HITMAN 2 | The Bank | Defenestration Trophy/Achievement | Walkthrough

this is the defenestration trophy slash achievement management – freeze – two for four and for this one we're going to need to start on the investment floor bring the lock pick electronic key hacker or scrambler which whatever you have have a sniper rifle stored on the executive floor bring any pistol you want to it doesn't matter so this is a trophy that was been highly requested in my comments so I decided to do it especially from the help I'll clock from epic snart on twitter telling me how to do this so big shout out to him thanks for that so from the very start we need to actually get these guys out of there we need to shoot those a little shoot all them screens just to get the enforcers out of there because we need to crash the market there's a couple of things we need to do to get this trophy done so we need to crash the market first and foremost and when you do it with the documents I did this doesn't work I've tried it doesn't work for some reason so why I to do this manually so you have to start over here and crash the market manually this way but once you've done that Savalas is gonna get mad and she's gonna go downstairs and she's gonna do all a hole at the whole routine of all that kind of stuff but now in the meantime we're gonna go go downstairs and rob the bank so we Lock this door here I then take the door to the right this is going to be the door down to the vault if you're playing this on professional mode there will be a camera above that door so just be wary of that but I'm Pony I'm playing on casual casual mode so there's no cameras about will not pick this little cabinet here to reveal the chloroform so as you see there in the background Athena's getting mad because of the stock crashed we applaud the chloroform flasks into the ventilation system here and then turn on the air conditioning and that's going to take out all the security out in the room and once they're all knocked out we can turn it back on I should say if you're playing on Pro Mode then you can just go and take out the evidence now I'm going to pick up the security keycard from the floor one of these guys actually drops a key but some reason I can't find it so we're gonna get a lock pick this lock safety deposit box here to reveal the vault key I'm gonna use the key on this little key card here I'm gonna put on disguise you're gonna need that to navigate around for now it's gonna access the vault and get the vault data for once we get inside we need to deactivate the lasers as well so to use the vault key on the the laser grid pull up the vault data call I know now we need to go and get a briefcase so we're gonna put this in a briefcase for now just take of right there no lock pick this gate and the other side of the area is gonna be a briefcase to sing on a shelf just go ahead and conceal this data core into the briefcase and now we need to go and get the find banker disguise we need to attend the meetings we need to actually push the valance out of the window and know what if for this to work we need to go and take out another challenge as well which has been added today there's some new challenges got added today that was apparently left out when it first dropped yesterday and it says do you even care challenge which is involving shooting a pigeon so we're gonna do that in little a while we're gonna throw a distraction in this room here I wanted to take out another challenge here as well by pulling up the data core and throwing it a 10mm PC so you'll have another charge popper for you here who actually got spotted doing this but it doesn't matter you've been served so that's the you've been served challenge completed there that's another one ticked off the box I'm going to throw it out this fired banker's head as well either leave the bodies in here we'll put them the lock or whatever you want yes I'm assassin is irrelevant to this challenge but once we've got his disguise I wouldn't pick up the briefcase again and store the data core back into the briefcase retrieve your briefcase and head upstairs circle around the security room had the right to them to use the keycard in the door that had your way up stairs towards Cevallos AAPIs so you can talk to the receptionist and then he'll let you in the room I'm not even sure I've talking to the receptionist isn't even required to go in the room but also do it just in case you can't really be bothered to find out I then reload the whole save just to do it so from the way we're in the room here what's going to sit down and wait for Savalas to arrive and then she'll do the interview and she'll eventually approach the clock and that is when we're gonna take care of the rest of the challenge so this is skipped at that point so when she approaches the clock we're actually going to get up from my seat now get behind it and push her out that'll take care of the times of challenge as well if you haven't done it yet we don't drop the briefcase for now head into this room here and grab a sniper rifle out of this briefcase that we stored and from here we're going to take out the flying pigeon that's being flying around the chandelier you'll see it near the entrance you can slow down time by half squeezing the trigger a couple of shots there took the pigeon out that will be the do you even catch on it completed now we just need to retrieve our briefcase Oh not the wrong run one run one where I want to go back need to retrieve our briefcase with the data core inside and you completed the defenestration trophy all you got to do now is head to the secret exit no it's not this way is about it that way it's this way you'll be able to go out of the window and you'll see a funny little cutscene here this is essentially how you complete the defenestration challenge so once you've done that you'll have your achievement slash trophy pop-up for you therefore the defenestration that's how you do it thank you very much for watching feel free to drop a lot in this video 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