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Highlights from the 2019 Irish Cancer Society Research Awards

It’s very encouraging to hear the
research that’s going on in a simple way and and and knowing what impact it will
make. Thanks to all of you for joining us this evening for this very special night
in the Irish Cancer Society calendar where we acknowledge and honour the
amazing work done by the researchers that we fund. Our motto at the Irish
Cancer Society is we won’t give up until cancer does and I think nobody
encapsulates that spirit better than the cancer researchers that we fund. Our researchers continue to make major impacts in our understanding of the
causes of cancer, new ways to improve treatment, and help people get back to
good health afterwards. It’s important to find new cures, new therapies, so the
quality of life of patients increases. I know in the 15 years since I had
cancer there’s been so many advances and that is through a research and through
the money that’s being provided by the Society.

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