Harf e Raaz With Orya Maqbool Jan | Part 1 | 25 July 2019 | Neo News

  • Honorable Mr. Prime Minister of Pakistan 

    At international level Indeed it’s a matter of great pleasure and honor to the Pakistani nation that under your great leadership and with your unmatched efforts a powerful and positive image of Pakistan has evolved.

    At national level on the other hand you’re trying your best to establish an across the board accountability regime and no doubt it’s getting successful in a sense that some of the hardcore criminals are now behind the bars and we are sure the rest of them will enjoy punishment very soon.

    Mr. Prime Minister, however, the burning issues of the nation and the motherland are still untouched. Whole government is fully involved and spending full time only in explaining the evidences of the corruption of the previous governments. The government is only celebrating the imprisonment of Nawaz and ZARDARI.

     What about the public interest issues? They are not only untouched but at the completion of the first year of your government, it seems that you are not interested or you don't have any vision or mission towards those issues. 

    Days and days out the only and only hottest discussions is the corruption of the PMLN & PPP and their cases in the courts of the law. We agreed with you in this regard and there is no doubt that those characters that you put in the jail are criminals and corrupt and this has been accepted widely nationally and internationally. But besides all of these still the corruption is at its peak in each and every part of life. We don’t see any governmental control over it.

    There is practically no rules and regulations in any discipline of life. The common public and the elite all of them are out of bounds.

    In the past, the infrastructure of each and every institution has been destroyed or wasn’t updated intentionally that has resulted in heavy losses to those institutions and to the country.

    We believe this none-serious attitude towards the hot and highly burning national issues of public interest to be replaced now by a highly serious and responsible one on the part of the government.

    The government must divert its attentions fully and on priority basis towards the reforms and must redirect and reshape the media to support the government in this regard. Since no reforms had been done in the past it’s certainly a big challenge for the government, it’s not a joke. We request you to please take it seriously. Mr. Prime Minister you must take personal interest in reformatting your teams and must choose highly loyal, dedicated, devoted, experienced and educated people from all over the country and from all over the disciplines of life to establish working groups to honestly evaluate and elaborate the needs of the community according to the needs of the day and to suggest the government to take action to reform education, health, industry, agriculture, police, sports, science and technology, transport media, water and power, sanitation, politics and in the other disciplines as well. The government and the nation must be on the same page to change the worst and outdated systems with new and updated systems. This must be the talk of the town, and talk of the day. The government must set up high-quality goals and objectives and encourage the nation to achieve that set goals and objectives in all parts of life all over the country equally. The media must be encouraging, guiding and helping the public to take part in setting up new and updated nationwide systems for the betterment of the generations. This is the time to take action. We request you to kindly hold multi-disciplinary meetings and grand talks and debates at all levels all over the country to move a step ahead in the progress of the country. We request you to kindly stop loosing your mind and energy in useless debates against the criminals and corrupt people, let the courts of law fight against them. You have to inspire the public by your real work for them. Don't waste time don't break our hopes. Kindly start change from the highly underprivileged regions of the country.

    We are proud of you and we are standing with you.

    Pakistan Zindabad.

  • He always says oh Pm sahib plz stop giving examples from cricket u r not a cricketer anymore..but he himself gave example from his civil service job it not fair…

  • For God sake honestly tell me the way Pakistan is going to the direction now if Imran Khan wasn’t here is it possible …he always talks about Islam but he never thanks 🙏 the way Allah is helping Pakistan through Imran Khan…


  • Pti doing government in kpk for last 6years, but now kpk problems are very much. We in kpk facing very much load shedding

  • Oriya saheb, you are hiding difficulties of general public and supporting imran Khan in hide words. Now living conditions of general public becoming difficult day by day due to niazi Khan acts and small businesses almost in finishing stages.
    Speak truth and feel poor people difficulties, if you speak for them, they will pray for you. I am suffering too.
    Actually oriya saheb you are basically a bureaucrat and bureaucrat never feels pain of poor people.
    I am a disabled qualified person done masters but now jobless Because private institutions reducing staff now due to pti govt policies

  • Opposition ka ehtajaj ..✋✋✋✋✋ Jo log shamil hai in ko sharam aani chahiye. Chor lutairay apni corruption chupanay ko ye sab drama kar rahay hai

  • Sorry orya sb I presume that u deliberately avoid the question of usman bhai regarding one year governance of PTI govt. Success or failure .

  • It's so much surprising that a person like Orya sahib having Islamic mind but did not say salaam in program when he commence….

  • اوریامقبول جان آپ اگر اتنے سمجدار

    ہوتے تو آج وزیراعضم ہوتے باتے کرنا آسان ہے

  • اوریامقبول جان آپ اگر اتنے سمجدار

    ہوتے تو آج وزیراعضم ہوتے باتے کرنا آسان ہے

  • اوریامقبول جان آپ اگر اتنے سمجدار

    ہوتے تو آج وزیراعضم ہوتے باتے کرنا آسان ہے 😏

  • Hum se poocho hum such bataein k ye saal kaisa guzra, kiyoonk ham lifafa nahi lete . Agenda bhi nahi hai.. pti wohi ker rahi jo awam chahte hain

  • orya maqbool jaan say hazam nahi ho raha k PAKISTAN ki mojoda GOV ne apnay mamlaat sanbhaal kaisay liyay or inki sari pasheen goiyaan ghalt kaisay ho rahi hain bhughaz a imraan inko ryasti mukhalfat pay uksaa raha hai or jo her waqat ye apna job period misalen bna bna k sunatay rehtay hain ager ye log itnay hi alla darjay k mulazmeen thay to mulak in halaat ka shikaar ho kaisay gaya apni awaaz ko aik tone men rakh nahi sakta ye banda kabhi cheekhnay lagta hai or kabhi baat halk men dba leta hai sara show volume up down kar k sunna parrta hai ye riyast ko stable farmaen gay wo b baten kar k jub kaam kar rahay thay tab to kuch kar nahi sakay , baki jnaab app pay tanqeed karnay wala her bnda PTI ka nahi hota or na app akeelay PAKISTANI paida ho gay hain duniya men , kuch or b log ho saktay hain jinko mulak ki fikar app say zyada ho gi

  • جو سخت سٹانس ہماری فوج نے امریکہ میں لیا اس کا ریکشن ساری اپوزیشن جماعتوں باہر کی اشیر باد کی مدد بہت سخت ہونے والا ہے

  • اب چھوڑ دو جہاد کا اے دوستو خیال

    دیں کےلئے حرام ہے اب جنگ اور قتال

    اب آگیا مسیح جو دیں کا امام ہے

    دیں کی تمام جنگوں کا اب اختتام ہے

    اب آسماں سے نور خدا کا نزول ہے

    اب جنگ اور جہاد کا فتوی فضول ہے

    دشمن ہے وہ خدا کا جو کرتا ہے اب جہاد

    منکر نبی کا ہے جو یہ رکھتا ہے اعتقاد

    یہ حکم سن کے بھی جو لڑائی کو جائے گا

    وہ کافروں سے سخت ہزیمت اٹھائے گا

  • باہر کی قوتوں کی طرف سے ایک کوشش انتہائی شدت سے یہ بھی ہو رہی ہے کہ اسلام کے نام پر ایک ایسا دین پاکستان پر مسط کر دیا جائے جس میں جہاد نام کی کوئی چیز نا ہو.
    جب کہ جہاد ہی اسلام کا وہ بنیادی رکن ہے جس کی بناء پر طالبان نے افغانستان میں اپنے وقت کی سپر پاور اور خود کو خدا سمجھنے والی طاقت چنگیز خان، برطانوی راج، سویت یونین اور امریکہ جیسے فرعونوں کو گھٹنوں بل بٹھا کر زبان سے پکڑ کر گردن کاٹ ڈالی….. جہاد کے بغیر اسلام نا مکمل ہے. اسی لیے دنیا کی طاقتیں مل کر پاکستان سے جہاد اور حقیقی اسلام کو ختم کر کے اسلام دشمن عناصر کا بنایا ہوا جھوٹا مصنوعی اور جہاد کے بغیر کا اسلام پاکستان پر نافذ کرنا چاہتی ہیں.
    جہاد کے بنا لبرلز کا اسلام.

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