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Gulf Guardian Award 2019: The Oyster Bed

Fostering sustainable and creative cooking. The Oyster Bed is raising awareness about
the importance of oysters and encouraging consumers to cook and eat them without the
shell. The goal is to educate people and support
oyster shell recycling to restore the Gulf of Mexico’s critical oyster reef habitat. The Gulf supports the largest remaining wild
oyster harvest in the world. Oysters form the foundation for healthy coastal
estuaries, with a single oyster filtering more than 50 gallons of water a day. When oyster reefs are healthy, so is the environment. The veteran-owned business routinely partners
with chefs, fishermen and community groups to help raise awareness about the importance
of oyster shell recycling. The Oyster Bed gives portions of its profits
to organizations that encourage these activities along the Gulf. Their cookware, called the Oyster Bed, is
enabling shucking houses and fishermen to return oyster shells to the places where they’re
desperately needed – our estuaries. They have partnered with conservation groups
from Louisiana to Florida, and beyond the Gulf to help support the restoration of oyster
reef habitats. The Oyster Bed is fostering a sense of community
by educating businesses and customers on the value of oyster shell recycling to the world’s
coastal ecosystems. Congratulations to The Oyster Bed, the second
place Gulf Guardian award winner in the business and industry category.

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