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HELEN Malayalam Movie|Official Trailer| Anna Ben|Vineeth Sreenivasan|Mathukutty Xavier|Shaan Rahman

Are you coming or not? Come. Let’s go. Did you turn off the gas?
– Yes. Oops. No.
Wait. I feel doubtful when you ask! As soon as I said…. Hey! Papa, if you roam all around town and
get people to join 5 or 6 policies, how much will you
make in a month? He doesn’t like you
going to Canada at all. Do I really wish to live
in some unknown country? Yeah right! As if I need
you to make money for me! Hi. Your order, sir?
– Helen, I need to talk. Come outside. Why don’t you be friends with
people from our community? Will you marry me?
– Yes, I will. Huh?
– Yes, I will marry you. You’re crazy, girl! A girl called Helen who works there,
has been missing since tonight. What do you know? Jins said that those
guys left earlier today. When I checked with the manager,
she has punched out & left the place. Did she have any problem
with anyone recently? Will your dad bring it? Where is my daughter? I don’t know! Where is my daughter? Sir, the phone is switched off.
– Can you identify the driver? I don’t know, sir.
– Say it! Shall we try calling the
police station again? He is a peculiar character. Who is this? How many times will I say this?
I don’t know where she is! Bloody…!! Dear…!!! Where is my child?


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