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from Hills villains to devoted parents how life is completely changed for Heidi and Spencer Pratt in their own words back in the day Spidey was the couple we love to hate I can't talk to you about my boyfriend so what do you want me to do and then he did last night he's a sucky person he's a sucky person Lauren they rocked the show's boat by delivering lots of drama what I wanted to do and say to you dear like start a rumor your cast mate has a sex tape undergo 10 plastic surgery procedures in one day cuz I want to be HS for Heidi alienate all of your friends and family hard I want to cut them out of my life and it just about destroyed them well you know that I didn't do anything so having your boyfriend do your dirty work doesn't make you innocent my dirty we're at your sex tape and whatever has nothing to do with me I should have just quit because it's you're playing this character or you're off the show I was just enjoying myself my wife and I get crying sisters in front of me I was doing what I was getting dbm don't oh your look yes oh you know hey if they want to pay me millions I care all of a sudden like so quick and have an opinion it's not mine the couple did learn one hard lesson following the show's 2010 cancellation the check stop coming after the cameras stopped rolling I think I regret you know playing the villains so hard if you're gonna be so hated and make decisions that affect your whole life you know you should save all that money instead of spending it like you're giddy spuddies relationship was well documented on the hills from their early days to wedding bells and were there to witness at all and the couple is still going strong today even without millions rolling in Heidi truly feels she's living the dream as a mom I love you so much I want to have to deprive you of this early on you're the cutest little babies on the planet right here these are puppies please stop comparing babies to puppies let's talk about in 10 years 10 years I always know the boss and sort of spent and so it's just fun to be able to show that and to have this like real love child I mean we didn't just rush and have a baby like we had 10 years together and to live life and since welcoming Gunnar in 2017 the reformed reality villains seem softer increasingly self-aware and eager not to revisit the mistakes of their past or are they yes great to be back Spidey are returning for the hills new beginnings and promised us plenty of drama drama drama there's a lot of drama I think that not only is it past drama and things that people haven't dealt with in eight years however long it's been there's also new additional drama so I'm just like a dramatic tornado not my family the most self-centered human ever it is so past where it was dark the couple may not be for everyone but there's no denying their popularity it's very honest and truthful so I think if you don't want the truth out there you should be scared you know a housewife tag like all the breaking updates come on you know you want to be the first to know about all the latest hookups breakups or arrests and so much more


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