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Hector, isinagawa na ang kanyang plano kay Carlos | Kadenang Ginto (With Eng Subs)

Kuya, can you please
stay away from Daniela? No matter what you do, she’ll never leave
her husband. Alvin, I can’t let go
of Daniela either. So, you’re hoping
Carlos succeeds? And that their
marriage gets annulled? And when that happens,
you’ll finally have a shot? Is that it? I won’t just sit and wait. What do you mean? If Daniela insists
on being stubborn, I’ll find a way to
drive her husband away. – Tay.
– Hey, Carlos! What’s going on? Come drink with us! Why are you drinking
at this hour? Tatay’s celebrating because
Miss Jessa’s pregnant. What?! Hard to believe, huh?
I was surprised, too. I caught your mom and
Jessa hugging each other. I thought they were
having an affair. Turns out, I’m going
to be a father, Carlos! Cheers! Nay, are you okay with this? Carlos, I don’t have
the right to complain. Besides, your father’s
wanted to have another kid for the longest time. I’m just surprised they
managed to conceive a child. Move! Excuse me! Can you help me?
My car broke down. It’s outside. Hold on.
Get back to work. We need to help our customer. I’ll join you later. – Is that a new customer?
– Looks like it. Can I join you? Sure. Go ahead. I’m sorry it’s taking quite
a while to fix your car. It’s fine. I’m not in
a hurry anyway. Are you the owner… …of this car shop? Yeah. So, I guess you’re a big shot No. I’m Mitchi, by the way. I’m Carlos. Looks like you’ve downed
a lot of bottles. No. These are just
their leftovers. Is it okay if I
drink with you? I’m just a little bored. Sure. Here you go. Thank you. Hey, what’s your hurry? – Hey.
– This shouldn’t have happened. I forgot to tell you
that I’m married. You’re married?! I’m sorry! I didn’t know! You just looked so young. What happened, anyway? I can’t remember a thing. Don’t worry about that.
Let’s just go to your office. No, get dressed.
You have to leave. What about my car? I’ll just call you. It’s done. Good. Now all you need
is some evidence. Perfect. Alright, I’ll send you
the rest of the money. Let’s see if you still won’t
leave your husband now, Daniela.


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