GS Trophy 2020 Qualifier USA (Full Length)

some people say invention writing is about the challenge and that's true yeah yeah some people say it's about going to places that people cannot see with four wheels is that true yes some people say it's about experiencing different cultures is that true yes that is true but there is one thing above all a bitch running out [Applause] at the GS trophy qualifier men and women from all over the country have come together to test their GS writing skills in the hopes of landing a coveted spot on Team USA or the International Women's Team at the final event the GS trophy 2020 in New Zealand during the qualifier contestant to run through a series of elements designed to test rider skill endurance physical and mental abilities you will be tested via a series of challenges that were designed and given to us by BMW motorad the competition is tough and even the slightest dab paw or out-of-bounds maneuver can mean the difference between defeat and glory contestants compete under the watchful eye of marshals who scrutinized every movement and judge every slip up to be successful contestants need more than just writing skill they need to be able to keep a cool head while under this extreme scrutiny being calm and focused throughout each and every element the competition elements are intense but they're also very fun both for competitors and spectators riders are treated to cheers and support as they navigate the challenges experiencing the joys of camaraderie that adventure riding is so well known for the qualifier is being hosted by rawhide adventures an off-road training and tour company and official BMW partner some riders have trained for months even ears for this moment and you can see that in the incredible skills shown here at the qualifier but while training prepares you it does not guarantee successful each rider has their share of achievement setbacks happiness and heartache but win or lose at the end of the day the adventure spirit shines through don't give up that's the only thing that this thing represents to me don't give up the GS trophy shows us that no matter who we are or where we come from the spirit of the GS brings people together in friendship and camaraderie

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