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Gujju UNO | The Comedy Factory

By the way Ojas Your prosthetic hands are looking good! Just like your glass eyes! Don’t act over smart – – HE DIDN’T SAY UNO!!! He threw the 2nd last card and didn’t say UNO Pick up UNO is written right behind the cards I don’t get the logic of still shouting it out loud! UNO What are you guys doing? Time to get WILD, right? You don’t get wild, please… Color changes to green I picked a card, don’t have green Bravo baby bravo! Bravo sir Is this a 6 or a 9? Do you see this line below? Yes It makes the number turn due to gravity, okay? This is a 6 So if I drop a 8, would it be called 8 or infinity? How many times did you fail in school? 8 I got it, now I got it! You got it my foot! You were drawing lines on a paper when you got the Draw 4 card Enough guys! Baby let’s play the next game What was this card again? I forgot This is a WILD card Select your favorite color and then say Color changes to then drop the card and say the color Color changes to my favorite Kathai Is it like caramel or burgundy? My camel – oh I mean, my darling, I’ll explain everything Don’t worry, okay? There are just 4 colors BYRG, okay? Oh, you mean Bring Your Regular Games? Is it? No! Blue, Yellow, Red, Green! Don’t ask such stupid questions! Or I’ll punch you and make your face Red & Yellow! Got it got it… Now I got it! Give the cards to Manan Manan, you shuffle I put in all 5000 These are Poker chips!!! Put these away… Here, take these And shuffle like how I taught you Yes yes, I remember! I’ll do it perfectly! Not an issue, not an issue at all… Forget it! Disha, you take over and shuffle Yo okay! Once upon a time, there was an ant and a crow The ant eats the crow Shut Upp!!! Haha nice one… Not a cheap joke, and you stop laughing or I’ll hit you! I didn’t ask you to make a joke, I asked you to shuffle! Chip chip! You want Tangy Tomato or Cream Onion? Give me Cream Onion Drop it!!! Drop it or I’ll bite you!!! Baby chips not allowed, we are on a no carbs diet… All these are fried items, don’t have these… Yes you are right, we can’t have these chips But Tia I’m talking about chip – Shuffling the cards!!! Give the deck to me! Manan, you’re skipped! Hey you! You obese frog! He didn’t ask you to skip using a skipping rope He has skipped your turn in the game You’ll sprain your back pulling such stunts! Cheater Cock! What did I do? Look, the last card was a Yello 3 right? Look He slipped in 2 cards at once! Deep this is not done ya! No no actually what happened was… There’s a lot of oil on my nose So maybe the cards got stuck on my fingers Oily, is it? There are some cards stuck under your leg too No no What no, I can clearly see them! Get up, GET UP!!! Look, right there! Where did these cards come from? Red Card! Red card Foul!!! Oo Mister! Red card is given in Football, not in UNO! The Messi of Morbi! Yello Card!!! This is first warning, okay? I’ll hit you with a free kick!!! Draw 4! You gave me a Draw 4 baby? Sorry, I wasn’t thinking straight, just a minute WAIT! You can’t pick up a card once you throw it Drop it! Color changes to HULK I mean, Green Don’t stress I have Draw 4 Thank God! Color changes to Yellow! Even I’m throwing a Draw 4! Color changes to R E D Red #BRUTALFRIENDS Oh God! Now everyone knows what cards you have! Dumbo! Even I’m not this dumb! It’s not an issue, it’s not an issue at all… Even if everyone knows, it’s not an issue Not that, this one Skip! Hey this is not fair… Ojas is helping Tia, this is not done Tia please pick up your card back She won’t take the card back Why? You only said earlier ‘You can’t pick up a card once you throw it’ But no no this is not done, let Tia play on her own She’s an independent woman Yeah whatever it is she won’t – Was it necessary to inform the entire World that she skipped me? Check once The Independent woman threw a Draw 4, not a skip Praise the Lord! Quick, pick up the cards! No no, please, don’t change the card, Skip was fine Come on come on pick up the cards I’ve picked up, now please shut up Reverse Reverse Another Reverse On top of that, Reverse One more Reverse A Reverse train Parag Reverse! One more Reverse! Oh Dayum! We went way overboard while reversing, Ojas He went Reverse in time and became a baby Here, please shuffle Keep shuffling and come back to the current time Shuffle properly, okay baby? What a sweet child o’ mine There there, now the cards are shedding glitter… There he is, Deep is back to the present Wild! Color changes to Blue! Well done my Girl! Well done! I was waiting for this… Bue 2 We two, our – – Two! Yellow! I’m a dirty fellow! Your turn 4 Even I understand the basic rules Disha Neither does this card match the color, nor the number Then how can you put this card ya? Tell me Disha Yeah I’ll tell you Tell me Disha Yeah I’ll tell you No no tell me Yeah I’ll tell you Tell me – SHUT UPP!!! She’s telling His 2 and his 2 2+ 2=4 2 + 2=4 Even an 8th standard kid knows this But, what about green? Well done baby His Blue and his Yellow Blue + Yellow=Green You’re a genius dude! Great I’m okay with this, let’s move on How are you okay with this? Why do you always agree to such nonsense! Both of them are a bunch of dumbass nitwits!!! I have distributed the (ket) deck, everyone count once 7 Seven 7 I had only one What? Poor Maxi (Cat) Oh god! He’s not talking about that cat! Ojas, calm down! What happened to Maxi? Actually, when the balloon cylinder burst, she was right beside it – – nothing happened to her then how did she – One day I went to have sugarcane juice my car’s window was open she jumped out of the window directly onto the juice machine – right beside the machine actually… and there she slipped from the ice tray and – landed perfectly on the ground A really perfect landing! After which she started eating the sugarcane peels Oh okay HOW DA HELL DID THAT STINKY CAT DIE is what they are asking He didn’t die, the Municipality people took him away Why do these Municipality people
never take away such swines!!! Why are you deviating from the topic??? We were talking about Ket (Deck) We weren’t talking about C A T Meow! Oh, C A T is meow? I didn’t know that… Draw 2? Seriously? You dropped a Draw 2 card for me? Umm… actually the thing is… UNO! I’m done! I win! Wow! Amazing! I thought it’s going the other way I didn’t skip you deliberately, I thought it’s going reverse You Skipped me! Wow! I swear on you, I swear on his cat! For real! UNO! It’s not an issue even if I win! Congratulations! UNO! Oh this is even better! Congratulations! Draw 4! I didn’t have any other option… Then what about these? What is this OJAS? These cards are not that great Look at this! DRAW 4!!! I picked up the cards, okay? Good girl! I like this the most about you… You always follow rules and – Ayee there wins Deeps! Congrats man… UNO! Reverse That’s fine… Reverse Err… okay? Skip Tia listen to me – Again Slow down you – Skip You can’t do this to me Draw 2 Calm down! Take deep breaths Draw 2 How many Draw 2s? You can’t have that many in a deck – Ojas You are my baby right – Again You are my sweetheart, don’t do this Draw 4 Draw 4 again Tia – UNO! UNO Draw 4 IT’S OFF!!! Listen to me baby – TIAAA Like. Share. Subscribe.


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