Harf e Raaz With Orya Maqbool Jan | Full Program | 22 July 2019 | Neo News

  • Very true Orya sab, I wonder why Imran Khan did not or could not do that. He certainly understand the importance of it.
    Could it be that it might weaken his effort to put these crooks behind bars?

  • Orya Sahib..Pakistan ki community nay hall nahi bhara…Aksaryiat Qadyanion ki thi..Qadyanion nay jalsa kamyab bana

  • Orya sahab your analyisis is the voice of every Muslim I suggest that I mean khan revolution is only start from up not from root revoution comes from root first you took initiatives police and judiciary than gradually make internment after you give punish the politicians public like you but now we see that public opinion is diffirent

  • I though maybe I should see the video for one more minute and in the next minute you are saying gathering 20k crow is not a big deal in American society. Sir????? who did it before? compare it to that? then who did it from Pakistan??? I can't believe how people even watch you and how they trust you and you came to this place with such a dull mind?

  • Mr. Oriya… 90% of your references are irrelevant. Please analyse the situation with relevant references.

  • Orea sahab, aapko zara to sharam aani chahiye janab. Hum Overseas margae paise bhej bhej kar , aap logon ki himaqaton aur shiddat pasandion ko defend kar kar ke duniya mein aur ye izzat afzai farma rahe hain aap hamari!!! 1 saal poora nahi hua IK ko aur patwarion ki tarha aap bhi State of Madina alike dhoond rahe hain! Hassan Nisar sahi aapki thukai karte hain.

  • Y u always ask to overseas for money. Oria sab when u will collect looting our money from thugs of Pakistan Sharif family,Zardari and ………then u can not believe how much money will be showered in pk bank's.

  • Es se koi pochay ke riyasat e madina me musalmano per itnay bhari taxes lagay thay kiya ya es baat or koi matlab tu nahi esa tu nahi ke pakistani qoum naya mirza ghulam ahmed qadyani dekhnay walay hen ?

  • Pahly yea to teh ho jaay k kon kon kiss kiss level ka gareeb hy…. kya chootya program hy koi research b hoti hy programs k liyea sirf gher say muh dhoo k ajana koi mushkil kaam nahi

  • i wish k takreer se masly hal hogaty
    riyaste madina ki baat karny waly ghooty
    ghareeb pe mehangi ka bomb giraty sharam ni ati
    gas k bills ghareeb pe dalty sharam ni ati
    sahiwal incident me family ko police ne mar dia tum gaib thay
    sary chore pti me ikhaty kar k madina ki baat karta
    sharam se doob mar

  • overseas pak ko bus aik concert chaiy tha
    jahan songs,dance hon
    imra khan in kaamon me buhat khush
    or kuch ata ni is ghooty ko

  • Lol
    Orya sahab!
    First u said war will start with india in feb thn u said march thn u said america will attack pakistan or china
    .. u keep tellimg stories sir..

    U make no sense and u dnt hve respect for the PM.
    U are just a tool for many ppl who want imran khan out!.

    If u find soo many flaws in PM thn tell me who can replace him and do better job?

    Pls stick with one field.. some religion, thn politics thnforien policy this tht!
    U are soo mixed up tht u dnt knw wht to say!!

    Ungrateful ..

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