I could never sit down Nonstop the girls are lining up asking for photos
Alright (Raffi) Lost me, lost! (Hotman) I like to make styles, like this or hug
yeah that’s it (Raffi) But I see when there is a wife like that too (Hotman) Yes there are too. Sometimes my child If I am too intimate, my child likes to be sarcastic “Woi, this is your child, you know” Hahahahaha (Raffi) Hahaha Oh, who is the videoin? Yes, the Fritz is the youngest This is your child, he said hahaha (Raffi) So you never want to do that, bro?
(Hotman) No, no Because if you don’t feel guilty
do not sin Of course what is worried about? If I have already disguised that girl
It’s impossible for me to post on my Instagram Hmm? (Nagita) Bener (Raffi) This is the last one There are messages for others
so that the property can be until Triyunan And so I can buy Lamborghini Because if I see, Om Hotman lives without burden (Hotman) really (Nagita) Wait … before that I want to ask
Does Om Hotman have everything A lot of money, everything is a lot,
already feeling happy yet? (Hotman) I am happy with my success Because of what? I am happy because I have reached the highest point
in my career as a lawyer Because I don’t want to be a politician, so I’m not disappointed I am happy (Nagita) Happy
(Hotman) Always happy (Hotman) The second, I’m sure that No matter how rich you are, I don’t eat far, just keep the catfish pecel Earlier we ate pecel catfish on the side of the road hehehe (Raffi) Oh still eating at a roadside stall?
(Hotman) Yeah, you can’t, that brings it from your body Biologically. You eat at Mulia 2-3 x also don’t come in Because from a small age it’s been like that, you know Life is that if you are not full of hypocrisy,
You will be happy Just leave it as is I used to eat so Ask him (Benny) where have I been
reluctant to eat at the cheapest shop But I parked Lamborghini in front of it (Raffi) Wuuuwoooh
(Hotman) You know (Raffi) Well, if you want to get rich like Bang Hotman, what tips? (Hotman) Ok one thing I always emphasize The first is You have to know what your GOAL is? Do you want to serve or want to be rich? (Raffi) What’s the difference? (Hotman) Yes if you want to pay it
of course take that department
can make you pay me That is if you are only a teacher’s school,
where might be rich (Raffi) Is that service huh?
(Hotman) YES … so eat first determine the purpose of life (Nagita) What is the passion, what is your favorite
(Hotman) YES (Hotman) What do you want to be? That’s right, isn’t it? For example, you want to become an international lawyer
But his stay in Irian Jaya (Papua) Yes, where might be an international lawyer?
Wong there is no international case there What is the goal first The second, I always emphasize Whatever your job is, especially in the field of SERVICE NICE / COURAGE is very necessary The third, HARD WORK (Raffi) Determine your GOAL, TRUE, and HARD WORK
(Hotman) Hard work, right (Nagita) 1 last last, last
(Raffi) What? (Nagita) This is already as successful as this,
Bang Hotman has more dreams? Want to do that Are there people who haven’t accomplished? (Hotman) Actually, specifically, nothing else Because I am not interested in politics, I am not interested in becoming a minister I only continued with 3 of my children All of them have graduated from the Faculty of Law from universities in the UK Only, to be a good Lawyer
(to become a good lawyer)
Not enough just a title My children must have flying hours So I slowly teach flying hours And they are living witnesses Sometimes I make courses in the office
The goal is for children, you know I wake up, let’s go to the office
So train them (Raffi) So the biggest hope is children
(Hotman) Yes, children In order to be able to be independent to be the BEST lawyer
(Being the best lawyer) Just the father can do this
although not a graduate of Harvard University This Batak just shoot can be like this
Can defeat the capital Can defeat foreign lawyers Especially our little ones
have gone to school at JIS (Jakarta International School) Hmm? that is what I mean (Nagita) Right
(Raffi) So that’s advice (Nagita) Grandson?
(Raffi) Yes, Bang Hotman wants grandchildren? (Hotman) Yes, all parents want My daughter’s meal, when she went to school in London I am very worried that he does not want to go back to Indonesia I am very worried that she is married to Caucasians
I don’t want my daughter to marry a Caucasian Because I have been hanging out with them for decades They tend to use their ratios / logic If you don’t love divorce right away, the majority If you don’t love, sorry I don’t love you anymore Well our people don’t Mamah the Ucok stays there, still not disturbed, you know? (Hotman) Still being a wife, that’s what I mean
(Raffi) Hahaha … yes yes (Hotman) For Caucasians, don’t use logic right? I met somebody, sorry, bye (Nagita) So you want the granddaughter?
(Hotman) Uh, really want to The pride of parents especially Batak people is The final task is formally when he is married Especially when a Batak person is married, his guests can carry hundreds of rice Dancing like this right (Nagita) Want to …
(Hotman) Yeah you want it
only his friend, Frank’s eldest child I don’t know who is his girlfriend now (Raffi) Hahahaa (Nagita) Yes, it means you will be prayed Hopefully his children are om Hotman
Soon you can make you happy (Raffi) Frank, Fritz, and Felicia hopefully there are those
as soon as possible Can get a mate and love your grandchildren (Hotman) Right Only if I have grandchildren, Opung (grandfather)
the playboy is less (Raffi) Hahahahahaha (Hotman) Later you call Kek, Opung hahaha But I am one of the nature
more or less like Om Hotman We have fun like this
So I saw that Hotman was my role model (Nagita) Uh, right, Raffi is every day (Raffi) I watch Om Hotman’s Instagram every day I want to be like this when I’m old (Hotman) Old? Just delicious. I’m still 39 hahaha
(Raffi) Hahahahahaha (Raffi) Yes this is the story of INSPIRANCE
from a Hotman Paris Hutapea Don’t forget that Om Hotman already has Youtube And if the Instagram is sure to know already
(Hotman) Yes (Raffi) Hotman Paris Official, it’s Instagram (Raffi) Does the Youtube channel also exist?
(Hotman) Hotman Paris Official (Raffi) Also don’t forget Aspri is beautiful, Hotman, what Instagram? He has long promised that one day he will perform in Bali using a bikini But until today not yet (Benny) Hahahaha (Raffi) What is the name of the Instagram MBA?
(Benny) Benny_janah (Raffi) Ok, hopefully the story today with Hotman Paris Hutapea Making INSPIRANCE for all of us The good is taken
The bad ones, all depend on us as humans Take all the wisdom Okay, don’t forget to subscribe to RANS ENTERTAINMENT FREE LIKES, SUBSCRIBE IS FREE See you again Bubbye!


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