how about the bacteria to the last the last beauty performance I'm going to act – I did Lizza like oh and I did crime being offset and this is gonna be the last one cuz been it's been like a week hey beauty voices is long gone so we're gonna put it to rest with this final one this is her and why begin court day before him Lord is coming I'm very good with her his music but I don't think this is her song um or it might be because her latest mixtape or EP or whatever was I wasn't that big of a fan of but this sounds like a very religious song I'm not a religious person but you know I'm keep an open mind anyway or maybe this is chord a song I I [Applause] love her though I love her yeah Lord is coming off a little bottle but this is personal she played instruments to what Capon girl we're all slaves to a generation socializing sicknesses in the mind we are habitual thicker substances are drinkers so free your mind because the plug is watching from the top floor hoping you two will fall for the illusions of a temporary high yoke we need to get by but are we really trying when kids are dying and depression is trending are these the signs of an Armageddon we're all at denial and it's all cool until you're suicidal we never learned from our so-called Kyler's we just repeating the psycho stuff I never read the news anymore it's hard not to feel hopeless when no one noticed the explosion came from a man whose legal gun was loaded it's all watered down and sugar-coated and we voted but do we really get to choose we don't need proof that they separate us from the truth for mothers and fathers are being separated from their youth and they're selling the American Dream and what it appears to be but they don't teach us that wealth is unattainable with their currency it's true yeah Jeremy my newsletter tell them the original founders were buried in the ground were men let's seeds of disease and they've justified the beans feeding their inner demons and blaming the minorities that is a World War three eruption versus greed not you versus me but do we have to think of the need for inner peace they can't put a price on your soul and don't matter your religion right and wrong is something everybody knows they pick and choose with people who's good and who is evil and this is the devil's world her boy from work surrounded by these home look at the chance of death the way you bonk your son beauty sleep [Applause] [Applause] move my hand forehead I never heard my bro women with the great writers charted in the deep waters know you've got three doing us they use some resources now he chose me order I got my own badness forget a reporter maybe we ain't even safe they want to deport us or rather keep us buck standing on the street corner okay Krista man at least one I don't this can't be like made our baby is young : put her Antichrist the false reality it's in this picture gallery based or the conscious approach that we get to bribery right stylist advertised price trying to hide a little about it we maximize tell people kappa with creating enormous extra water bath beside Michener walking speed Oh [Applause] yeah I like that performance a lot it was a very very good performance very powerful message they were spitting them them back I'm saying a lot of shit that was really resonated with me so shout out to them and wifey and Corday I wasn't giving him his props because he's on the freshmen list XXL a freshman listen I was just like that's one of them little ybm boys but he's very different than the other little white bands I heard and I heard a few other Bobby and now something that like how he rapping so shot up at him as well but this is a cool performance cool little phone let me know which I thought about it let me know what other there's nobody wrecks and I'll see you guys in the next time bye


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