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H.E.R. Gives Speech As She Accepts Her Young, Gifted & Black Award | Black Girls Rock 2019

– Her music is the soundtrack
of my life and my show, which is why
I’m making myself available for a feature on her
next album, so holler at me. [laughter] On behalf of “Black Girls
Rock!” and McDonald’s and myself, we are honored
to present H.E.R. with the Young Gifted
and Black Award. [cheers and applause] [upbeat band music playing] ♪ ♪ – Wow, I’m actually
a little bit nervous. I’m really,
really excited to be here in front of all these
beautiful black women! [cheers and applause] Honestly, the only thing that’s
missing is Oprah and Beyoncé. [laughter] I just wanna thank Beverly Bond, BET,
Jesse Collins, everybody involved
from the bottom of my heart. Honestly, this means so much ’cause I grew up just a
little black-and-Pilipino girl from the Bay,
a bit of an introvert, definitely a daydreamer,
and a total loner because I really didn’t think
I fit in anywhere, so I was always to myself. But my parents, they introduced
me to amazing outlets for my energy, and that was
music in all its forms, and I learned to play
four instruments by ear by the time
I was eight years old. [cheers and applause] So my God-given talents
and thanks to my parents, those gifts, they sent me on
a path of endless opportunities and to this stage tonight. [cheers and applause] But, ladies,
we cannot be stopped. We are limitless,
we are inevitable, and we refuse to be put
in any kind of box or limitation as black women, and we can be
whoever we wanna be… [applause] Because we, we have the power
to control our own narratives, to write our own stories, and we have our next
young black storytellers and creators
all over the world ready to begin their journey
to greatness, and they only need access
to opportunities to begin. You know, we have our future
Quincys and Arethas and Stevies and Prince and Alicia Keyses
and Patrice Rushens, Sister Rosetta Tharpe,
Lauryn Hill, Sheila E., Meshell Ndegeocello. [cheers and applause] We are limitless,
we cannot be stopped, and we are both dreamers
and we’re doers. And I believe in this quote. “True power resides in whomever
we believe has the power,” and I believe it resides in us. [cheers and applause] Thank you so, so, so, so much. Thank you. [cheers and applause] – ♪ This is why I rock ♪
– Up next, GRAMMY
Award-winning artist Monica


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