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Hani & Joy are entertainment news reporters!? [One Night Sleepover Trip/ 2018.06.19]

Hello, hello. Hello. Thank you for waiting for us. We didn’t know we’d really meet again! Sit, sit! She didn’t know she’d meet us again! It rained so much… – That we’re all wet. / – It was pouring. It was pouring hard. – Oh, thank you. / – Thank you. (How kind) What were you two doing? It’s a holiday. What did you do today? What were you doing? What were you doing? – Taking selfies… / – Right now… (Taking selfies) Selfie time… (Oh, they’re such girls) – Are you in your 30s? / – Yes, 30s. – By lunar year, in my 30s. / – 30s. He’s 40. No, we’re friends. (Yes! Friends!) (Oh, how happy for everyone) How old are you now? In China, 25. – If I add a year… 26. / – 26? 26 years old. (How old is Joy?) – 25 years old. / – 25. (25 years old) I’m 35. No, we’re friends. We can just be friends. – Let’s just be friends. / – Friends, friends. (Hani’s got a distinguished character) Your face is… Half, half! She says your face is half her size… – Because you’re an actress. / – Thank you. We didn’t know we’d see you guys again. This is so cool. – So cool! / – Yeah, it is! We’d like to become your friends. Let’s just all be friends! Friend? Friend, friend. – Friend. / – Friend. (This seems to be going well) (Shall we ask them?) (Hyeonkyeong’s try) Could you let us sleep over for a night? (The dice has been rolled) (And the result is?) Okay! – Okay! / – Of course! Of course, yes. – Of course! / – Totally. – Of course! / – Totally. (But this wasn’t the end of the story) You didn’t tell him yet? You didn’t tell him yet? (What’s going on?) (Things are getting serious…) My dad doesn’t know yet. Her dad doesn’t know yet. (Her dad doesn’t know?) – Shouldn’t you ask your dad? / – You should. It’s okay. I don’t have to ask him. She says it’s a secret to her dad. It’ll be a surprise for him. It’d be a surprise for him and he’ll say, “Come here.” – Boys coming to a girl’s place. / – He could say no. No. – No. / – No. Where’s is your dad now? He’s not home. He’s gone to work and he’ll be back at night. Oh, that could be trouble for us. – You should ask him. / – Going uninvited… We can’t go into someone’s house uninvited. What if he says no? (All their efforts go to a failure?) If it doesn’t work here, we’re done for it today. (To relieve the worried trio) (She tries video-calling her dad) Isn’t he working right now? (Worried, nervous) (Please…) He won’t pick up. (Will their sleepover fail like this?) (A call!) – Dad. / – He called, he called. Dad, I’m shooting for a show right now. I’ll show it to you. Hi. Hello! Hi! Thank you. My name is Lee Sangmin. Sangmin is a celebrity from Korea. Can they have dinner at our place today? (Dinner at her place?) (What’s Joy’s father’s answer?) (Please, father…) Of course, they can. Of course, they can. Oh, really? (Success at having dinner at her place) How about sleeping over tonight? – What? / – How about sleeping over? (Dad asks again) (Her father’s expression is hard to read) (Could he be upset?) Of course, they can. Of course, they can. (Her father permitted them with ease) – Thank you. / – Thank you. See you later, thank you. (The trio got permission easily) (However!) (Nothing is easy to get) (The charisma of the mainlander) (What will the destiny of the trio be?) How do you always have miracles follow you? Shouldn’t we be changing the name of the show? To “Miraculous Encounters.” To “Miraculous Encounters.” I mean, they first came to Jongmin for an autograph. – They saw him on “Love Letter.” / – Love it! “Love Letter!” – We loved it so much! / – “Love Letter!” (Proud, proud) – Do you know Kang Hodong? / – By the way… Which actress did you like on “Love Letter?” (Really curious) If I answer now, they might not let us sleep over. So I’ll tell you when we go home. Answer them at home. (He’s a genius at times like this) Maybe… Bae Seulgi? – Bae Seulgi? / – Bae Seulgi? Bae Seulgi! She knows Bae Seulgi! (The mother of Korean retro dance) (Totally into it) How do you know “Love Letter?” Broadcasting station. (Hani and Joy work at a broadcasting station) Variety shows? What? (What do Joy and Hani do at work?) Entertainment news. Reporter? Reporter. – Like “Entertainment Weekly?” / – Must be. – Then… / – So how do you feel… That you’re in Shanghai? I feel great. It started raining all of a sudden. So I got all wet. My shoes are wet, and my clothes… Can I watch the program Hani came out on? Song Hyekyo… – You interviewed her? / – Yes. – Really? / – Yes. Wait a minute. She interviewed many Korean stars. This is the one about Song Hyekyo. (A clip of her work) – Oh, like that? / – Yes, yes. – A short section. / – Like celebrity news and stuff. (Proven themselves as entertainment news reporters) (It has become dinner time) Do you know “xiao long xia?” “Xiao long xia?” Do you know “drayfish?” No. “Drayfish?” – I don’t. / – “Drayfish?” – Oh! You mean spicy crayfish? / – Yes, yes! (Spicy crayfish?) – The tasty dish! / – That’s very famous. – Really? / – That’s a must-eat in China. Shall we go have that? (Let’s taste the best dish of China!) Xiao long xia. We get to eat that. – Is it something famous? / – Of course. – We decided to have xiao long xia. / – Okay. – Let’s go. / – Good. – I’m hungry. / – Let’s go. – Let’s go. / – I’m hungry. (The darker the night gets, the brighter the city gets) (Oriental Pearl Tower) (Bright buildings that light up the night of Shanghai) (People enjoy their time under the lights) (What are the trio and the friends doing?) (They’ve arrived at a famous xiao long xia restaurant) – It’s here? / – Here. – It’s here? / – Is it here? Xiao long xia. There are too many people. It’s full. They all look the same. (Main ingredient of xiao long xia, crayfish) If Korea has “chimaek,” China has “xiamaek.” You have beer with xiao long xia. Crayfish with beer… “Craymaek.” (Xiao long xia, refers to crayfish) (The most popular dish in China) (Shanghai has a xiao long xia street) (In 2016 alone, 88 tons were consumed in China) (Various flavors can be made with different sauces) (Garlic xiao long xia) (Mala xiao long xia) How do you eat this? (How do you eat xiao long xia?) Like this. (1. Take off the crayfish head) (2. Peel the body shell) (Moist meat comes out easily) – This? / – Yes. Dip this in the sauce? Oh, it’s this small? – I thought it was going to be big. / – Me too. (Small crayfish are spicy!) (Sangmin, an epicure) (Hyeonkyeong, an actress) (Jongmin, a lover of noodles) (What do the trio think about the dish?) It’s so good! It’s delicious! Tasty! (Exclamations come out automatically) (The taste of crayfish calls for beer) – Cheers! / – Cheers! Tasty. It’s got a strong garlic smell. (Garlic xiao long xia tastes delicious) But this is the real one. This is the real one originally. This spicy one. (Mala xiao long xia that boasts delicious spiciness) Shall we try it? (Nom, nom) (Jongmin has tasted mala xiao long xia) (That’s known to be addicting to many) (Slow down) The sauce is really tasty, but there isn’t much to eat. (There isn’t much meat to eat compared to its size) (Eating nonstop) I’ll just have it my style. What that means is that… I take off the head and… (How are you planning on eating?) I just have it after I take off the head. No. I just have it after I take off the head. (Shocked) The shell’s probably really hard. It’s not. (It’s cooked right enough to be eaten) That’s actually Chinese style. I find the shells tasty. So I don’t see why I need to put in effort to take off the shells. – Oh, you really like the shells? / – Yes. (This is what I’m talking about) (Sangmin has found his way of eating) Oh, this spicy flavor… I really like it that I want to find the recipe for it. Nice, right? Wow, this xiao long xia… It’s so good. It’s quite spicy. I’m loving it. This is addicting. – It’s addicting. / – Yeah, it’s an addicting flavor.


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