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High Protein Plant-based Food Ingredient | Curtinnovation Awards 2019

The market for vegetarian, vegan
and allergy free food products is growing rapidly and is creating
global demand for new, cost-effective ingredients derived from plant protein. These ingredients are used to texturise foods
to give a positive sensory experience to products such as vegan meats and
dairy equivalents, and gluten-free pasta. Curtin researchers have developed a
novel technique to create a plant protein ingredient from a low-cost Australian crop: lupins. their precise treatment unfolds the protein in lupins and creates a stable structure without
expensive and potentially toxic chemicals. This process increases the thickening and
gelling properties of the protein, and essential quality in food texture. The technology is easy to scale up, and is simple
to add to existing protein extraction machinery, using off-the-shelf equipment. The team’s Lupin protein ingredient has attracted commercial interest from food manufacturers, demonstrating a ready market for this innovation.

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