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Higher Degree by Research Supervision Awards

So I’m probably the happiest PhD student
that they will ever meet and one reason why I’m so happy doing my
PhD is because I have great support especially for my supervisors. I think a
really important quality in supervisors is their leadership skills and that
includes listening to their students their concerns their research ideas and
then just being able to support them throughout their candidature. One of the
most important and long-lasting impacts academics can have is through the
training of future leaders, higher degree by research supervisors are helping
foster the next generation of researchers. Andrew is really easy to
approach number one he encourages that you give some real philosophically
intellectual input into your project. So actually I’m very grateful because we
also had me expand my professional network a lot and also will advise me on
the best way to seek an answer. So Alex he’s very supportive to my research work
so for me he just always talked to me every week so we can discuss what I’m
going to do and what has been done by other people. You can take this
same statement from all the people across the school he talks nicely to the
students he’s very accessible and then if you’re struggling somewhere then you
can just go to him reach out to him. UQ supervisors train, mentor and inspire
their students helping them develop career enhancing skills and while
pursuing a PhD is an extremely rewarding experience it’s also a long-term and
often solitary commitment. So Irina’s a really great supervisor because she really
cares about her students however Irina’s not only supervisor for me but
she’s also an advisor, mentor and very good friend. She’s very supportive of our
careers like especially her PhD students but also postdocs she encourages and
supports us to publish as much as possible to even think in a certain way
when we produce or design our experiments. So Mike is a really
supportive supervisor he is incredibly motivational he likes to push students
towards fulfilling their own academic goals as well as mentoring students in
order to increase their set of skills that are applicable to other areas. He’s
always helped me and supported me during the low times but also encouraged me to
go out there and promote my research or go out there and just be yourself as a

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