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Helperbit e Legambiente – Rai News 24

Aerial view of the countryside around Norcia, the earthquake destroyed the houses but also the economic activities. There are inaccessible lands, that produced quality food inside the red zone many facilities are destroyed. But here, as in Arquata Del tronto money are coming, although still few, in an immediate, targeted and direct way to help young people that cultivate high quality products through an experiment never attempted before in the charity world, which born from a collaboration between Legambiente and Helperbit, an Italian startup that helps to fundraise worldwide in Bitcoin Here the traceability is immediate so who donates in Bitcoin through “The Rebirth has a young heart” has the mathematical certainty that his grants go to those who need it. We have a Bitcoin wallet that has been provided free of charge, and this important because it’s all part of a campaign in favor of areas affected by the earthquake in our wallet bitcoin donations are coming they can come from all over the world, then we obviously check those who ask for a contribution and if they respect the requirements We grant the contribution after received the invoice to be refunded and everything is online and transparent It may seem a small amount compared to the needs that there are in those territories but that money has one characteristic: it is quickly addressed to the final beneficiary Helperbit born with the ambition, maybe the utopia, to revolutionize the charity world it promises to skip bureaucracy and financial and banking intermediaries and allows you to be in direct contact with the beneficiaries The website provides information about humanitarian projects and fundraising campaigns linked with natural disasters Helperbit was born because We noticed that there is a big problem of transparency in the charity world people that want to donate for a specific event then do not know how this money is managed It is possible to see in the platform how this money is moved, so all donations are visible in this graph it is possible to see how much Legambiente received, from who if he is a registered user and who is beneficiary of his donation in this case the guys that work at a company called Etiche Terre, Bosco Torto, uploaded a bill on the platform Legambiente has verified the correctness of this bill and they sent the refund in bitcoin To make transparent and immutable the track left by virtual currency payments not a bank, not a telephone company does it but it is a technology called blockchain how it works is explained by Gabriele
Domenechini, President at Assobit the association of Italian bitcoin companies What is blockchain? a very correct definition was given by Janet Yellen that said it is the fundamental component inserted into the bitcoin system It is practically the accounting register that is shared all over the world that records all transactions and give the essence namely the possibility to not duplicate bitcoin and then turns a digital duplicable good in something that is unique and thus spendable many computer all over the world constantly check the correctness of the accounting records which are written in this register and thus the register has its own life and it must not be verified by a third party nor legitimized by a third party

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