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H.E.R. Talks First Nomination & Following “The Mold” of Missy Elliott | MTV VMAs

– I can barely focus on
you because of that thing, what outfit?
– This is Big Mama. This is Big Mama, yeah,
it’s a ball python. And there’s a snake on
my Valentino jumpsuit, so I felt like it was
the perfect accessory. – (laughs) Girl, I’m
kinda scared but I’ma keep asking you questions. – She’s sweet. She’s sweet. – Okay, nominated
tonight, how does it feel? And what has the past
year been like for you? – It’s been a whirlwind,
you know, to say the least it’s been amazing. It’s my first VMAs. So, to be performing, to be nominated, it’s like a dream come true. I’m really really excited to be here. I’m, like, I’m excited, you know? And I feel like I gotta show out, I gotta really show
out, it’s my first year. – All right, I have to
bring up Missy Elliott. Vanguard Award, what
does Missy mean to you? – Oh, my God. Missy, her uniqueness, just the
way that she carries herself and, like, went against the grain, I definitely try to follow
that path, that mold, that she created for generations to come. Like, Missy is timeless. You know, and that’s what I
strive to be. So, I love Missy. You know, she be listening
to my music, too, so I’m like yes!
– Yes! – You know, so it’s really really dope. – All right, well congratulations
and we look forward to seeing you win tonight. – (laughs) we’ll see. Thank you.


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