Honoring Jack Whelan with Lifetime Achievement Award

a giant in this group is our friend and colleague Jack Whelan the recipient of PBIS Lifetime Achievement Award with his magical brand of business savvy and Irish charm Jack a cancer patient himself forged much-needed bridges between patients physicians policymakers and pharmaceutical companies all the players and life sciences nothing stopped Jack not chemo sessions twice a week during the last few years for a rare incurable blood cancer not a crazy schedule as an in-demand speaker and advocate for patients research and legislation to advance cancer treatment not that many other patients who'd asked Jack for his listening ear and advice he always gave generously he was so encouraged talking to some of us of my ideas and he was like oh man you're something do it do it not the needs of his 10 grandkids who all wanted equal time with their vampy but then last year Jack was diagnosed with late stage prostate cancer that had already spread to his bones as he ran out of treatment options his family known as team Waylon threw a party for him 400 people showed up nobody fights to fight harder nobody battles the battle and nobody inspires more people Peevy I recently reached out to Jack to tell him we had a special honor for him and with gratitude for the example he sets by acting with relentless optimism tireless curiosity and an innate urgency to help others facing a tough diagnosis we are pleased to honor Jack Whelan with pbis first-ever lifetime achievement award I'm not prepared for this so it's I just all I can say is thank you seriously it's been a long road and I'm just honored to receive this from the many patient advocates and others that are involved in life sciences you know we patients don't get the opportunity very frequently to say thank you to the millions of people who go to work every day and life sciences and just want to say thank you to everybody in life sciences and to all involved in in choosing and choosing me for this fabulous award I really appreciate it thank you so much

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