Harry AA targets Commonwealth medal double

Obviously in sport there's a lot of
sacrifices that you have to take into consideration. Life is a gift so, you know, life is to be enjoyed with your friends, with your family with experiences but obviously unfortunately with
athletics, I've taken myself away. I'm 140 miles away from where I grew up… I'm 140 miles away from my
friends in my family but at the same time, these
are things that you have to deal with. You make time for it when you can and you appreciate it when you do get moments like that. Not a lot of people celebrate success for a long time and we should celebrate success more because it's a short career. You know, you could look back on a race; you might have run the fastest you've ever run but you might be disappointed
because of where you finished. If I told you that five years later,
how are you going to feel about that? That you're never gonna run that fast again – you
never know so just enjoy each moment. I think in and around Loughborough there's that sort of mentality where people do support success and, for me going in to Commonwealth Games, if I can get those two medals that I'm striving for I'm going to be ecstatic; I'll be over the moon. You might see a celebration from Harry and that'll be it and then on to the next
one… Get ready for the European
Championships in the summer.

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