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Greta Thunberg – Inspiring Others to Take a Stand Against Climate Change | The Daily Show

Welcome to The Daily Show. -Thank you so much.
-And welcome to New York City. You came here
on a zero-emissions boat, and part of me thinks that’s
because you love the climate; the other part of me wonders if that’s just
your Viking heritage. -(laughter)
-Maybe it is. -It might be?
-Yeah. Tell me why you did that. Why didn’t you fly
to New York City to come and, you know, speak
at the U.N. and-and, you know, inspire people to move forward
in the climate change movement? I did it because I have,
since a few years, stopped flying
because of the enormous impact aviation has on the climate,
uh, individually. And, um, just to make a stand. And, uh, I am one of
the very few people in the world who can actually do such a trip, so I thought, why not? Wow. (applause, cheering) Wow. I, uh… I mean, I know
I wouldn’t do that as a kid, -and I wouldn’t do it now. Um…
-(laughter) But what-what is inspiring
is your determination, and what’s inspiring
is that it doesn’t just affect other young people. It started to effect
older generations in Sweden, in Germany. People are starting to call it
“The Greta Effect,” where people are taking
more trains– since you started
this movement– they’ve said they feel ashamed to fly unnecessarily
in Europe. Your mom is an opera singer
and she stopped flying, which means she couldn’t perform
the way she used to. Do you sometimes feel bad
that she can’t perform, or are you more excited
that she’s not part of, I guess, polluting the planet? I don’t care, honestly,
about how she performs. -She…
-(laughter) She… (laughter and applause) She’s… She’s doing
musicals now, so, I mean,
she had to change career, but it wasn’t that big. (laughter) And the planet is the most
important thing for you. Yeah. I mean, for all of us,
I think it should be. Why… (applause) Why do you think… Why do you think young people are so focused
on climate change now? There’s a definite, uh,
disconnect between older generations
and younger generations when talking about the climate. Why do think that is? I mean, I think it is
because we, in a way, feel like it is more
a direct threat. Others feel like, “I won’t be alive then,
anyway, so screw it.” But we…
But we, we actually know that these consequences will face us during
our lifetime, and it is already
happening now. And it will get worse. And, uh, so I think
that is why so many young people,
especially, care about this. And, uh, and, of course, the awareness is not
as it needs to be, it’s not as much
as it needs to be. People are still very unaware,
it’s my experience. And, uh, so we need to continue, but you can see
that among young people the concern is bigger. What do you think people need
to learn about climate change? Many people have heard
of the climate warming up. Some people have a small
understanding of what it means, but what do you think is lacking in the understanding
of this issue? I think pretty much everything
because, I mean, we know that something is wrong,
that the planet is warming because of increased
greenhouse gas emissions, and that might lead to– that the ice caps will melt, and the global temperature
will rise, and there will be more extreme
weather events and so on. But they-they don’t understand how severe
this crisis actually is, and it is because
they have not been informed. Um, I mean, we are right now
in the beginning of the sixth max–
mass extinction, and, uh, people don’t know
these things. Up to 200 species go extinct every single day, and, uh, people don’t even know that we have… For a 67% chance of limiting the global temperature rise
to 1.5 degrees, we had, on January 1, 2018, 420 gigatons of carbon dioxide
left to emit to stay within that target, and now we’re already down
to less than 360. If we continue at the same
emission level as now, we have less
than eight and a half years until that budget is gone according to the IPCC
from the SR15 report. And that is for a 67% chance. Wow. And, um… Wow. 67% chance, and we’re not even hitting
those targets. What do you think
people could do, and what do you think
governments should be doing? I think people should do…
should do everything, but I think right now, if I were to choose one thing
everyone would do, it would be to…
to inform yourself and to try to understand
the situation and try to-to push
for a political movement that doesn’t exist because the politics needed
to… to fix this -doesn’t exist today.
-Mm-hmm. Um, so, I think what
we should do as individuals is to use the power
of democracy that… to make our voices heard and to make sure that…
that the people in power actually cannot continue
to ignore this. That’s powerful. -(cheering and applause)
-Wow. Do you… Do you feel a difference
in the conversation traveling from Sweden to, um, America? Is-is there a different feeling
around climate change? Uh, I would say yes. Um, because, here, it’s… it feels like it is being
discussed as something you– whether you believe in
or not believe in. -(chuckling, applause)
-And, uh… where I come from, where I come from,
it’s more like… it’s a fact. -And…
-(cheering and applause) So then I-I have
to ask you this. You sail from Europe
to New York City. Um… New York City is, um, quite an assault on the senses, um, when you come
from anywhere else. What is the biggest thing
that has stuck out to you in New York City? Uh, I mean, just everything. All the impressions. Everything is so much,
so big, so loud. -And, uh…
-(laughter) people talk so loud here
as well. And, uh, because– when you are on that boat, when I was on that boat, there is nothing. There’s just the ocean and, uh, of course,
the sound of the waves crashing. -But that’s it.
-Mm-hmm. No-no smells. (laughter) -A-Apart from sweat, but…
-(chuckles) Right. So, I remember
the first thing I noticed when I… when I–
when we came into the harbor was I woke up and, suddenly, it smelled something. And, of course,
it-it was pollution. But it’s still something. And that… and that was… It was i… -undescribable, to…
-(laughter) to-to go
from this extreme environment. -You’re disconnected from
everything and everyone. -Right. You only have yourself
and the ocean and the boat, of course, um, to New York. That is a-an accurate
and brilliant description of New York. It is undescribable
and it smells. (laughter, applause) -Yeah.
-I think that is fantastic. -(cheering and applause)
-I’m excited for your journey. I can’t wait to see
what else you’re gonna do. -Thank you for making time
for us. -Thank you. The next global climate strike
will be on Friday, September 20. To find or register
your local strike, go to Greta Thunberg, everybody.

  • I hope a lot of artists would help the climate change to stop, not making lots of money it would soon last they wont bring it if they die

  • I'm all for saving the environment and fixing climate change, but you have to have realistic solutions. Most of the world is still developing and are just trying to survive. They could care less about the environment. Not to mention countries like Japan don't have the geography to support renewable energy for 140 million people. This is why Japan gambled on nuclear energy. To expect everyone to switch over to zero emission boats to travel is absurd. I remember watching a video about people protesting freight trains. What more efficient way do you have for carrying large amounts of freight across the country? You have to come up with realistic solutions average citizens and other countries are willing to compromise on. Otherwise your not living in reality.

  • Very gifted Girl. This is the Future. But the Climate changes are Coming from above. Planetary/ solar Positioning changes. She is right People Need to get informed and Not get used for Political Agendas that will not Save mankind.

  • Yet, she has no problem with billions of people watching and listening to her on their individual cancerous devices. Google is probably her best friend and educational advisor. We are all going to die in some form. Selective activisim.

  • doesn't that produce more pollution to travel by boat??? I just read a news article and it said that it was actually less environmentally friendly idk

  • this little girl should go back to school, might learn something. she just keeps fearmongering and spewing misinformation. sad

  • Her condescending and annoying fingerprointing while offering no solutions is the thing that has been discrediting her.
    The poor girl is a puppet for her communist parents who are making a lot of money of her back.

  • Its all a load of horse shit. This girl was robbed of a childhood by her parents. The globalist want to instill fear, that's all this is.

  • Where is Greta's plan to maintain strong economies and healthy environments? She can whine all day long, but
    we need solutions.

  • Pure cringe. I understand the advocating for the climate, but using this annoying kid puppet as a campaign tool isn't appealing to me in the least.

  • She no.s wat she is saying the un have a lot to anser for I hope young people fight for there future good girl just dont let it over take ur life

  • When are we going to put our quality of life and our survival. And the quaility of life of our children, ahead of the amont of money we make and number of iphones we buy … ?

  • Yea it's cool that this kid is so informed about all this but we all know things won't change. Go and try to make laws for the top 1% to close their industrial plants to leave their v8 diesel engine cars in the garage etc. when they are the one literally controlling the laws. All this to be changed is not depending on us , normal everyday people, it's just doesn't. It's sad to realize that in a couple of decades we would use most of our resources, there will be wars and people dying by tens of thousands starting in the poorer countries. All the superpower countries trying to regulate other countries emissions but the amount of toxicity they already used to get there where they are now is just hypocritical.

  • Just wondering if this girl ever went outside and saw the hell culture sweden brought on themselves. Meanwhile, she worried about what "mass extinction", and people suffering around the world, all while the nations that drive science and progress in this world are being infected.

  • just for added perspective… we are all in a spaceship and we have started a chain reaction that has possibly already irreversebly damaged iour life support systemto a point that the flight egineers dont know how to reverse it and are committing suicide (actual scientists not tree huggers)…we not saving the planet we are saving ourselves… probably why elon is sooo fixated on building a life boat and going to place as screwed up as mars which might just be better off not too long from now…if he doesnt try or if he fails (possibility) he may see no reason for being alive….and all the money in the world cant save you… this is depressing…

  • Inspiring my ass , being an activists doesn't mean you can change the whole damn thing. It's about individual action, she is going to be next Malala.
    The world doesn't need activists , it has already enough of them esp from west.

  • They made a big thing about her sailing to the US on the sailboat to be green and not pollute. She actually caused more pollution than if she had flown over. After they arrived here the crew of the sailboat FLEW back to where ever they came from, and another fresh crew flew out to sail them back to Sweden. All bullshit…..


  • I must say, her Asperger's Syndrome is very, very evident in the way she gives answers. She's really doing her best, but cannot help but to include certain details in the description of her journey for example. She also gives very direct answers and has some difficulties interpreting certain questions. It's amazing she has the guts to go out there and do this, because it must be incredibly challenging for her personally and risking people laughing at her. I know and recognise this because I have it myself, just not as severe as she has it.

  • She should ask Obama why he is flying on a private jet 😂 ! They have been brainwashed so much by activist and they are just repeating about warming propaganda ! She say we know something is wrong but can’t stick to facts ! She doesn’t talk about the cyclic warming where the temperature increase more than the contribution of people. She is just a spokesperson of the organisation that is trying to push this agenda

  • She has aspergers (like me) and that's why she might sound a bit blunt or rude. Like when she says she doesn't care abt her mom's career.

  • By her yacht logic we should get rid of public transportation so people will walk everywhere and buy more bottled water from vending machines as they do.

  • Ah, I totally did not see this collaboration coming. Both Greta and Trevor are pile of scum. How can anybody take that parasite seriously? (Greta). In Norway Greta is a laughing stock, and Sweden hates her. It is only the dumb Americans (young liberal scum) who take the mentally ill whore of a child seriously.


  • She's a part of global elite marketing campaign to lower stadard of living for normal people while the rich will still travel and live like kings.

  • We are frogs in a slowly heating pot of water. It’s going to boil. We’re going to die. But so many of us just aren’t noticing.

    I have a co-worker who only thinks about climate change on summer holidays (like July 4th, here in America) because people are barbecuing on a hot day and he’s like, hmm, why are you doing that?

    I fear my coworker thinks about climate change more than most people. Sometimes I envy that. I think about it constantly.

  • The daily show is peddling leftist agenda. She is nothing but a virus signalling front to something that is far worse. This is about power, and she is the puppet being played the anti globalist leftists.

    Trevor Noah should get out before that show sinks him

  • and he wants an interview as if she is a leader
    AND created by the left ??
    This is why the left shall never lead again ???

  • Bunch of sheep, shes inspired no one. This is all talk and no action, typical left talking point. Im sure no one has changed anything theyre doing because of this brainwashed childs speech.

  • Now I know why she feels this way and her country they believe climate change is undisputable truth. If I thought it were real maybe I would be on her side but come on get real…. I feel bad for her

  • She is a mental illness problem. She is not but a puppet. Her parents should be held accountable for not getting her the treatment for asperger's her bipolar disorder and her OCD she's just being used as a puppet

  • And Greta's mom and dad are total fucking nuts. I saw a video of Greta's mom and she is all wacka do fascist just like dad both antifa lovers

  • Climate Experts, said in the late 70s, that we'd all be frozen to death to extinction by now, cuz the increased Co2 level Oh,,, How Dare They !!! 😰😩😨 idiots = Short Memory 💩

  • pretty sure she has Down Syndrome… Climate Change is non-negotiable, humanity has nothing to do with it. anyone with a bit of commonsense knows this, anyone who has studied the earth's history KNOWS this.. this stupid little kid has NO IDEA what she is speaking about… perhaps she means Global Warming.. in which case she's more the idiot because that's just a fraud, something scientists were spouting off about before they realized it was irreversable, and it SHOULDNT be tampered with, Climate Change is a NATURAL process

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