HITMAN 2 – Legacy Elusive Target# 26 – The Entertainer (Silent Assassin)

good morning ladies and gentlemen welcome to another hitman 2 legacy elusive target video sponsored by Rage works net shoutout to hitman forum number n Rob and why for this idea sometimes stealth is too simple and you got to just go loud and stupid figured since I've done this run before this time I would have a blast by which I mean I'm gonna use the new bartoli 12g sawed-off from the golden handshake mission we're gonna take some lethal poison and some emetic poison with us let's watch the briefing good evening 47 your target calls himself mr. giggles and operates an underground circus called the soiree oh he blur attractions include animal fights deadly blood sports and other choreographed violence we are uncertain why he is in Marrakech only that he is somewhere in the city centre you will need to locate him on the ground and engage at your discretion he should be simple enough too small to boost the client requires that in addition to eliminating the target you also acquire his client list given the targets personality he is unlikely to manage such matters himself so you will need to discover its location on site the clock is ticking 47 good luck good evening 47 the target arrives several hours ago for a meeting with a local French Marrakesh businessman somewhere in the city center we've been unable to discover the specifically advise you to look for high security presence good hunting this mission was originally the final elusive target of hitman season 1 and actually changed his name originally he was just mr. giggles now they call him Philip giggles so we're going after Philip right now you see the little briefcase in the corner that is the sawed-off for 2012 G from the golden handshake mission we're gonna skip ahead a little bit in a moment because he has a really long conversation with a guy that was working for him and if you really want to hear that conversation watch my old video though since that one was a live stream I was really nervous and wound up just doing a neck snap wanted to be a little bit more flashing because everybody has been using the electrocution cell phone that we got from the hit golden handshake mission I didn't want to do that a lot of people are poisoning his coffee which is right with this waiter is standing and I want to do that a because it just takes too long so like I said hit me informed on the ingre and why's it why don't you use a shotgun I was like that stupid so I was like it is stupid so why not while we're waiting for this conversation to end we're gonna grab this waiter and pull him over cuz he's an enforcer he's also a witness so we need him out of the way not a mr. Gibbins poison to his former worker we're free to get everything set up we got to get this barred up here out of the way possible situation the funny thing is mr. giggles actually sees me but he's not an enforcer so it doesn't matter like this guy out put them in the box and I wanted to get rid of the guard that's down by the steps so I tried turning on this radio but it didn't work I wanted to get him to come get the gun and that does eventually work but the radio is apparently too far away for either he or mr. giggles to notice so right there that's where giggles is drinking his coffee like I said I could have poisoned him but if i poisoned him I would have run off to the the cafe to get his client list and in some reason if you leave he doesn't drink the coffee right away if at all so now the guard is coming for the done it's really real buddy I wasn't sure where the the weapons trap was because I know there's one all the way over like towards the normal Marrakech entrance but I don't think he's gonna go that far plus I'm not letting giggles get away so in a moment we just gotta get a little bit gangster gonna walk off and that's it for him and we just gonna put him in a box real quick because obviously that was very loud as you see I'm about to get caught because that was also very stupid is really going on here over understood that's the great way to exploit the the AI they only go to where you shot the body they don't really look around that much I'm just waiting for them to go down the steps to make sure they don't you know just spot me out of the corner of the eyes and of course this guy comes right back I don't think he even put the gun away he probably dropped it this thing's probably berry you just want to leave him to turn his back on us pick up the sheets of cafe key we have to now I just want to make sure that the waiter is not spotted and then we're just going to fast forward because we're heading to the cafe we essentially backtracking now before we go into the cafe just want to secure our exit pick up these keys because we have the key to the back room we can unlock this door without any suspicion I could have taken the waiters disguised that we knocked out on the rooftop but then I wouldn't be able to get my suit back very easily he poison this champagne on the left side of the bar as the emetic I said at the beginning that I brought lethal poison I did not I was done it like I said I was gonna poison gentles and I didn't well actually what I brought with me were the shotgun the emetic poison and coins you see this girl looking at her cell phone with the open back dress that is the girl who has mr. giggles PDA with his client list so if you have any other ideas on how to knock her out then by all means that's your target I'm just waiting for her to get sick I'm gonna knock her out as she's you know hacking her guts out here I recommend not doing it from the side because when I did the stream the first time somehow she saw me out of the corner of her eye even though she's bent over and it said unconscious witness fortunately I still got solid assassins but I wasn't taking a chance get directly behind her and knock her out or choke her or whatever you want to do at the risk of seeing exit stage now that we have the client list and Givens instead our mission is done we're getting out of here I took the keys to take the truck that's outside if you haven't already this will get you some mastery for doing the truck exit and that's it for this elusive target thank you all for watching and of course always have more Hitler coming these check out range works net and my playlist for the rest of the Hitman content and I'll see you in the next video you all have a wonderful day

  • I failed this one misserably 😂 I killed the clown but when trying to get guest list I got swarmed by guards and I died

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