GTA 5 – Mission #24 – Three's Company [100% Gold Medal Walkthrough]

hey michael barratt well isn't this nice you didn't tell me we were double dating sorry guys this bar home to love is all mine brilliant Steve Haines amigo but you probably knew that already sorry your nametag must have fallen off oh I love it I gotta remember to write that down and to shoot you in your head your annoying dick undress taking notes this stuff Oh pure magic I should put it on my show have you seen my show you mean how to dress like a Salesman a cheap golf weekend at a third-rate Country Club so well done with our our friend mr. Kay my pleasure I love helping our government wage war especially with itself but you made a mistake did I cupcake when did you think your fucking voice down before it closed your fucking windpipe the joke stop now pal you will show me and my team some respect maybe you could define team for me is that just the three of you or the greater fib or the entire government because I'm tempted to argue that thus far we haven't shown a lot of your colleagues a whole lot of respect and wanted to start with me genius you got it about we have received intel that they're keeping mr. K at the local agency station I just dealt with that guy the agency is stepping up to question him because of your moronic antics down at the coroner's office we need to get him out of there before he blabs I did what agent Norton said then I guess you getting involved with a clapped-out old agent who's been living off of past glories was your first mistake you are my boy now amigo my career depends on this and that's very important to me so seen as we're all boys now that makes it important to you you'll run along kids see there you go Dave you can't teach an old dog new tricks come on the bureau owns a lot out in east LS Covington supplies off El Rancho can you take us there yeah sure sounds nice and secluded and a place you'd run an off-the-books operation huh so what so I bet federal in on the deed that's so and we all like our federal government open and transparent except when closed and opaque suits you better hey I'm just a puppet you're the one pulling the strings tell me Davey you expense this ride to the taxpayer I need you to make a couple of calls get some people on board first guy is Franklin Clinton hey I barely know that kid he's fixing up my car call him or we'll send some g-men to his aunt's house okay okay Michael this ain't the best time I'm kind of busy hey sorry about that listen you know that thing we talked about before it's happening I need you to come to a lot of El Rancho not far from where we met before all right that's cool I'm in there les anyway now Trevor Phillips oh you're crazy I ain't calling him I thought you might say that so we had him picked up that's a dumb move Dave real fucking thumb just worry about the plan okay getting mr. K out of the iaa station Clinton is going to be positioned across the street keeping an eye on the proceedings Phillips flies you in you rappel down make the extremity you rappel down make the extraction and I'm the best guy you got for this with you we've got good leverage grey and you brought Trevor in we're telling them I'm all cozy with the FIB yeah you better keep a low profile yeah I think I will see you later who's that cagey motherfucker huh no it's another cagey motherfucker alright not you hey t enough with the full political bullshit Franklin one you better take off really shit I'm good I ain't build well what am i detecting some some sort of son I never had bullshit here Mikey huh hey listen if you want to replace some father figure you can do a lot better than this fat snake alright this fucker would eat his own kids like I said Franklin deranged yeah and best friend exactly that's Trevor my best friend that's Franklin the son I always wanted alright guys listen this is the shot I'm gonna do all the heavy lifting on this job okay Trevor all I need you to do is fly me to the target Franklin you're gonna cover me from across the street we're gonna make these assholes happy I'm gonna walk away from this thing clean got it I'll gotcha all right and we do this can they help us bring Brad yeah we'll talk about Brad later all right I gotta change there grab a head start nice to meet you homie yeah whatever the government GIMP at last bite me let's go alright let's do this thing we go to the headquarters downtown your new friends are a riot the one you said sayonara to the old true walking away easy trip sometimes I guess you gotta make compromises what happened to dying with a gun in your hand life happens Annoying wife two kids remember them to get tied down and can't move anymore what about your ties to me brah both times why you got roped in on this fib instigated suicides back the access point is on the west side of the tower get us in position so I can rappel down you fuck around while I'm out there I'll climb back up this rope and strangle you with it okay here we go next I'll have this thing so far up your ass your tonsils will be playing Shadow Puppets oh you think we can't do that we can it's in our guidelines I don't know what are you talking about I stopped cinema Koopman not surveilling grab a center arm do you think you're impenetrable see how you feel like this is 18 inches use a little backup here 36 flow I've got we got a Windows 8 why are we you got a foggy coming out to Franklin I don't want to disturb you Mike but you might wanna do the conference award out of the spy Oh getting dressed and you'll be fine hey out of there who are you people that's nothing matter they said they were government I don't know why are you doing this to me hey oh I got some friends with the bureau they'll explain everything put it down in the lot Trevor stuff where are we they go easy on it thank you who are you save me hey no no no no no so pass it easy I will get out of this shit haha in bed with the bureau and a new running buddy yeah he's more of a protege yeah what are you gonna teach him to be old before his time yeah it'll never grow up that seems like a good kid my car look at this on new city new set of problems but the idiots they stay the same yep I guess hey I'll see you later oh you better believe it buddy


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