GTA 5 – Mission #62 – Reuniting the Family [100% Gold Medal Walkthrough]

hey hey I'm sorry I spiked you okay I just I get so mad and I can't control things and then you know she just falls on top of me my life sucks right now and I don't know what to do except I want to say I love you and hug it out but all that wimpy shit is just well I'd say gay but I have some friends who are gay so that's not cool anymore and the ones that I don't really like it's not because they're gay so lame all right you're just a lame and angry psycho sometimes you do bad shitting things I don't know if I love you and I'm pretty sure I hate you a little bit but I'm just so fucking upset that we can't even see each other and you're just a drunk lame dad you know what it might just be the nicest thing anybody's ever said to me so will you buy me a car what I mean not in this so will you buy me a car kind of way in a completely off topic can you buy me a car I mean firstly I'm a fat shit that you ruined and secondly I will get a job and I will stop smoking pot in that sort of way okay I love you too son now go get a job I don't have the money to buy you a car sighs which way I'm probably gonna be dead in a couple weeks anyway please don't die okay yeah it's great catching up with you to death yeah hey how's your mother oh she's great no she's not she's bored I mean all this mesmerizing tantric sex she's been having with a much younger better bill caring and compassionate man is great and all what's he gonna do for the other six hours of the day what the fuck I'm just winding you up you miserable bastard she's mad at you she's scared that you're gonna die and she wants you to go over there and prove that she give a fuck all right all right all right I can take a fucking hint let's go we'll get Tracy on the way Tracy on the other hand she's a star sort of I think mom's ad bean machine [Applause] so what's been happening you know I don't know stuff no I don't know well what's been happening with you thanks it's been it's it's anyone's guess yeah yeah I get it there we are outside I'm caffeine come on curling that's been sluggish for weeks a little bit less lifestyle guru excuse me I'm trying to write a screen shush woman hey Amanda Fabian Michael hi mom hi Jimmy who's – a picture of holistic well-being I don't think maybe this shit once a year between them oh it's my son Amanda come I have a new unit on hold you must pay for it hey hey buddy I'm gonna ask politely that you show my wife a little respect red meat has been blocking your Chi as well as your digestive tract I ain't even gonna go there I'm gonna ask you one time nicely Michael just hit him please woman anything for you sweetheart there's a lot more where that came from homes is he alive yeah he's fine listen Amanda I wanted I mean inside I just what he's trying to say mom is that he's a pathetic old drunken mess and he needs you and you could do a lot better than a primadonna yoga instructor with an anal fixation I guess we could try all I'm asking for is a shot neutral ground dr. Friedlander's office it's perfect all of us I'll pick up Tracy and bring her there meet you fine all right you come on get up you idiot no no yoga all right you know where your sister is right yeah let's go we would wait but what about that sugar caffeine and emulsified pig fat flavored beverage I want another time oh come on I want to later I think Tracy's over at the tattoo parlor what Tracy's getting another tattoo no oh god no that lazlow guys their last one that asshole what do you want it's Tracy that wants something she wants to get back on femur shame after you and uncle T cutter cameo shoot not maybe we ought to help her out with that maybe we oughta hey let me ask you back there with your mom that went okay didn't it anything that ends with Fabian's burst eardrum is more than okay with me now I mean with me and your mom I think they're here looking for something hip but you know since I'm capable of violence but I'm awesome in the sack so listen babe if you want to make it in vine would you got to do whatever it takes even if whatever it takes is a depressed borderline alcoholic who hosts the third most popular talent show amongst the 40 year-old female demographic so you'll let me on the show if I blow you yes and if you could wear some black lipstick the little guy loves the golf vibe oh whoa lászló dude that was entirely out of context bro Jim you find the ink slinger sit on him Laszlo here's gonna have a little cosmetic for Donna No Oh stay put you lame-ass mark sure Oh Purdy yeah let's get rid of this what's daddy number two think about this let's not get him involved yeah let's do if I knew I was getting this much work done I would have brought a camera crew just so you know I've got a beachwear photo shoot next week huh please don't put a gang symbol of me you butcher should I draw is three pubic hairs there we go oh nice you got like a camera phone or a miracle a I'll get you a mirror smash your over to head with it snip snip oh this is a real one-stop shop but I get nervous they evacuate my bowels seeping out so that's like it's my signature my ponytail now I gotta get extension know what you gotta get is my daughter whenever she wants yeah without sucking on your piddle stick look okay guys that was a joke I'm a clown I'm a sad lonely little clown you're gonna put her on your show and you're gonna make sure she looks good look okay I got a lot of juice in this town but I mean I'm not a mirror just do it yeah all right chase let's go weird I get to the therapist what so I like call you or something okay family this beats therapy pony how do I look it's not good is it it's one of those skills you pick up in prison you know making your name on your Sully's ass you are you serious come on oh not quite not speak to the clothes but your therapist hasn't exactly and transformational mental I don't know why he'd be better position to help for dysfunctional hey this was your mother's idea I guess it beats yoga top he beats yoga literally like baby and around the head with a laptop oh yeah Wow old man released The Dude's inner tranquility all over the bean machine bet to be honest and I know it's karmically bad but yeah I fucking hate that dude yeah I know right so up his own ass you're a fucking contortionist Whoopie I can torque my junk all day long and I don't have no superior about it still a little ashamed and empty it's overshare hey guy was talking smack to your mother well I applaud you pop you're here you're like finally like using your powers of selfishness and reach for like good not an objective Universal good but like a subjective what's in our best interest kind of good oh yeah awesome let's rock somebody okay I love that we're getting along but not get off yeah don't like actually run up a liquor store that might like kill the mood fucking therapy let's do that shit hey how about you just let your mom and me talk okay we got some issues we got higher now you see this you two aren't into it you can just sit there and be quiet Michael kids let's go inside okay I'm fighting Amanda good to see you again Michael I'm so glad isn't this great fantastic Michael I am being positive this is me being positive give it up Michael the sarcasm it's one of the reasons I moved out it's beneath you no it's not Amanda trust me nothing's beneath me no normally there's a whore beneath you know for someone who spends every waking moment working on themselves inside and out I got to tell you the progress has been really fucking slow how would you know what progress is like you stupid murder and shit uh G because all you do is whine it Oh all I do is whine Michael could you please stop murdering people Michael could you please stop endangering me and the both of your children you kill people and then you sing in the Sun and drink and feel guilty about it that is not where I don't see you complaining on the way to the fucking bank let's face it Amanda we're trailer-trash you and me we were taught to do this get a sinner Michael you have no Center how about you suck my cock ha no way we'll both get a sinner before that ever happens you are such why should have had you locked up years ago he's stupid oh shit do it I'll put you in a fucking round with the rest of them and that's really all the time we have oh great I think we made some real progress there Oh Michael I hope this goes without saying but family work is a little more expensive but double squared of course take care now hey so you're gonna come home with me or what guess we'll give it a try all right then kids are you gonna take us home then you know there was a moment there I thought what I don't know like maybe we still had a ways to go you know like maybe we need more time time for what time to move beyond screaming at each other that was cathartic catharsis all over my face oh I got a warm fuzzy feeling probably just the meze rated okay cathartic all right I just don't want it to be more of the same now you're the one making the demands oh no no not the man shut up I'm saying you're right something was broke and we got to work at fixing it we do all of us yes mom for real peeps cuz I started to understand something in there no one else gets this family not dr. Friedlander or my yoga teacher or our tennis coach or the Jews guy or the dog walker oh hey hey our Jimmy third-grade teacher or the trash guy or dad's proctologist or the guy that thinks he's Jesus on Vespucci Beach are the heavy bomber thinks the world is ending we're stuck with each other I mean how do you explain faking our deaths changing our names all the line to the FIB that monster Trevor kids rooms if you find dead bodies cheap women or Trevor Phillips we're checking into the Rockford hills hotel the morning after the night before


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