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**H.E.R** “Slide” ft YG (ESMR Reactions)

H.E.R. – Slide ft. YG (ESMR REACTIONS) What is do Revenger crew was the hasslein crabs It’s a boy bow and find them on instagram applications at camaro productions or on twitter at morel product one and I write and Weezie and you can find me on aw train V triple wide and he can’t get that cuz I talk too fast Alright roll he can’t do my part but I could do his part it’s fine What we doing today, we’re reviewing Having everything revealed song Hurt her slide featuring YG that johnson up about her So the one thing I remember that we lived up for sections of code. It’s bad. She came out in disney So rise to fame kind of thing back in 2009 She won a competition and got her first record deal at 14 and she was leading her first single under her given name She’s born in 97. So let’s redo that mats 22 Headlined with Bryson tiller and Chris Brown her break on a full moon and this past year She did go on tour with childish gambino on the Miss America. Yeah, so she’s got a bloater She’s really popular among R&B enthuse, but he believed that heartbeat. They really rather She’s got why genders joint I like why do you why Jesus thought let’s get into it. This is her slide featuring. Why do you You always wanted blast You don’t want to let no sucker look into your eyes, huh better saw some eyelashes You know what you do with the pass that’s right fuck This is the kind of why’d you have one? Okay long intro we got a white GI what I Wanna do is gas me how we end up in the backseat. Just trying to get to the bag We on the same page or the same way only to keep the family. Follow me So let me know what its gonna be. I’m Getting no sleep Wow Fast Yeah, right gonna say I don’t be him at the beginning with no Till 6:00 in the morning When it’s sunrise, we’ll be on it Oh, I got five also live I mean wanna go baby what we gonna stop everywhere we go this time you stand up to 6:00 in the morning I need my bitch and a booty on My chicken apron is that like sexist Cooking bacon with a bruh maybe I’m on a mission, but we fall I don’t think I do the right choice. This is a while a boy This is a while a girl chopping. Give me Yg was not drink or while a would it would it would have done that justice and it’s not an Individual I it’s not a lot of studies like don’t like why jr. This wasn’t this wasn’t the one. How you Amen It’s a big plus for me Yeah, I think that it would have been an a if Yug wasn’t on it you get a b-plus I actually give it a B. Why? It didn’t how much the hook was dope in the women I was like baby that that was dope but the beginning the intro was way too long. YG’s part was super awesome When he came back in And this was a solo her saw I think I might have a higher score but it just But but I do like what I heard I love with it when it kicked up a little bit without later like the drums came in and again It is very memorable. So, you know who liked her. Let us know man. What are the her songs? Do we need to review? What should we check that? I don’t know her cat Allah why he seems to know what’s the it was no son. You know what? I can’t think up. Some of my head is Like so you noticed daughter comes below another her so she check now, what’s your favorite? Why’d you stop? I’m curious to know are we weird or was yg? Not a fit on that. Let us know the times below something. Yeah so what else you got to do is if you’ve been rocking with us for this long go ahead and like comment and subscribe make Sure, you tune a little notification bell so that way you are aware of when we upload because we do appreciate Joe So here we go live Friday night at 8:30 Mountain Standard time. We are there. Yes, some are tremendous, but we’ll see this video


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