GTA 5 – Mission #11 – Casing the Jewel Store [100% Gold Medal Walkthrough]

the hell is this place garment factory I needed a job that didn't require me to do anything apart from a pink okay listen finished what do you got the Holy Grail the union depository and they say it cannot be hid has it been yet look I just saw some Mexican hood a couple million bucks I wrecked his girlfriend's house I don't need to go crazy here which Mexican Marty Murat so he's not supposed to be very nice oh I met him he was charming what do you think oh um I'll see you either we hit a bank in a sticks or we do a store which do you like well stores usually easier but I gotta make a big cake well gems it is then let's go to van Jellico buy ourselves an engagement ring oh we're gonna need a crew like a round up some of the old guys there are no old guys Moses ironically he found Jesus all those Irish crazies they mostly just disappeared that crew from the south they all went down there was a an Eastern European guy making moves in Liberty City but yeah he went quiet all right well we're gonna need a crew you got any contacts in LS or not I've been working with someone but they're too unpredictable I'll have to reach out to some other guys we're going to little Portola your f i-b buddies they know you're back in business fib buddies what are you talking about I checked out the WPP thing doesn't look like any WITSEC program I'm aware of for starters yeah it'll put witnesses up in multi-million dollar mansions and Rockford hills well maybe they thought this would be the best cover and most witnesses don't transfer five figure sums into a particular fib agents bank account every month of course the money gets moved around and washed through a number of fronts but the trail is their deposits and withdraws the same sum every month agent dave norton white middle-aged divorcee unremarkable career except for one incident a shooting of a notorious stick-up man Michael town yeah yeah yeah yeah all right Lester I'm very impressed look we can talk about this another time but take these glasses my eyesight's fine they're fitted with a camera and a radio relay I'm gonna run the operation from the car while you're in the store getting what we need here we are mm-hmm sir hey beautiful I need to pick up a little something for the woman in my life but one of them sir I'm sure we can help you tell me about her what's her taste cheap thank God and say my wife we're talking about I don't know I don't want to spend too much I'm thinking maybe 10 grand our rings start at 8:00 our pendant started 12 all right so these things built last term I just paid for the van Jellicle logo here no no we use perfect clarity jewels 18 karat gold 950 platinum nothing but the best all right I think you just made a sale I'm gonna take a look around think about it come back to you baby don't go anywhere I understand good thank you sir you got it have a wonderful day like me to take you out so we good almost I need to get eyes on the roof of the building see where the ventilation comes out drive us around the block we got to find a way up to the roof look there some construction if they're gutting the place I might be able to get to the roof so you keep up with the old crew till after your death / disappearance there wasn't much holding us together yeah you see him at all after the incident I saw a ladder climb up and get to the roof yeah where'd he go north-south-east-west wherever there were liquor stores to turn over and hikers to disappear on the roof where did they bury him they're not as far as I know hey I see the vents you've got a good vantage now use it and get an image of the air system that's the shot you've covered the vents on the roof now okay that will do and come back to me before someone spots you up there will do if you take any longer you're risking blowing this whole thing here take your glasses back let's go back to the garment factory I called ahead and told him to start setting up the information so what did you see nothing that will cause undue complications yeah it looked like a simple set up cameras broadcasting to remote server who might be a little white security guard on the door he won't want to die for rich assholes rub his nose in it and a good alarm system is linked to the door lock we'll get a good window someone talented access anything else well the more valuable merchandise is in the cabinets in the center of the store by the register so I'd start there hmm glass and the cabinets wasn't bulletproof means you can smash them easy enough but the stones will be in the safe at night so we go in when it's open then right once we melt down the gold we cut the rocks that's an okay score yeah shame we can't go in after hours man those vents look fries you might be able to flip that another way I'm listening wait till we get back about the crew yeah there's this kid who's been helping me maybe we could cut him in I don't work with amateurs he ain't an amateur where if he is he's a gifted amateur about to turn pro he's a good kid he had the photos yeah workers have their uses okay let me set this up ha ha nice to see the methods haven't changed well you got to figure out what we're doing somehow all the crews the rolls prep work don't leave evidence behind and a hard drive so yeah the methods don't change right not for a pro yeah well mapping out the options showing you all the angles that's my area of professional expertise making decisions that is your domain my friend here there's two ways I see of doing this we go in smart or we go in loud and dumb remember the vents if we're gonna be smart we pump a little knockout gas through the air system then hit the cabinets while everyone's out you'll have to source the gas of course but crowd-control won't slow you down and that might improve the take the cover is pest control so no one will look twice when you're wearing gas masks that means getting a pest control van though you go in dumb and you'll need your famous way with people and for carbine rifles we can't buy them in a risk of getting traced no no we've got to find some in circulation it's dark word it's a real awkward but this is the gun favored by LSPD tactical teams so one of their vans is probably a good place to look a hacker can disable the cameras the length of time depends on their ability the alarm will be operating on the same window the exit strategy is more or less the same for both options the driver you pick will of course source some bikes you come out of the store and make your way through the new subway tunnel they're digging off the Del perro freeway you lose the cops in there and meet a truck in the ls River all right I want my guy Franklin on the getaway he can handle a bike all right if you vouch for him I'll take the risk so how do you want to do this run into the front door or try to play it smart still a hothead well some things never change select personnel with that in mind as ever the bet now the driver they'll source the bikes lead you out through the tunnels ed ito now you can count on him to get you out of a spot guns it might be hot and heavy in there this guy I'll keep it from going bad Gus Mota he's a pro not much else to say hacker back office but this is the person who will determine how long you get inside this guy Ricky I met him at the life invader office he may not be that good but he's enthusiastic let's take a chance on him that look good to you be sure okay I'll look into how you can find a TAC team and get their weapons and I'll be in touch yeah good I'll call you and everything's ready you'll need to pitch it to the guys whoa what my rep don't count for nothing no more you're a dead man Michael I'll call you so how do you want to do this run into the front door or try to play it smart now you've grown wise and cautious in your old age okay select personnel with that in mind as ever the better they are the bigger the cut now the driver they'll source the bikes lead you out through the tunnels ed ito now you can count on him to get you out of a spot guns now we're hoping to keep quiet so this guy shouldn't make much difference ah norm came across as a bit of an idiot but could be useful packer back office but this is the person who will determine how long you get inside this guy Ricky I met him at the life invader office he may not be that good but he's enthusiastic Harris mmm good feminine touch there she'll be able to find any back doors they got that look good to you be sure great I'll do some research on a pest control van and the knockout gas and I'll be in touch yeah I'll call you and everything's ready you'll need to pitch it to the guys whoa what my rep don't count for nothing no more you're a dead man Michael I'll call you all right what's up hey man it's me Michael what's going on listen I gotta get hold of the money for that house we've pulled down so I'm getting a crew together for you can guess the pay will be awful and the risk will be high Mike you might learn saw if your inner man that's not exactly a great sales pitch dawg but I guess I gotta start somewhere thank you maybe one day you can put together your own deals your own jobs so there's still some preparation I gotta do sit tight for a while my buddy Lester will get in touch with the details you

  • Fun fact: Here is where there is a reference to Niko Bellic, the protagonist of GTA IV, when Lester told Michael about an estearn european guy that made moves in Liberty City.

  • i like to play mission in pc,ps 3 & 4 is sucks to played,my hands are too stiff to play on ps controller

  • I didnt understand, i was far too long from gta 5 and i just back , so should i do both approaches or what guys ?! Pls waiting a fast answer. Thanks!

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  • In The Jewel Store Job, choose OPTION B: SMART APPROACH because 1) this approach only required an expensive gunman while in OPTION A: LOUD APPROACH required an expensive driver and an expensive gunman. 2) Because of reason #1, Michael and Franklin earned more money in SMART APPROACH while they earned less money in LOUD APPROACH.

    In SMART APPROACH, the recommended crew members are:

    a) Driver: KARIM DENZ (8%) – He is the cheapest driver compared to Eddie Toh, a good driver who took 14% cut. Since he is a bad driver, he chose fast bikes which is not suitable on muddy terrain and does not provide navigation but it's just some minor challenges. Despite the outcome, he survived the heist. It is important for Karim to get experience starting from this heist.

    b) Gunman: PATRICK MCREARY (12%) – He is an expensive gunman but cheaper than Gustavo Mota, a good gunman who took 14% cut. Since he is a good gunman, he stole all the jewels without dropping any of them. During the escape, he successfully escaped into the sewer tunnel with the crew.

    c) Hacker: RICKIE LUKENS (4%) – He is the cheapest hacker compared to Paige Harris, a good hacker who took 15% cut and Christian Feltz, a mediocre hacker who took 10% cut. Since he is a bad hacker, he can only hold the alarms for 30 seconds (PS3/Xbox 360) or 50 seconds (PS4/Xbox 1/PC). Since one of the Gold Medal Achievements required to steal all the jewels within 50 seconds, Rickie is a better choice but Michael have to be fast and cannot slow down for one bit in order to get the Gold Medal. It is important for Rickie to get experience starting from this heist.

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