Gymnastics – 6 Amazing Gymnasts Who Didn't Get a Deserved Medal

  • Svetlana Grozdova from the Soviet Union at the 1976 Olympics, had the most difficult routine of that competition and probably one of the most amazing ever. In Team compulsories she scored a 9.80 (2nd highest score on beam) while Nadia got a 9.90. In team optionals Grozdova fell and had some wobbles, she scored a 9.20 and she missed the all around final and the beam final, she could easily won a gold medal and even score a perfect 10 with that incredible routine that makes look Nadia's routine very easy. She was very ahead of her time.

    This is her routine:

  • Every time I see Esther Moya’s routine, I get so mad… girl deserved at least a silver and everyone knows it.

  • Victoria Karpenko in the 2000 Olympics AA. She was leading going into the final rotation, all she needed was a clean floor routine but she stumbled after one of her skills and went out of bounds. Ended up in twelfth instead of on the podium.

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