Harrison Ford Accepts the AFI Life Achievement Award in 2000

ladies and gentlemen Harrison's co-star in the film the devil's own Brad Pitt this AFI Life Achievement Award is for artistic achievement and that's how the nominees are remembered but we really can't overlook the fact that the man probably the coolest man in American cinema is also a huge commercial success ten of his films have been among the most popular motion pictures of all time this does not include the one I participated in does not two gentlemen who either wrote directed or produced most of these 10 films are here tonight to present the highest honor for a career in film please welcome once again Steven Spielberg and George Lucas the AFI Life Achievement Award established in 1973 is presented to a single honoree each year based on the following criteria one whose talent has in a fundamental way advanced the film art whose accomplishments have been acknowledged by scholars critics professional peers and the general public and whose work has stood the test of time by these standards and all other criteria that define an artist in this field it is fitting and proper to present the American Film Institute Life Achievement Award to a man who has defined the new breed of American film hero and there is only one and it's Harrison Ford I wanted to thank AFI and its trustees for this very high honor and this very impressive evening and thanks all of you who are here tonight thanks for your warmth your good humor some of the people here tonight have been friends and colleagues for over 25 years Fred ruse Walter Pakal Jerry Ayers knew me when I was young and hungry and impatient to get into the game and they were amongst the first to see some kind of potential in me and gave me a hand up and they did it over and over again and I thank you and of course Pat McWeeny goofer for 30 years over 30 years has given me her wisdom at her console and whose charm and professionalism has made me more fan frenzy in this business that I then I could have made myself my family who are here at night and who have followed me down that long and winding road and encouraged me tonight is the result of collaboration with some of the best minds some of the kindest hearts in our business and they have enriched my life and I thank them for their faith in me this evening has been more than I expected much more in every way more scary in anticipation more fun in fact more touching than I could have imagined you have made me laugh and I'm gonna get the hell out of here before you make me cry you


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