GTA 5 – Mission #17 – Mr. Philips [100% Gold Medal Walkthrough]

oh there you are hey feel like we haven't seen each other in forever you want to have some dinner later though I'd love to but you know yoga waits for no one another time oh hey there you are what's cracking so we all good hell yeah we all good we did yeah you fucking a right we did so here's the shot Leicester's offloading the gems he knows a guy give us 50 cents on the dollar oh and we might actually have a little spending money left after we pay off that psychotic Mexican motherfucker whoo Cheers so that's that right I hope so the whole job everything about it anyone who knows your file what is wrong with you Davey long time no see and what about Trevor if that fruitcake realizes no no finds out you're alive you are do and II fucked don't worry about Trevor Trevor is dead it's gotta be besides I'd have nothing to do with it whatever the hell it is you're talking about huh really the criminals are believed to escape with billions of dollars worth of gemstones hey Albert story had a lucky escape when the thieves ran straight into houses doing my job and I say this guy hey you got to move these bikes I don't know anything about that this other guy runs on the shop this is me all who says something like forget thousands of things every day you make sure this is one of them I was pretty scary back to you in the studio you want to get lit now sugar Trevor baby you want you want a smoke up now don't do it Johnny don't do it Trevor you've been with my girl again I'm speaking with you asshole I'll do it Johnny I told him Trevor I told him we all get high we all get high but that don't make him Ronny leave it crystal has got us baby but don't make it right don't make nothing right not what you're done with me telling Johnny leave it hey leaving nothing Trevor I'm talking to you motherfucker are you what are you saying fucking my girl man it's wrong oh I gotta fuck someone you want me to fuck you instead is that the problem here take off your pants cowboy alright let's let's fuck you think this is funny get them off I told him to leave it Trevor I told him leave it leave it shut up Ron I'm about tough fuck me a meth head a night cowboy get my boy sucked from his toothless gums fuck you Trevor oh I still love her all right cowboy hey I know hey come on I didn't mean nothing by a mess I just I know must I know cowboy it's okay man fucking shut cut back cut who the fuck are you speaking to who who I'm talking to you huh you fuck Johnny next time don't get in my fucking face I just saw a fucking ghost and I gotta hear your crap get up get up fuck you then huh doofy Cowboys forced our hand we gotta find the rest of the lost wait this ghost I saw his name is Michael Townley sounds like he's living in Los Santos find him really uh Mike I can fair but I don't find them wait kick me not gonna have to come see the bikers we're in a hurry but not that much of a hurry but if we bury Johnny and a desert and I'm quiet down that bitch Ashley you good guy don't eat the fuck out about it you think it's clever to disrespect women diggers back what I wasn't giving back in college again we should kill her you called her a bitch each you got a mother everyone got huggers at least one the bikers are meant to be over by the farm on the right whoa whoa hey you seen Ashley Jonny's looking for what you know as a matter of fact I just did just ten minutes ago yeah I saw her on the end of this penis here Johnny ain't gonna be cool if you messing with her again oh really well you don't think so huh well why don't we just ask him then huh Hey hey cowboy you mind that I fucked your old lady sorry what was that whoa no no no you don't mind oh because you're a dead man and the only sentient party I left is this little bit of brain and the crystal on the end of my boot was thank you very much cowboy bullshit oh I like it denial that is first part of the grieving process brothers now let's all hold hands huh it looks like you got something you want to say huh you got something you need to say this better be bullshit Oh let's go ladies all right you follow the band back to the rest of them then the lost MC are out of this region for good down eat now they're up there's the other one verified all righty root now we just should understand Julie gets to them the band's gotta pass but the guys on bikes can go did you see the look on their faces we scared of gang we yeah thank fuck didn't meet you for the harmless idiots you are you need compete belt back here you're strapped there's nothing sharp left slow it down I can't see us taking out all the bikers disco boss I mean no some by that airstrip the sum over go by that not today their time will soon be upon you keep left we might be able to jump across there do we go where you're going yet I got a feeling yeah but we got to make sure once you know you can drop me and wait at the trailer maybe bring Chuck to finish them we do this now Ron all of us I gotta take third back up line come on come on we're right on these bricks where we go come on oh look look the pulling up you did it Trevor they're stopping hold the perimeter fuckwits daddy's going to work Oh I don't like clubs step right up the frat up you forget how to use your arm the pedestrians I need an honest I got you worried wanting me to go around you ain't got anything flammable like a meth lab in that trailer do you this is hard for me too is in the county if that trailers got some steer clear okay I'm wiping out my whole customer face No come on there danger fallen comrade come on we're just getting started I for all your help there fellas now get back in the truck get out here wait oh fuck this oh yeah pick me up some sticky bombs we're dropping in on art a guy he has pekus that makes me nervous bad don't be nervous nervous Ron he'll be fine with a takeover takeover drugger we don't need to now the bikers are gone it's just us he has teca's and yo Neil the markets big enough this Chinese contacts gonna buy crystal fast as we can cook it there he is let's wake them up what with the truck no come on what the fuck Trevor this is the fuck my soggy friend you are out of business the lost MC are out of business the guns and crank in this area go through Trevor Phillips enterprise or they ain't going saying something they'll make it true they're gonna greenlight your app today oh that feels better I guess you don't run nothing no more let's get out of here man I don't know what these naysayers are talking about look at me I'm cranked on speed most of the time but I'm brought activity personified you sure achieve the rocket boy it was time to put my affairs in order you going somewhere as soon as I find that Spectre on the TV Michael Townley is your buddy you said got shot right you got used to run together yeah that's him my best pal I thought he was dead you're catching on fast yeah the fucking ghost I've been talking about he's alive he's walking and he's talking whoa he's sticking up joint so I guess yeah that makes him alive don't it and how you know it's him it's his MO and it's the same Cornish shit he was viewing 10 years back this could be a trap Trevor what if someone wants you to think he's alive I was fooled when I thought he was dead I ain't fooled now Michael Townley lives and breathes he's in Los Santos and he's got some explaining to do they could be trying to draw you out into the open that's a conspiracy theory too far even for you Ronald really well anyway get out of the car Ron any time to think run speak you know I don't like choosing these things they're listening then make it quick that business things been set up the Chinese guy mr. Chang is at the end you said that on the phone what the fuck is wrong with you damn Iran now I'm gonna have to discipline you and you know how I feel about that


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