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Hellboy (2019 Movie) Official Trailer “Smash Things” – David Harbour, Milla Jovovich, Ian McShane

Oy, I need some ID love! Are you serious? -They warned us that
something was coming. -If there is ever an
end in this forever war, it will be because of you
and your strong right hand. -(gunshot)
-Hey! I’m on your side! Sorry, my bad. We’re the line in the sand.
We fight against the forces
of darkness. This is it? Were you expecting a sign
that says secret headquarters? Oy, I need some ID love! Um, are you serious? You made me a d*mn weapon. I just wanted to help you
become the best… you. Some dads get their kids Legos. Haven’t we got to be
saving the world or something? Does it do anything special? Yeah… It smashes things real good. -You are mankind’s
best and only hope. I thought we were supposed
to be fighting monsters, not working with them. Aagh! Who you calling monster pal,
you look in the mirror recently? He’s an *sshole! Sorry… Did I interrupt? On the contrary…
you’ve arrived just in time.

  • Do not watch the trailer, if you haven't seen the movie yet, this is the worst trailer ever, its more of a spoiler compilation. Movie is great, if only I did not predict many scenes from this trailer.

  • saw the movie, overall i liked it . the gore and special effects were awesome enough for me but the writing and story itself was terrible… made no sense.

  • Trailer ummm i give the point is 10/10
    But about the movie ummm maybe 6/10
    I like the gore and comedy😀😀😀😀

  • This movie was actually a good movie watch it 3 times and you'll see they did a good job with making the movie this movie needs more fans it's a good movie funny as hell….

  • Guess I'm the only guy who wasn't a fan at all of Ron Perlman as Hellboy. He's about as one dimensional as an actor can get. Plays the exact same character with the same personality in every movie/show he's in. This movie wasn't great but neither were the other movies. They all fall into the dumb-but-entertaining category. David Harbour did as good of a job as he could given the script I think, and overall it was a movie I wouldn't mind watching again if a friend hadn't seen it. Wouldn't mind a sequel either.

  • Movie wasn't that bad, obviously big shoes to fill for harbour compared to pearl man. I think everybody would have preferred a hellboy part 3 instead of this. That's the problem, I think harbour did ok. Can't think of anyone else who would have pulled it off, I think the special effects team messed up hellboys face visually not right. Ron will always be the original, but it's like batman throughout the year's. Started with Michael Keaton to now Robert Patterson, if u know what I mean.

  • dont hate on david harbour. havent seen the movie yet cause im putting it off but i love david. he’s a tremendous actor and he had to change his whole appearance for this look, body and face. for those who have seen the movie (i havent), you obviously have seen more than me and know what goes on in the movie but you have to give credit where its due. this business isnt easy and with all reboots with a whole new cast, you can NEVER live up to the original cast and characters. so in my opinion, stop expecting a perfect to the T recreation of those characters. its just impossible. some of you are way too judgmental.

  • Hellboy 3 मैं सारा किरदार को बदल दिया दम बकवास बना दिया है

  • Pur stupid american movie it like let's make america great again
    Let's make the world safe again 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • Hellboy legendary version with lionsgate version i like lionsgate versiom cause have nice comedy and the SFX is nice then legendary version

  • this movie is far better then the others, much funnier better looking with nice plot development

  • This is why I don't watch Hollywood movies anymore:
    Hollywood be like " let's reboot this " " let's remake that.."

  • Reporter: bellboy why you looks..well like over angry !
    Bellboy: of course I am, marvel don't wanna me in their collection! I just hate hulk..

  • Yet another sad case of the people who put the trailer together being so much more talented than the people who made the actual movie. As terrible as Suicide Squad was, at least when the studio realized how much cooler/funnier the trailer made it look, they ordered reshoots and re-edits. In Hellboy, the lines in context are was less cool/funny than they are in the trailer.

  • just want to say the movie is way more better than the trailer, its rly feel like hellboy meet Doom (the game not the movie), great graphic, great ost.

  • Well, I just watched the movie and I must say it can't even hold a candle to the first two…I mean there was too much things happening at once, too much gore for Hellboy movie and overall mediocre at best…I mean, if they let Del Toro and Ron to make third and probably the final movie this wouldn't happen. If they made second one, which I doubt (movie went poorly at box office), maybe it'll get better..Who knows. Let's wait and see.

  • Not just hating cause he isnt Ron but he isnt that good of an actor.. he looks more like the comic hellboy though ill give him that.

  • нахуя он такой страшный в прошлых фильмах выглядил потрясно , будто в ебальник въехали кирпичом

  • Why everyone else is complaining about the new actor playing Hellboy i have my girlfriend here laughing asking why little Moe from EastEnders is firing a gun XD

  • No ones gona see this but I has an earlier comment trashing the movey when this trailer came out and saying I would skip this but I saw it and wished I'd of seen it in theaters it was super awesome and made me want to read the comics this movie was just misplaced coming out around the avengers time if u compare it to that it's not as cool but if it came out around now more people would of seen it and we could of gotten a sequel

  • Anyone else broken-hearted after seeing this trailer? What a smack in the face! I lost a lot of respect for Del Toro after abandoning the franchise, but Perlman promised that if there were to be another Hellboy he would jump at the opportunity. Instead, Perlman turned his back on the fans, knowing HE IS HELLBOY, and allowed some beet red troll doll to take his place. David Harbour seems to have a lot of trouble speaking through the mask. He sounds like a little kid trying to talk with a cheap, thick halloween mask on … while wearing a mouth guard. Way to lie and disappoint your fans Perlman. I'm going to have to go back and re-watch the episode of SOA where Jax takes Perlman out again just to make me feel a little better.

  • I don’t know if this happened to anyone else, but my movie skipped around..? Like, it played one scene then it cuts half way through, then plays a totally different scene. We’ve restarted the movie a few times, and it keeps doing it…now, I don’t know if it’s supposed to be like this or it’s just my laptop. I was really hoping to see this movie, and it kept skipping.

  • I really enjoyed it ..Yeah yeah Ron was better ..yada yada ..move on ….Hellboy 2019 is so much like the Bass Player from Metallica …The new one ..In a nice way ..Capable..

  • This movie is tight good pretty badsss 💯💯I don't knoe what rotten tomatoes is triping on scoring it soo low they gotta be high or really depressed 💯

  • The movie turns out really bad, I'm really disappointed, considering how good the first and the second movie was.

  • Something about this feels cheap? Not the actors–they seem great–but the directing, maybe? Part of me feels like this is pandering to the mainstream-loving, younger audience. This is promising, but something about it irks me.

    Edit: Figured it out: they ARE pandering AND they're forcing humour where it doesn't have to be. It's cheesy and parody-like. I'll give it a watch but I don't reckon I'll like it.

  • Why the fuck do they keep remaking films that were only made about 10 minutes earlier?
    Talk about running out of ideas for fucks sake

  • I’ve never seen any of the Hellboy movies before, and I only watched this movie because Big Mo from Eastenders is in it😂

  • This stupid movie , entire thing looks like power rangers costumes!, the special effects look like they were done by a high school special effects class. DO NOT WASSTE YOUR MINEY!!! NEVER BEEN SO DISAPIOINTED IN A MOVIE!!!What in the hell is this!!! In sitting wTching the. movie right now, and must be a new director or something from the others becaue the others were darker and and better acting , and didn't have stupid low budget rock music fro. Some no name junior highschool bands. The acting is HORRIBLE!!!! EVERY SINGLE CHARACTER IS HORRIBLE!! ,the cinematography is horrible? Looks like the lowest budget after school nickelodeanmovie ever! The sets suck , they are all clearly in the same room with smoke machines, the special effects are horrible!!!the music thru the whole movie sucks ass. The trailer actually looked good but the actual movie is rediculous and SO damn stupid! NOTHING LIKE THE FIRST TWO. The first one was so dark and more realistic!!!

  • WHAT IN THE FUCKING HELL???? Trailer looks good, actual movie was THE WORST LOWEST BUDGEY MOVIE IVE SEEN IN A VERYYYYYYY LONG TIME!!!! LOWEST BUDGET MOVIE IVE SEEN I. A LONG TIME!!! THE WORST ACTING EVER BY ALLL THE NO NAME ACTORS ! WORST CGI IVE SEEN IN THE LONGEST TIME,. It actually looks like 1990' after school movie. Most obnoxious horrible no name music!!!
    THE ONLY SCENE THAT WAS ON was just a creepy one In the underworld, where There's witch in this wierd walking house that has skinny bird legs walking around. , the witch inside crawls out backwards from a barrel and is creepy AF walking upside down crabwalj, and hellboy gets some stew from the witch and there's little kid hands and he sees all these kids hannging on hooks. Creepy. ALL THE REST OF THE SCENES AFE sO stupid and look SO D FAKE!!! LOOKS LINE A BUNCH OF OLD POWER RANGER COSTUMES!!! The most cheesy stupid lines all thru the movie!!???? I loved the first hell boy, so dark and more realistic, WHAT HAPPENED TO THIS ONE?????

  • Only thing I'd add is hellboy shoulda took the evil queen up on her offer , she's obsessed with helllboy and gets all horny everytime around him, he coulda had her..

  • PLEASE DO NOT MAKE A SEQUEL TO THIS WITH THE SAME TEAM. Or maybe add a few hundred million dollars to the budget. Holy shit it Jsut ended and was the worst damn movie I've ever seen!!!!!!! Every scene looks like it was filmed with a to pro . Man it's stupid!!

  • Turning it off early, worst movie I've seen !!!! DONT EVER WASTE A DAMN DIME SEEING IT, HOW CAN IT BE SOOOOO BAD??????what happened????? Someone explain! Obviously a different hellboy but WHY IS EVERY SINGLE ASPECT OF THE MOVIE SO HORRIBLE??? Acting to CGI to music . To film quality, downright aweful!!

  • Just watched it…as a big fan of 1 and 2…this was a awesome popcorn movie..gruesome as…and David did a great job as hellboy…

  • I enjoyed this reboot and was surprised at the effort put on to it plus a pretty decent cast, I'm looking forward to the sequel.

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