[HITMAN 2] Elusive Target – The Entertainer

good evening 47 your target calls himself mr. giggles and operates an underground circus called the soiree oh he blur attractions include animal fights deadly blood sports and other choreographed violence we are uncertain why he is in Marrakech only that he is somewhere in the city center you will need to locate him on the ground and engage at your discretion he should be simple enough too small to boost the client requires that in addition to eliminating the target you also acquire his client list given the targets personality he is unlikely to manage such matters himself so you will need to discover its location on-site the clock is ticking 47 good luck good evening 47 the target arrives several hours ago for a meeting with a local French Marrakesh businessman somewhere in the city center we've been unable to discover the specific location so I advise you to good hunting you don't want oh yeah real macho No how is the carpet business someday you think that's the guest list it's time for mr. Gibbons final performance oh thank god I did poison your coffee is very painful perhaps you are already feeling the effects a tightness of the bowels before the violent bleeding begins a numbness of the extremities I am not as they say in the colonies kidding you might consider purging yourself in a local toilet make way me talk it down I'm sure at the risk of seeming flippant the cloud has expired and the money has been wired exit 47 statement [Applause]

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