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HOT NEWS !!! Nissan unveils NV300 And e-NV200 Camper Van In Spain

Nissan has unveiled two new camper vans
that are going to be available directly from the dealer at least in Spain the
models are the NV300 camper and the e-NV200 camper both models have interior
and exterior mods that make them suitable to camping let drivers enjoy
and getaway to the countryside to the sea or wherever the imagination takes
them even with zero emissions with the e-NV200 camper power for e-NV200 is
stored in a 40 kilowatt hours battery pack it’s good for about 124 miles of
range but your mileage may vary the env 300 is powered by a 1.6 liter turbo
diesel and engine we don’t get here in the US both can be ordered from spanish
nissan dealers now and with any luck the rest of the world will eventually get
them to e-NV300 interior supports up to 4 people with an elevating roof and a
table the van offers a refrigerator sink stove water and gas connections both
campers can be converted to sleeping accommodations with window shades and
stationary heating the NV300 allows the configuration of a second double bed in
the raised ceiling customers in Spain can order a camper van and customize
them to their personal needs the new nissan camper range will allow the most
adventurous to have a balcony with views of the most incredible places in the
world and enjoy the essence of traveling with family or friends
Frances curb arrow communication director of Nissan Spain describes the
campervan duo unfortunately there is no word on pricing for the campers or if
they will be offered outside of Spain at this time few details are offered on the
heat and e-NV200 other than is an Eevee

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