HITMAN – Elusive Target #26 The Entertainer (1:15) SA/SO

  • Well I was copying this and triggered the breaching charge a little too early and died 🙁 at least I got it already in the last game.

  • I knew I wasn't crazy, 😜 he most have spawned there about 50% of the time I was running this today and all I could think was WTF?!

  • As a speed run it was great as a strat well you said it yourself not the best but awesome to watch although I hate speed runing in this game I'm talking about me but I love seeing others do it the closer I got to speed running was hokkaido 45 seconds but I like more my 7: 20 minutes strategy I'm very strategic when it comes to this games,but I love seeing ppl doing it fast although not with the best strats they " you" manage to pull it off:) and I enjoy it a lot not my playstile tho I savor this games slowly like a fine wine-_- OMG how cliche is that?

  • Yup just like I imagine everyone and their moms are abusing the electric phone,need the thing is just to easy

  • Ah you beat me to it, did it last time with the lethal lnjection(but was golng to use new phone this time) , then ruined the exit by whipping out my pistol in the middle of a crowd for some random reason. Nice s/a s/o.

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