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Hailee Steinfeld Compares The Oscars 2017 Red Carpet To Her First Oscars Appearance | PEN | People

i am here with this stunning Kelly Scientology you look incredible please talk to me about this dress what made you decide to choose this one this evening you look exquisite you so much there wasn’t much deciding it was kind of just with the one from the very start so thank you put it on and you instantly knew it was the only wanted right on and throughout Morocco and my favorite my favorite sexual vibe Robbins Oh Bruce now when you’re walking down the red carpet what’s going through your mind how do you smoke it so how do you make sure that you don’t get nervous that we’re at you Joe he just said mean I don’t know how to handle that is my second time here and I’m like freaked out compare this time to your last time here my goodness it was six years ago and all i remember was just being me biggest part but I’d ever been on ever seen I’m just feeling like the room was massive so I don’t know me feel you’re maybe Walt maybe then those great being you’re all grown up you look fabulous have a wonderful evening

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