HITMAN 2: The Entertainer Mr. Giggles – Silent Assassin / Elusive Target

good evening 47 the target arrives several hours ago for a meeting with a local French Marrakesh businessman somewhere in the city center we have been unable to discover the specific location so I advise you to look for a higher than usual security presence good hunting I stay for it is that a man up there so we've managed to track down what you're looking for but but there's a problem there is always a problem isn't there you must understand mr. mr. giggles does my name a museum mr. Keegan sir a problem yes getting the item you requested is hard local families are unwilling to to part with such things even for a great deal of money I am disappointed in you I have made promises to my guests they will be most frustrated if they cannot savor the attraction I understand I understand I do not wish to you do not wish to what to make me look like a clown well I don't that was a joke much like you ha ha sadly I cannot allow your failure to go unpunished I'm sure you understand what what do you mean mr. mr. giggles what I mean is that you have failed to acquire the item that my guests wish to see painfully killed so now I must painfully kill you I don't understand I'm afraid I've not been entirely honest with you I've already acquired the item in question I merely wish to hear what you had to say for yourself Oh oh thank God I did poison your coffee however why are you laughing I'm informed it is very painful perhaps you are already feeling the effects a tightness of the bowels before the violent bleeding begins a numbness of the extremities I am NOT as they say in the colonies kidding you might consider purging yourself in a local toilet what I'll just move a little back away from this huh stay on the alert Oh smile enjoy your evening just one course it'll be published in Harper's next month you are a genius figures that's the guest list it's time for mr. giggles final performance from the bar you really have a lovely evening is everything okay something like that got around and those crazy German tourists could Stampede me target down I'm sure he would have preferred a larger audience at the risk of seeming flippant the clown has expired and the money has been wired exit 40


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