Hold me!!! Eva's latest movie is worth an Oscar award.

how do we do friends I went to jail you bought a story you know one C two you lived two girls for it I wanted to raise it to London wanted to lie on the sofa and watch cartoons or Walker today see you may be from a lake of a new because you had the strong wish to speak English everything from start to the end you converse listen Jerry you are talking about the criminal group all right generally the picture centromeres okay well thank you welcome back to the Emerald City magician of course another girl not who is he and she was able to go to London it was great but another away so you could go only to the grandeur on this wheel it it was like different countries or only your grandfather's favorite about your work it's going to be more interesting I I have made my choice already well it would have been problematic in warehouse certificate started painting if I started painting that will be problematic my attention would be focused on the picture not on you or on the screen and I have only this couple of eyes then I will show paired it from trail camera alright I would get paid my computer insulted do something else simultaneously

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