Here is what happened at the 1995 Source Awards that many didn't know about

one two one two and I did say one two guess who you're talking to your boy Carson oh man want to say blessings to all you guys out there what's up Eugene right I see y'all LM he's saying finally strictly for my opinions Eastside everybody who's coming in here don't forget to hit the like button coming through the door I appreciate the support but you gotta hit the like button coming through or you know they might look at you as a bot and you might not get your notifications next time I don't know how this stuff is really working I'm just glad that some of you are getting your notifications I'm not paying them any money absolutely definitely get the likes up I was just talking about that in the video previously to this now let's get into it the 1995 source Awards a lot of stuff was going on there people didn't know anything about at the 1995 source award it was so crazy a lot of things are developing that people didn't even know what's going on people didn't even pay attention to it because it was so much going on at the source Awards that first off the fire department wanted to shut it down the fire department said we might have to shut this down it's – it's almost like at capacity and they felt they were over capacity so they were like look we're gonna shut this thing down but it was so many powerful people there there was no way they're gonna shut it down here's another thing that you guys didn't know mayor Giuliani yeah mayor Giuliani was trying to get this thing removed and wanted Giuliani wanted this thing destroyed no no Giuliani didn't want he didn't want anything near it that's too close to where they had the source Awards and 95 was too close to what he wanted he wore New York City to be New York City no hip-hop no hip-hop no hip-hop he hated hip-hop did not want it around wanted it removed so measures were taken yeah certain measures were taken at that time they wanted to make sure that they had the the place secured and any type of thing fight break out they were gonna shut it down here's another thing Interscope Records Jimmy Iovine they didn't want a sin Suge Knight and all of those guys to the source Awards but they had to they had to they were gonna be fairly represented Kim oh sorry Oh who's one of the writers there they and uh Dave Mays they all talked and said look it's gonna be fair it's gonna be parody it's not gonna be a East Coast dominant show we want to show love and respect to everybody and this is why they agreed to come because they weren't gonna come and perform at all they said we'll just show up and get an award but it was like no we gotta have it we're gonna give you this much time for the entire they just want to dr. Dre and Snoop okay now so that was the agreement you know dr. Dre and Snoop that's what the source is trying to get dr. Dre and Snoop to know Suge xed all that nah nah nah uh-uh I like that see everybody different they stars see and when you'll stop you know all my stars we all stars we bigger than all on East Coast artists all my stars gonna be on the stage so they gonna had a different family or they don't get different at all so if it weren't for sure look fighting you guys wouldn't all got on stage to perform because the sauce definitely didn't want everybody on the stage but it was better to have everybody on the stage they would have not had DJ Quik on the stage DJ Quik has dissed the source many a times so you look in the source maggot don't see me it's cuz the epic East Coast is the enemy but I got something that I serve him right nighty night mother okay sleep tight so he went on stage this MC ate the whole nine and he went in sign a death row so they would have never pulled this off and should did not push to have the entire death row family on the stage so they had a set in a time where we're allowing allowing all this time for the entire death row family to come out there to be represented and then they had the same amount of time for bad boy cuz bad boy and puppy had thick family and that's why shield knew he was like you gonna tell puffy only thing he could do with green be got there and puffy got all that time I won't say my time he knacks for more he wanted parody or they weren't coming and they showed up just like they said Jeff Roe came there they showed up but here's the problem fans weren't allowed in the source Awards let me repeat that right now fans were not in the source Awards let me tell you who was in the source Awards everybody's crew and borough so that you guys understand clearly what I'm saying so you would know everybody's or the super check that's in the description box so if you want a super chat here you like these type of videos support the page and you'll get them or if you got cash out in the name is car sino on the cash out y'all know what time it is or hit the like button with the notification bail and all that stuff yeah do all that no this was not fans these were all borrowed people who brought this is they had nobody really monitoring him because the source Awards was such a small thing just a year prior it was small so it was like a little community hood thing couple of artists from New York so might come from LA that travel here you know and it was love to a certain degree what they ran into what they ran into out there is the hood and how the hood feel about the west coast a lot of these people Burroughs and everybody was reppin it borough and at that time it was a lot of nut like a lot of tension going on even with biggie lot of you know remember that I don't know y'all y'all it was too quick to get distracted but because all these people were there and bringing a burrows and reppin a guys these will hood dudes up in the source Awards everybody who's supposed to like say okay you such and such you can only bring as many people such as such you can only bring this many people they will way past capacity people was just like like we in here guys were in there that wasn't supposed to be in there people was like yo I snuck in I'm like you snuck in the salsa was how did you do that people were there it was – it wasn't controlled it was way too many people like too many just hood and they had no respect none for the west coast because since 1992 in 1990 the West Coast had a surge their form of music was like raining for 1990 to light that night when the park era West Coast rap and hip-hop was just thriving they had the award shows and everything so you all these bitter people from the East Coast and they boroughs and they really let the west coast happy so a lot of these does is in that a real tight face much attitude la is laid-back these dudes are not laid-back it oh they would air thank him you want from New York you want from New York you was getting a boo Jemaine Dupree when he showed up Jermaine Dupri he showed up with Diddy like he's had with Diddy and shaking up with bad boy and artist if you ain't from New York East Coast you were not getting cheered and nothing there was no fan fairness and when people didn't see was all the interactions with everybody else Bone Thugs and harmony showed up and they were so supportive and they got loved Pauling had gotten loved you know like some people was giving them love that was from the west coast they were giving them love but they had uh some beef at the time but they had one easy guy that kind of like died off just a little bit just a little bit just a little bit some guys are still kind of like yeah I like y'all mood but it was just a little bit cuz ball still has its around Anna Massey you know they was like y'all was you know starting some stuff for no reason and we from clear and we they from the Midwest they don't they like Claire it's gotta be clear when you deal with it with the Midwesterners we are a lot different we want clarity we don't do a lot of the wolf woof-woof-woof we want to make sure it is exactly what is because what they know when I win a mint Westerner go all the way he wants to be clear minded in his mission or what he has to do he'd be like okay this is no misunderstanding I'm very happy we got this cleared up now I know what level is of threat this is thank you very much I got that clarity now I know what I got to do see we like clarity that's the difference with mint Westerners we want to know exactly what the problem is so when twisted I mean I'm not twister with Jermaine Dupri showed up with his So So Def and everything else people don't know if it was not for puffy colors going in there puffy got all the Atlanta people on the map puffy went in there and said listen we gotta give Atlanta this fight Jermaine gotta have his thing – Jemaine gotta have his artist come out and do date thing we got a show low to everybody he was really pushing for it not to say Dave Mays and Benzino and all it wasn't gonna do it and Kim and all them they one thing to do that not to say was I'm just saying Diddy did that he spoke up for that absolutely kurupt I love and a rage got love that's the only time people who was in that click and sam snead got some love cuz he performed with Dre on the stage Thank You better rested out once again it's the man with the master plan they call him Sam man I think you better recognize Sam Snead Sam Snead I loved oh he his bird was in the house rage came on the stage she had them afro puffs – dang girl I rock rough it's tough with my hat throw puff right they was not for that and afro puffs was two years old and she didn't have an album out no she wonder one-hit wonder the thing about her is that and you wonder why they didn't put her album out that was the wonder who afro pulse is raining at night she's the only artist to have a number one smash song and no album did you forget the lady of range was lacing snoops album everything she spit on snoops album own doggy style go back to listen to that range lit that album up sorry everybody used to think hurricane G was lady of rage at one point that kind of hurt hurricane G a lot of things you didn't know about the source Awards here's another thing you didn't know salt and pepper and spender ello they were bout to fight each other yeah a lot of people didn't know man there's a whole lot of stuff going on man y'all don't know what people were going through when this was all going down he said they say you sound better I sound better it's all because I have a my and I like speaking to my Negro friends no the whole situation changed yeah album came out in 97 it was the first Jeffro album to not even go gold cuz she was locked up pocket was gone and they just threw it out no promotion on that it was the first release like basically after the park situation now at the source Awards if you go back and watch the announcement you will see spinderella is not even really talking – salt and pepper she stand it off to the side it was a whole lot of stuff going on you guys didn't know and they just didn't know about outcasts a lot of people who was hating a lot of people was hating on a lot of people was hating on of outcasts like artists like kid and play the people from Hollis Queens Run DMC know them they just thought they were weirdos they looked at the whole dungeon family there's weirdos people like are they trying to do Bootsy Collins and all that he's trying to be Bootsy it trying to be Parliament and so like that man some weird down soft dudes man I think they they made sure the source Awards wanted to give light to everybody they had nine five South there and start doing the Tootsie Roll you start hearing girls going like isn't big was celebrating hey biggie was eight and then these dudes making it I'm rooting them all and the reason why is cuz big is getting a lot of hate from back then from these other boroughs they was just really raining down and dissing him so when big one being went onstage and said yo for the whole East Coast but my borough this is for the borough dou Brooklyn that set that whole section off there they were they were a lot of dudes in there from Staten Island Long Island area and all that it was they were raining down yeah you were you don't look like this will change our lives son they were way up there in the back like I said wu-tang was so deep deep so the Bronx came in and Brooklyn and they was like some of them dudes was unified and going crazy Oh LMU hit up the cash out all right let me check it out he was like check out the cash out phone charges I gotta tell I can't make it sorry my grandma birthday all right hold on let me go ahead and do this oh thanks all right for getting a notification yeah I had to fight him hard just so y'all get y'all notification congratulations Sean Simpson he had his baby boy so there's a lot of stuff going on big was getting a lot of hate at the source Awards and a lot of people didn't know it not what ain't in general just people who were associated we will taint because requiring them was they wasn't really filling ray and ghosts and all that day was cool with them at first but once wu-tang started blowing up they start seeing them this man we can't get our sensor yeah it's too long I ain't gonna pop champagne man yeah man we metal me one oh that means a dirty grimy do like us yeah we drink it 40s man I'm telling you man bunch of clowns out here man you know you know now yeah any bit of noise yeah yeah yeah yeah no happy-go-lucky me once they get on net now you wanna sip a little champagne every time you see him he's like man look the front for me man no front for me so all of this was going on because puffy and bignum was doing the whole player move and created Mack went even with it either he didn't want no part of that he wanted to do his set different from bad boy cuz Craig Mack is from a whole different area of New York and when Craig Mack hit the stage it was like he was Michael Jackson him and his guys and he can't wait they were Jesse's rugged too and Dave they stayed in a whole little group they didn't really consorted mixing it with Biggie and his crew and junior mafia they did a whole thing and this guy was wild even when he won award uh Lizzy yeah get a get down get get all down the mag take down down get down boy so yeah rest in peace Craig Mack man definitely yeah and so did the East Coast dudes wanted to beat up nine five South the people that made to zero goosey up to zero to the low do that to the side I'm like me y'all ready to beat them up they just dancing they were man cuz the girls as I you really you really ask you for word right now you trying to embarrass me like that for them a borough man II was mad they were Fendi to see them put on that type of show with these shirts home and all of them synchronizing like they have a sec thing like this so the east cold day was like giving dude did the one guy on the side of the stage was like yeah you homeboy it you go buddy if he was gay death threats and he was like what I do in the girls she wanted to take a picture with knife I saw the dude set her down like they was they was in there at that time no-nos was loved at that time everybody when Naz was nominated it shocked a whole audience they was like Elle Maddie oh dude Queensboro who was quiet basically the entire night Queen's dudes move a little different that's the thing they move a little different thing really rah rah rah like that they really like that they kind of sit back observe the scene – iced tea don't get me wrong Oh – iced tea but they they fly they think and they stay silent Dini move you see yeah they move they move a little different they don't really do – rah rah thing so at the at the event they were waiting for their moment to do – rah rah was they heard nas get nominated that's when they was like Oh Queensbridge Queens that's the only time you heard Queens the entire night then they sat down then they was chill Brooklyn gonna let you know daily in the house that's just Brooklyn the Bronx they move different you know dated Bronx you ain't got an X is the Bronx in the house you can look at them to see the Bronx is here they are you know II from the Bronx is here that's the Bronx that's the Bronx you don't have to ask is the Bronx in the house when they show up you know Abraxas and now he be like who let the Bronx in here you know when the Bronx is in the house don't even ask no questions well see Queens is broken up in different sections in a lot of sections don't deal with anybody it's just like any other neighborhood like in Chicago on the south side yeah yeah yeah you from the south side just plenty areas and South Side they don't deal with each other Hollis and Southside Jamaica Queens those two don't normally mix dado st. Albans Queens that's kind of like linked a little bit with Hollis a little bit they don't really deal with them too much they kind of had any own little thing over there just st. Albans is like where like el else from well he's from farmers Boulevard but in Saint Albans Queens that's mostly old folks homes like old people live there and ain't ain't no real hip-hop artists and stuff like that was in that area Talan that was like a reserved area of home for like families it was it was like no buildings and nothing like that Oh Harlan you know Harlem in the house they the guys who can't go a week without a haircut those the guys those the guys that's gonna be pristine they can iron clothes better than a woman they got the ironing board up 24/7 no babe no no don't don't first start you on that it's ultra suede but you let me show you how to set the temps what you do just plug the iron up and just put it on your clothes you guys did what you think all these sentences up here fo so you put the steam over this shirt and you press the button so you got steam it out baby stop steaming it out that's it that's it as all the baby they gonna be fly now the East Coast was there but I kind of told you a lot of things going on so in the back of the source Awards the brat was getting toe up and she had a drinking problem back then and a lot of people didn't realize that I didn't know that it was like a problem they just like well she get to up she was drinking like way too much man the brat was she throw down some liquor and she drinks she was drinking too much and she was getting toe up we're begging them in the back hanging out with big and Junior MAFIA Lil Kim they're in the back end toll down so when they went out there and went to her seat she was drinking steel so give me tell her things tomorrow we'll hang out yeah we hang out tomorrow now I gotta get ready for my grandmother's thing she's having a party today she loved gifts so anyhow back to the situation at hand was sitting there watching this whole thing around the break in drunk and mr. Bragg goes on stage and Bret does her set she's getting ready to go on stage the brass star wrap him she did her remix they just did a remix for I'm gonna give it to you that's what it was I'm gonna give it to you hey Farida the remix I like I didn't like the original I don't give it to you so JD's out there and they performing the song together and everything else and at first when he was like y'all won't the executive producer all in the videos everybody didn't think it was Jermaine Dupri PUF came out there and owned up to it yeah I was gonna get to that so the brat performed right so when the brat performed when she did her set and everybody's just sitting in boogie is channel the whole East Coast she started going up and down out she's gonna pass all them boroughs and they like this stay out dead siding they didn't want to talk and he was like come on get up yeah I don't know Brad they all want to get up she was like man I don't give a fuck and it was like what whoo she was flicking him off and everything giving him the finger she was drunk so when she came back out there so people was talking to her like dude what what dad they were ready to set it off she was like she's Southside Chicago we're sad you know they're West Side Chicago who did you see she went to jail fo I'm trying to tell you so now Outkast wins and they got boo from the jump I think that started it that started the whole award show boom Best New Artist over East Coast rapper boom oh my god are you kidding you give some South dudes out can't even can't from kids play with outcasts like who are they it's like Best New Artist day went hard so in the bay they booing out cans and artists and man they felt so disrespected y'all don't even realize Outkast one can even do their song at all they wasn't they like we not doing our records we finna do they did cool breeze cool breezes the champ he was that artists and cool what you guys didn't know and there's a sauce was when cool breeze came out and everybody like never was this and cool that's always dope brother man mm-hmm the dungeon family so what they don't y'all don't realize they're cool breeze don't have to rap he didn't have to rap you know anything everybody's like man what's up with cool breeze man what happening please didn't have to rap listen cool breeze in half the rap cool breezes yeah cool breeze could do some things it alright breeze was that guy you know he was a what's that when they got ahead the song tanka he was him he was a street pharmaceutical distributor and and was very good at it and so he was trying to make it in the rap game like his boys outbreak Outkast cool breeze was no joke so when cool breeze saw the hate and all the dudes coming this way breeze was like I'm gonna have to pop somebody in New York breeze is like look if this thing go left I'm dropping the couple we get about it man my brother's do it – why me man he keep talking to me that way man don't look man we from the South man don't don't disrespect self is all about respect don't disrespect me that's the whole South and mentality so New York is all about disrespect and they all they did was easy and they use disrespect staring them out staring them down and they do had to to Pickers my way stared at man breezin reason look I all we want to be here I don't wanna be right now I don't want to go to no after parties I don't want to do none of that I want to get back to the south cuz if I stay here I might get arrested no breeze gonna hurt somebody for real reason or goodie mob's or delay them dudes y'all want to mess with me right they are not playing no games the news that came with Outkast they are all business but they put the south on the map because what you saw on TV it was just another award show it was focused on the chugging parking my different family ran on both sides tip I keep his Gaza we ride with him see what all that was going on that took all the attention away from everything else and what you didn't know and didn't see was that Andre getting on that microphone saying the self got something to say all these people today close minded you got a demo tape ain't trying to hit South got something to say when he made that statement people in the West Coast felt that people in the Midwest felt that people down south felt that they felt that bro and if y'all feel this video make sure you click the link in the description box hit up that strain lab and donate to the page definitely do that and definitely hit up the cash app if you can't do stream laughs some people can't do it he said I really missed those truth behind videos he's like do the truth between big I and Rockefeller deal and the truth behind Tupac and Master P I think I did pocket Master P you said big I and Rockefeller yeah I don't know that's a typo you mean biggie and the Rockefeller thing I've done all that you gotta go check the playlist no there is a playlist do or is that big ill I'm sorry that's Big Al I think he I think that's what you're trying to say Big L Big L in a Rockefeller fella deal I think I did that already but I'll check but thanks for your donation I believe I did I'm normally very good at predicting what I've done let me see Master P oh that's the wrong sorry about that okay let's see what's going on now since y'all see I didn't talk about it he's in like 17 in my videos I got the kernel of 17 of them let me see take the truglide Master P and the No Limit soldiers beating up a DJ okay we got that one mmm I don't see it but I know I've done it well we'll do it again Hey we don't do it again we don't we don't we don't do it again yep so if you donate all you can hit the cash up the name is Carson Oh on the cash yep yep yeah yeah well that's what people do you know they make moves now that told you it was crazy so they wanted to definitely start something and sent some off they wanted to let people know they were there that award show did a lot of damage to the East Coast and set the stage for Atlanta to become a melting pot for music God of War shall set it up man cuz after that it was never the same it was a great award show great award show cry the best we've seen especially for hip-hop and ever since that night when they brought the source Awards back and they had all the big budget and the money it was great when they brought it back their first year and they brought it to the West Coast for the first time and it was epic well you got to decide on which one it was I don't know year he went there and jay-z was scared to show up and I was right out to take over and when the source Awards came around it was like Jay you coming nope and then they lied and tried to make a video like jay-z was there look this is when I might know he was not there that year that was the one time he only did the source Awards once he was never going to a source Awards Jay was terrified to be at a store a source Awards and 95 he wasn't invited and any year after that he did not want attend he did the intro – lemonade was intro and and they will promote memphis bleek album and they had a meal on stage and that's when she was like on her way out and then it was gonna do – can I get a what-what and they cut her mic and he went back to jay-z I knew I thought that was something wrong with the audio that was playing Jane was Jay set that up but that's a whole nother thing down the road well yeah they set that up for her mic to get cut she was from the top and started rapping and singing her part and he just cooked it went back down to Jay it's a hard life is a highway oh right what in the world I'm like they just cut her mic and she was gone right after that am i oh yeah there was a problem they might have it on YouTube because that was the only time J performed it was to open the show and I think it was probably a pre-taped recording cuz I only think J was gonna be there J did not want to be in a situation with a whole bunch of rappers around him there from different areas he didn't know oh yeah shouts out the young mouths for show oh man stand up do writer not something I need to be known writer rapper artists gotta get miss respect man Godzilla as I told y'all his double CD was the last CD I bought for my buddy before he died I was always by here's mine the last CD I ever bought that was it yuck mouth cuz it was a monster hey J night ahead hey that was a monster as 99 April of 99 buddy April of 99 so you tell your mouth dead y'all see him on his live channel tell him that that was the last CD I bought for my buddy cuz I was on the NAS tour for the I am promotional run we was doing all the street team stuff for NAS nah don't want it that's how I got form was young mouth I don't think that was it it was a double CD that came out I think I was in 99 I think that came around April 99 cuz I know I got him not to NAS was one of them but I think that that one was the last one I ever got yeah it was a double CD doubt that I do know that OCD oh I don't know I got it and he proved 99 I was the last one I got almost a double CD I I gave him the nice one cuz we was doing the uh out after that CD he was a must that CD was a straight monster yeah and then I I know in April I gave him the Naz album now I am I was doing all the street team still had all my nice stuff and this is the 30th anniversary of I am I mean the 20-year anniversary did I say 30 G's no so much cuz my buddy's been dead 20 years now 20 years as crazy as that sounds it's been 20 years it feel like a shock just even say did yeah well these are the times man when things change I was crazy back in the days because that's what drove everybody to towards the Midwest bone thugs-n-harmony put the midwest at his biggest point then you start seeing twister and do a guy and everybody else start to come up in they started getting mainstream attention when it before midwest rap at that time really the brat was all we really had so that whole source of would put a lot of stuff absolutely man absolutely we all try to do the best we can oh thanks chassé chassé just sent the cash out donation don't forget support the page hit the cash up up the name car see no on there yeah I mean sounds has always been crazy like that shoutout to Chuck mode and Chuck strange my little x1 see a picture of my ex a lot of X that's on a bathing suit this from the old phone to this from the old old old phone that's my old old old old phone gosh you guys have no idea how old that phone is that's like 12 13 years ago like when camera phones first came out I don't know where she at now then you know see no moved it up see no moved up the ladder yeah it's good yes I exported to X corded them to a lot of places that's funny people know the quality of my videos and sit up there and actually was that photo show do you think I know how to Photoshop I'll be like where's he located what this Photoshop I gotta go there and get something done no it's it's what it's called it's called Photoshop it's not a actual place you go it's not a store Abbi oh I don't know they say if photos so that's that source Awards it's got to be one of the probably one of the biggest and it would even probably go down in history as the best but it also changed the spectrum it changed the way everything was going as far as hip hop the East Coast lost a lot that night by the way they were treated in the way they disrespected other like the south and everybody else they all had a foul taste and a mouth for the East Coast see I remember these days see no liar those of our days of error I don't know what happened with the high haircutting said oh my gosh that's my ex my ex Trisha grant Trisha grant oh my god that's like 94 this is my girl from 94 Trisha grant my 94 a girl rest in peace of my boy oh wow this is so wild stuff I'm looking at here yeah this is blowing my mind as you can see big wu-tang medallion your boys see no was violent crazy Puerto Rican chicks rocking the wool we're well who where wasn't out of 91 oh there xeno dressed up for the fight getting Rea this tonight almost got destroyed in Vegas I'm deck down red black all red and black on the Vegas trip ran black on the Vegas strip my big wu-tang machetes yeah my buddy was driving the the back to the Future car blew all that money on it oh man this one it was going down man this is bringing back a lot of memory see no with the Lulu below it's six flags with the silent assassin that dude under the mask buddy you don't want to see him he don't bring the heavy look at that senile head all the ladies all the ladies al [Applause] I was see no pot baby man although this is crazy now me and my twin brother twister I don't think a lot of people seen this photo there's like y'all look like brothers yeah I always like showing his ex she got on my nerves and this brings back a lot of memories all my friends I lost all the great times but I'll never forget that source Awards thank you guys hopefully you guys donated to the cash app this has been a lot of fun they call me Arnold who I don't know who called me that y'all in OC know was a ninja to slice and dice yeah she knows a ninja why would I t thought I was lying see know was a ninja slice you up with that sword you see her a katana sitting in my lap I'll take that curse out out and slice you up I'll be walking down the street pointing at some sort of people look man I told you LeBron's above if you got something else to say thank you thanks I will allude I did see you do when you do I'll hit your cash up see no with the Brayton mask when I put on the brain mass you better look out break I'm gonna go full breakdown you see my cyclone blade great happy fourth of July partner and before you get mad I gotta move red and blue I'm gonna ride my horse down [Laughter] I could have sworn that song that song makes no sense but little kids love it now y'all got me over here nostalgic for the rest of this whole video my mind my goodness I'm the feeling of a millionaire spilling a honey grand Wow Malaika one of the rare photos I have of her you ever had a girlfriend who didn't like to take pictures that was Malaika the arrow girls girls word to the bird ain't never take them first shopping yeah Keith Thurman who thinks he's a Hindu now that's why you got knocked out Keith


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