GTA 5 (PS4) – Mission #56 – Fresh Meat [Gold Medal]

we are women we are free we're bringing into the patriarchy we are women we are women we are we fuck up thank you oh my n-word me getting hurt is that funny no fuck you I'm gonna put you in the fucking ground you laugh at me again well calm down I have met a lot of assholes in my life but you oh you're not long for this world if this is the way you fuckin act your little jumped up mother fucker look how about this man calm down it was funny at first man I made a mistake unfortunately man you fail it was fun alright I apologize I accept your apology okay cries OH let's hug it out right fucking gotcha no I'm not funny fucking asshole fuck difficult childhood damn man you alright I'm just fucking on an edge you know I love you right but I would have look man Lester said you have some information for us about Michael Michael fuck Michael I hope he's dead man I know y'all – man come on man you two had beef before but what the fuck happened in North Yankton somebody pinched him man who my friend Ron met these Chinese assholes they're from yang Shan and China we had some problems they mistakenly thought Michael was a human being and kidnapped yeah and now it looks like they hold them somewhere in the city yes come on well I'll go fuck yourself you want that piece of shit that's your fucking business all right he's dead to me all right and chances are if and when I see him he's gonna be dead to everyone else as well I call bro don't do that you're pushing your luck pal what was that what was that hey it's me what did Trevor say man Michaels being healed by Chinese crew because of trip the irony isn't lost I'm sending you an app for your phone but Michael sale just came back online this will track its signal it'll work better the closer you get be careful sure told you he ain't my geela don't try to persuade me you're not lovers he's laughing at you you fucking idiot you're making a mistake it costs a lot of money to track you down i recording every favor I could in the Midwest and then you kill several good man good day huh good day good fucking day Oh let me go honey fuck it down [Applause] Highland [Applause] Hey pommie man yeah it turns out they really want I'm gonna check around a corner can you get your stuff down it's no time to get me down you suck ginger we going out this way Hey look here's a way out boy come on let's go I just want to get off [Applause] [Applause] that every clear yeah man we clear fuck me man what a scene that was that's about the size of his shit yeah whoa back there on that meat hook I thought it was dude has a knife on me man I thought the same thing Frankie thank you bro you didn't have of course I did if this shit means anything shit the second I knew hey how'd you even find me let's descent me this half the truck you'll sail City Lester how'd you even though I got snatched up Travie toe kind of I asked him what he knew about you disappeared in North Yankee yeah if anyone that forthcoming was way told me you need ID they pitch you anyway gosh shit we're up there and Trevor freaks the fuck out he was about to kill me Franklin and then these Chinese guys show up they take me he fucks up for reel-to-reel okay well if you don't want to talk about that how about that we West Western what about we delivered the last of them cars only he ain't paid us you say is he gonna invest a fucking month well he's a clever guy no that might not be such a bad idea are you fucking serious look Franklin you're gonna get your money okay from the sounds of it you'll even get some interest too and I got this other deal with Weston down at the film studio so we gotta wait for that to play out before I got any leverage over your deal for real on Franklin I had my feet chained to a meat hook for the last few hours give me some time I'll figure it out I promise yeah what the fuck whatever I see you show hey sure you don't want to come in what's your big empty ass house dog I'm depressed enough already alright well listen thanks look man before you go what the fuck happened up there I said Trevor went crazy tried to kill me I got jumped by the Chinese man before all that I'm talking about the fades Trev this guy grabbed me I know what you meant look I made a judgment call I don't know if it's the right one I did what I thought I had to do I had a young family Franklin I was running with a crew of crazy motherfuckers with nothing to lose I saw it out a future for me for my family I took it you took it may you burned every motherfucker you've ever known it was that or die look I know it sounds cold I don't expect you to understand it not yet but you will when you got ties in your own look you wake up one day and your legs they just give you just can't run anymore all right man look you watch your back all right when Trevor finds out you still alive I don't know what the fuck you gonna do don't worry about Trevor he's not gonna get near me hey you watch your back hear me Dawg it ain't me he coming forward we straightest you dog it's you just say you


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