HITMAN 2 | Elusive Target #10 | The Entertainer | Easy Silent Assassin | Walkthrough

good evening 47 your target calls himself mr. giggles and operates an underground circus called the Swahili blur attractions include animal fights deadly blood sports and other choreographed violence we are uncertain why he is in Marrakesh only that he is somewhere in the city center you will need to locate him on the ground and engage at your discretion he should be simple enough dismissed the client requires that in addition to eliminating the target you also acquire his client list given the targets personality he is unlikely to manage such matters himself so you will need to discover its location on site the clock is ticking 47 good luck you're what's up guys and welcome to the I think it's T is it the 10th elusive target now – mr. freeze – two four four this is the entertainer this is an easy silent assassin root for this one in Marrakesh I did this and look back in 2017 and I revisited the old strategy and it still works however I decided to revisit this and give her a little bit of a fresh new up along with tailoring a little bit to the people that don't have a medic poison so don't bring any pistols don't need them in this level we're gonna bring along the lethal pills all the lethal poison ball and bring along the coins but don't bring along any pistols because we are gonna get frisky for a little bit later on now from the start we're just gonna head through this middle area over here and head towards the cafe we actually need to get inside the cafe to get the client list which is the guest list or whatever it's called to retrieve the soiree horribly guest list hopefully I've said that right the vault oh this wall grabbed a little VIP shisha cafe pass right there I'm gonna give it to this guard right here on the right once you get inside a little for a lady in a black dress about nearly set a red dress there but you're gonna bump into her just to get our attention and then we're gonna be overhead and drop a coin well that's going to do is just to lay her for a little while and while we while she's being delayed we just gonna go into this battery maybe and grab the rat poison off the floor the opposite side at the cafe in the corner over here this is where the weight is coming so when you drop another coin near this wall and one the way it comes over he's gonna get distracted by that coin we're gonna go ahead and knock him out stick him in the crate and grab his disguise what can I do now is go ahead and poison the glass of champagne that's on the bar with the rat poison don't use the don't do don't use the lethal use the rat poison because you don't want to kill it I did try to get clever with this one I try to redo it I try to use the sedative poison because as you know now the sedative poison will not count the people that don't ingest it and their body can be found and it won't affect your science at some rates and however in this case everyone turns into an enforcer you know the dudes outside I wonder becomes a hater and they don't want to gun you down you for no reason at all oh yeah I mean how would they know that I was involved in that it doesn't make sense someone just passed out or collapsed and I don't know it just seemed inconsistent to me so I just stopped over the ol get a sick technique and then knock around to the bathroom technique you know how it is sometimes she'll come over to this corner area over there mix to the bathroom but you can't distract her into the bathroom anymore for some reason in a way you can't use a sink you can't use a coin she tells another guard to come investigate I don't know why anyway once you've knocked her out and put her in the crate there you can grab the soiree hurry bleh guest list is it hurry bleh I'm trying to say it in French but guessing that's what it is what makes it an insane horrible guest list never mind I'm gonna go over this doorway over here this is gonna be a shop now the shop owners is bending down right there while she's doing that we don't get frisked obviously we didn't bring any weapons so we're not in any risk of getting caught or in all that but once she walks in we're gonna go ahead and follow her make sure you stand behind the bodyguards as you do that as well and then once she opens the door for you we can go straight in had to not rod upstairs now and what what do you need to do is well there's one enforcer up here you don't have to worry about him because he doesn't see you anyway poison the left glass of coffee with the lethal pills or poison vial whichever one you have so once your poison the left glass the whole kill is gonna take care of itself what you didn't know that mr. giggle would just bumped literally just bumped into him here on the stairs I mean if you had a syringe you could go ahead and syringe him now if you wanted to I mean screw it why not me bring a syringe and take him out on the stairs just careful you don't punch him in the face that's a bit of a risk actually yeah you probably have to just leave it but anyway one what's that's good that is all going to take care of itself so what we're gonna do in the meantime now is go over and grab a key for the visit of the truck yeah the truck exit I'm gonna take the truck exit and the key is gonna be in the cafe over here we should have just grabbed this earlier a little bit really but maybe the time it would have been a little bit different I don't know oh yeah just forgot at the time but we're gonna head straight to the exit now and it pretty much does wait there until he dies he's gonna have a talk with someone upstairs and the conversation goes on for quite a while if I remember correctly and once he done is we can just head straight to well we are heading straight to the exit anyway but we can just access straight away in this truck over here because of a recent update as well you can indeed exit straight away around now and still what I still get your son and SACEM rating before on the other hand when you exit it straight away from a poison kill or an explosion kill or whatever it wouldn't get your scientist a time rating before you give it a chance to actually say unnoted killed or whatnot it's kind of a silly thing before but it was to prevent people from being really cheesy like blowing someone up and immediately exiting it's kind of against the integrity of the game I suppose but they brought it back in because people were losing the silent assassins more than when people were choosing it so yeah you can just wear the accent now and exit there's literally straightaway now and you won't lose your silent assassin rating have to set myself up for people there to complain in the comments yeah but yeah this can take a while so yeah feel free just get to the end but I'm gonna carry on talking because that's what I'm gonna do because you know could I have meat that 10 minute mark tonight so anyway yeah how many of you guys out there I actually got the bank mission that came out on Tuesday I thought he was after considering a long bit of thinking after and all the challenges and whatnot I honestly think it's probably the best map in the game now I just think I mean the map is overall it's small but it's that's not a bad thing I think the game needs more small maps there's not enough of them that whenever the islands right to make these maps they make them huge Maps like you know you've got places like Mumbai in Sapienza and you got all these massive maps and this is I don't really like the fact that you got run between your kill one target one side of the map and then you go to the other side of the map and go and kill the other target Marrakesh is another example of that as well itself you know you've got one target one side of the map and the other target you're the side of the map it seems a bit of a I don't know it kind of interrupts the flow I think and I think there should be more maps like the bank because it reminds me of some of the older maps from the olden games like the Blood Money a bit like curtain call for example small map but it's got different layers and stuff like that and corridors and I just like the style of that and it presents so many different opportunities and ways of getting to the target as well again which I love there's loads of different ways and different disguises you can use to get up there different opportunities there's interviews you can take you didn't even open a bank account it's just all these lot of things that they've introduced in for this little level and all the little details and the Easter eggs and the little tip-off to the IT Crowd just all the little things like that and the vaults the music just I think overall is probably the best job they've done for quite a while yeah I don't usually give out praise for when it comes to this game that were up that much but credit where credit's do you know it's one of the the best enjoyment the best of time I'm enjoyment often played for hitman T for quite a while anyway but Miami was my favorite for quite a while but I'm interested to know whatever else thinks and regards the special assignments I really didn't like those very much I thought the Mumbai one was a little bit better but only because of the lighting in Mumbai is absolutely amazing it's like the Miami's night sky the dates are daylight but in Mumbai it looked really the light not superb one of the best looking maps in the game from there oh yeah oh yeah we forgot about this we got an elusive target with Mike yeah he's dead now so we can now exit the mission I'll stop waffling on and we can exit the mission here so yeah completely understand if you guys have skipped it but you know YouTube has YouTube and I wanted to discuss things with you guys anyway so yeah there's the confirmation that sorta Sasson at the end we get the summer suit we've gloves as well I've only just got the signature super glove which is sad because I missed missed the last one so I'm like two now away from the undying suits instead of one which is disappointing because I really wanted that and dying suit but that's gonna do it for this video thank you very much for watching things were listening to me and being patient and I've gone again let me know your thoughts of the new content that dropped this week I'm really curious to know what you guys think and subscribe if you are brand new to the channel hit the bow notification in over 450 videos on live streams I'm done now with the spam so you don't need to worry about that anymore but I'll see you guys the next video thanks for watching Cheers you

  • At 1:55, you say Soirée Horriblé and then that you hope you said it right, I just want to correct you, as adding an accent sound to an e is more of an Italian thing, this is, of course, French, thus Horrible would be pronounced exactly as you did but without the é sound.

    As always, thanks for a great tutorial MrFreeze! Look forward to trying it out tonight after work! I did get the Bank but haven't touched it yet, so that's on my list too!

  • He kept walking up and down I poisoned his drink he took ages but I took care of the guards and waiter and still got S A 😂 overall a easy ET

  • If you're a loser like me you can just not pick up the PDA until after you get the coffee poisoned. You have time to go back for the key and PDA anyway, so you'll finish at the same time but be able to restart if something else goes wrong in the second half.

  • Another solid guide freeze!
    Mr Freeze 3 v Mr Giggles 0
    Thanks you so much for all your recent content liked the Bank guides and Special Assignment guides your a machine bro! IMO I like Whittleton Creek best (Blood Money Vibes) 😉👍🏻

  • The bank is a tight mission that is focused up and I'd like to see more like it. Reminded me of a Contracts or Bloodmoney maps. Wish they'd do a better mix of Vermont sized maps and Miami maps in Hitman 3. It just gets exhausting running around a huuuge map for months at a time. The special assignments are so underwhelming its like… could have done more IO.

  • OK you’re not gonna believe this so when I was in this mission I was on the rooftop and there was this guy that was making me mad because he said I poison the stupid coffee and so I said you know if this is a non-tour or a target kill target I just shot him through the fence and then it turns out he was my target so I guess send my instincts in real life work

  • OMG! I nearly failed the same place I did fail the previous game (it was my first ET, before knowing how to reattempt such failures) — with the shop owner giving me issues at the frisk! I did get thru though (after three frisks) and got my redemption!

    Also, I don't usually do the crazy stuff, but with a name like Mr. Giggles, I felt it appropriate to actually use the blue flamingo suit at the start for a change! 😛

  • Pro. Love playing this game.
    Con. Only have a switch to keep me entertain, and truck space is prime space with team driving.

  • god damn in hell.after they search for weapon i get ind and then it say treepassing.what the hell and they shoot me.i did what your videos say.the last part where you need to poison the vine

  • Great job as always.
    Personally I loved the bank, it was quite tight, probably the hardest map of season 2, at least at first… I mean of course once you learn how to get that one disguise every map is easy… though I don't know if I'll be able to SASO this myself (unlike elusive targets, rest of the game I try beating by myself). The story bit also seemed more intense than the rest of s1 and s2 combined.

  • Co-sign re: Bank & little maps. If Hawke's Bay had just One more interior, like another empty beach house or boathouse, it'd likely by my Favorite area.

  • Yes! I got the sweet white Marakesh suit with gloves, It's tied to my most faveroite suit next to the Blood Money suit.

  • Blood money suit unlocked. I love the slick tie on that suit. Great guide man. Don't know what i would have done without you

  • I truly appreciate everything you do for all of us Mr. Freeze. You make this game so much fun for those of us that have trouble figuring a lot of this stuff out. Thanks again Mate! Hope your well. Keep up the great videos.

  • I have to jump back to Paris or Whittleton Creek to get lethal poison vial or pills.

    Have you ever thought of doing a side series on the ET conversations? They might be short conversations but would be good to see.

  • Thx Freeze as usual. Down the line, would like you to do a video ranking all the maps and maybe go thru all the suits/equipment like you did for Season 1. 👍

  • My favorite mission from Hitman 2 is Santa Fortuna.

    Thank you again for your helpful content Mr. Freeze they are very helpful

  • Just curious, wouldn't it be easier just to climb the pipe instead of doing the frisk at the storefront? Or would that take too long and throw off the timing?

  • i made a couple of contracts for the bank already. One is called "Inhuman Relations" – taking out the four security guards in the security room near the vault, plus one bank security on the way out. My favourite however is "An Inside Job" – eliminate Ruby Red and the Eavesdropper on the balcony above her – no bodies found, no illegal actions, no recordings, no non target casualties, Ruby with the combat knife, Eavesdropper with an accidental fall. I highly recommend it. I'm not on my PS4 right now so don't have the contract IDs, but search for the names!

  • dont wanna overstep the mark mate but as a long time lurking fan of you – you sound much happier. I mean really, a lot happier. Hope you're well my man. Much love!

  • Hey MrFreez i was completing the New Yourk mission i managed to get the server from valuate but now i want to exit mission using car van near so i avoid all the trouble but i have no idea where the key is if you can help me please i finished whole mission my self it took me 1h25min. I explored every room of the map and learned some info about map for that time so its not that of a waste time as its my first time playing the mission on map.

  • I was playing late at night and I didn't see Kong looking himself in the mirror… and suddenly they shot me to bits because I walked past him -.-
    Really annoyed that I screwed it up

  • I got there just a little too slow to poison her drink so instead of waiting for her to do a loop of her routine or restarting I lured her in to the bathroom with a coin instead to get the guest list and that worked just fine.

  • How were you "supposed to" figure out who had the guest list? When I tried this I found and killed him easy-peasy and then spent ten minutes wandering around the cafe aimlessly until a stray enforcer saw me.

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