Hallmark Christmas Movie Parody: Santa Bae Bae | Nightly Pop | E! News

she was a busy big-city girl with even bigger dreams Susan you're just not understanding okay I am busy I don't have time for love I am building an ad to lose your empire here okay until a tragic accident turns her world upside down Santa oh hey you're awake unfortunately your face was so full of vodka and Botox that we had to completely reconstruct it yet somehow you're even more stunning than you were before thank you for saving me doctor this Christmas enjoy the ultimate stocking stuffer she's right Morgan Stewart yes luckiest woman alive you're both crazy he presents Santa Bay Bay putting the hohoho in your holidays I'm pregnant thanks for watching that clip if you haven't already switched to an unboxing video you dirty little girl go ahead and subscribe to the EVAs youtube channel every Monday we'll put up episode highlights bonus content in every not-safe-for-work detail you might have missed that's right baby it's us in your home anytime you want why are you being such a creep ah they're being creepy what's up


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