GTA 5 – Mission #8 – Friend Request [100% Gold Medal Walkthrough]

fuck you Lester yeah let me enter what I was wondering when you'd show up I was dead praise be yes you weren't very dead you need my help how do you know cuz you came here what else would you I haven't been a good friend for you Lester I know that and you're gonna make it up to me by doing whatever I ask a rather I mean I need something done you need to know something so why not help each other I gotta make some dough see you back in the game I guess look Lester about what happened before I know you never mentioned my name no I'm not on any lists anywhere I know you never betrayed me as for you you got a figure that I never told anyone that instead of gently decomposing in North Yankton you're angrily decomposing in Los Santos with a shrink and a wife who don't love you no more yeah well since you put it like that shut up a minute I'm getting an I find alert that little college boys sack of shit phony fuck who J Norris yes that fuck is a lying bastard I've read his fucking emails he's a fucking cheat I heard him say that he saved America what by outsourcing all the jobs by selling us little bits of plastic restricted access shit well now it's payback time you lying turd the hell are you talking about you are about to get that white-collar gig that you always dreamed of Mikey here take this fashionably retro weird for a 45 year old man but I cannot let go of the 1980s bag and dress yourself up like a billionaire math genius with low-level Asperger's you better be ready for the minor glitch of your repulsive pseudo messianic life okay Lester out of here call me when you're ready we are about to put the Darwinism back in social Darwinism and brother it is gonna be fine you fucking kidding me I'm a bank robber not a web design so we'll go robbing soon I'll find something just like the old days [Applause] ah excuse me I got this interview of this tech company I'm thinking I need something I don't know geeky useful lost your job in the world's moved on huh that's too bad I didn't lose my job of course got too old got outsourced same thing happen to my dad now you got to fit in with a different generation what about a vest and some cargo shorts all right that's as youthful as you're gonna get Michael I'm all dressed up now moving through this thing the prototype is somewhere in the life Invader office find it and fin it with the device in your bag they just gonna let me in why wouldn't they if you look the part hang around till someone opens the door act entitled hey hey oh yeah PM's pushing for more functionality but we are maxed I mean if anything we have to strip features especially if we plan on releasing a heist update a year later oh you know it's you know you got to do what you got to do you know I mean we're talking beta in q4 maybe q3 look milestones are one thing but when design is changing its mind seemingly overnight there's not what you can do about it my Union allocated smoke breaks bad up so wait a minute do I know you yeah I think so IIT temp right yeah you know you got to do something for me ah you got to put it in a ticket um no I'd like to keep this one out of the database if you know what I mean I'm turning consultant when we release consulting consult errs hi oh hi chill out on the beanbag Marcus will be right out oh um I'm gonna take a knowledge here you go if you guys let me use the OS I requested this wouldn't be a problem oh you can add it on this PC got any antivirus software I think so behind this junk on the left clicked an NSFW link for a bit me on the ass yeah not safe for work uh-huh you know my son's computer runs into the same kind of problems I'll close the popups see what I can do your son codes start them early bro you let your best stuff in your tweens scanning ah I need to write some product bro him I'm feeling the itch and that should do it why don't you try and keep things strictly safe for work from now on hey have you seen the prototype in the demo room when Norris announces it at the keynote minds are gonna blow nice making history dude hey and we couldn't do it by now sit sit sit sit sit sit sit footbag dig fast if you want to get a job here okay follow me okay let me get the door for you Oh hey Michael Lester the things in the prototype I'm going home to watch the keynote Lester did you hear me are you playing that game yeah yeah sorry the phone is rigged and what's your problem you don't like shooters they're all the same sights you know me I'm a movie guy classic Pinewood classic Pinewood ended 30 years ago now it's just superheroes romantic comedies and remakes none of which interest me hey I believe this country could still make interesting movies there's no better way to define American life and a two-hour plot in which the hero looks good please welcome mr. J Norris to the stage hey this company has come a long way since we started it in my parents pool house in East Carraway today you're about to witness a new face full on weapons-grade red alert world domination [Applause] we're put a billion people's private data in the public domain and we have milked every penny we could in the process we have one of the youngest workforces in the world an average age of only fourteen point four years that's not just impressive it's revolutionary today right here we're about to make the next step prepare to witness the future the life invader mobile device yes we've invented something no one hold on a sec Akio I think someone's trying to talk with me Allah oh Jesus whoa whoa ah blast that was heavy you're watching the news I don't have to I'm watching the markets I'll be trading pure alpha till close alright hey about that other thing you know the score oh yeah yeah absolutely let's do it put on a suit look somewhat professional and meet me at my warehouse off the ls freeway oh and I'm about to email you a link for the exchange you can put in some trades of your own I'm trying to stay off the day trading but maybe I'll take a look yeah who's this it's Ricky from life invader I know you're the bro who deactivated Jay bro oh I have no idea what you're talking about pal what you do is your business bro anyway Jay really got a big head once people started calling him a god guess you proved he wasn't one they reintegrated my team in burundi after the design got signed off and now my shares were thick sorry about that I need work and I thought maybe you could provide I mean I'm smart enough to track you down orna I guess you are hey I'll be in touch if anything comes up you


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