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Historicizin’ and Contemporizin’ the Black Aesthetic Exhibit eNews

[Soft music playing throughout] Anybody who walks through on the second floor
to the exhibit would have an appreciation and also develop an awareness to the things
not only African Americans did in the Los Angeles community but also within the Cal
State University Northridge community in terms of the students. We want people to understand that it’s not
just about, you know, honoring black history for the month of February. We want people
to understand that there are a number of different facets of Black life and Black history that
people need to know about and to come to appreciate. I came up with the idea of why don’t we
have a fashion exhibit. And, you know, some of the highlights are skirts and a brooch
pin that’s inspired by Josephine Baker, there is a bomber jacket that has Martin Luther
King and Malcolm X on it. There’s a number of shirts that actually has some of the rebels
of the Black Panther movement, there are shirts and dresses that celebrate New Orleans jazz
and some of the jazz artists. There are several African skirts that are there that celebrates
various tribes and cultures within Africa. So it’s a plethora of rich cultural artifacts
exhibited through the lens of fashion. The men of color inquiry and poster that were
there that actually highlights a number of different things that African American males
are experiencing, you know, their relationship with music, their relationship with race and
the law, their experience with manhood and those kinds of things. We have a Tom and Ethel Bradley Center and
they gave us some of the pictures that famous Black figures like Malcolm X, Martin Luther
King, had done things in LA County and so we kind of put it all together and made a
great theme for it called Historicizing and Contemporizing the Black Aesthetic: Keeping
the Legacy Alive.

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