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#GreenSolutions Awards 2018 – CLK Passive House

We are in the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg in the canton of Redange,
dans la paisible localité de Grevels. This single-family house is Triple-A labelled and features several technical installations to save energy and improve energy efficiency. This house offers a ventilated and heated living surface of 185m² . Everyone knows that resources are largely tapped into already and it’s past time we do something about it. In this spirit, it’s been more than 5 years since we started building passive houses. This passive show house is meant to concentrate all the technologies we usually implement in our projects. We equipped this house with thermal solar panels to produce hot water and with photovoltaic solar panels. to compensate for the electric consumptions of the house. The house produces an impressive amount of energy enough to charge an electric car. Ongoing measurements will certainly demonstrate that our house is a nearly zero energy building. It might even be a positive energy building. The house features large bay windows with optimal orientation, generating a large amount of solar gains. For hot times of the year, we have a full shading system. Everything is managed through an innovative and efficient automation system. The goal of home automation is to make life easier for the residents. This smart project represents significantly less cables meaning less ressources are required to deploy the system, and more comfort for everyone. Regarding energy, this system allows a smarter way to consume energy, it anticipates the digitalisation of buildings and tomorrow’s circular economy. The home automation system is based on EnOcean technology. This technology doesn’t require any batteries. For example, switches are powered by motion. A small generator inside uses the click to power the switch and to communicate with the monitoring station. Other automation elements work in BUS mode or in TCP/IP. The monitoring station uses a Swiss software: myHomeControl. The house can be managed on a smartphone, a computer, interfaces in the house, or remotely through a web interface. Our staff is trained to these new technologies on a regular basis, and we keep training. We are interested in using the latest technologies and in finding the most efficient solutions for our customers.

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