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Green Day shirts from 6x Grammy winner Brian Vibberts! DHM

so total suspense so you drop this story
teaser on us yeah send us some t-shirts yeah with the haircutting yeah and the green day which is awesome thank you so much thank you so much and then we had to wait for our West Coast Vancouver planned vacay trip to get back and get the answer yeah so we’ve been dying so we’ve been in suspense, let’s hear it Actually it’s a pretty funny story which is a good follow-up to
our previous video and that is so I visiting my family in Connecticut and
they’re on Long Island Sound so was at the beach and everything so there was this
place that I usually go to you know like when I was in high school and all
that to get like rock and roll t-shirts so I thought I’m gonna go there and see
what what they have and if there’s anything new whatever and I was actually looking I don’t you know I of course I went in with a little bit of a list but they didn’t have much on the list unfortunately but I was really looking for
like another Green Day shirt similar to this it’s just like American Idiot shirt yeah I already had this I was trying to look for something similar and I didn’t see it on the rack and and I saw this other shirt that I’m wearing I was like feels was like a twenty dollar shirt and like I’m not really interested in that so I asked the guy that was working there and I said you know do you have
any that are just like the album cover of American Idiot he’s like I’ll let me
go up in the attic and let me check okay okay so he goes up in the attic comes back down he’s like no I don’t have any but I have this shirt and he said it was it was a display I’ll give it to you for five bucks still I like two other shirts I was I was buying and I was looking I looked at it
like I don’t know that’s okay you know I don’t really want it you know so he still had it with him and you’re wondering where this story is going so I’m buying the two shirts that I was one was like a Bob Marley shirt the other one was a I don’t know iron maiden or something and so then he’s like well I went all the way up to the attic to get this I’ll just
throw it in for free you want it for free I guess so all right you know whatever you know I just wasn’t interested in the design or whatever I was just like yeah sure so so then I get back and of course you know my parents and my
sister are wondering uh what did you get so I pulled out the shirt and I told the
story like you know I basically got this for free you know and my sister Melissa
goes what it’s perfect I was like I don’t know I didn’t you know I could
care less really like it’s perfect it’s perfect you don’t see it I’m like no I don’t see it so she told me the story and I’ll bring this in now I’ll explain this because this is what my sister Melissa had explained about the shirt and then it all made sense she said well actually this is Billy Joe if you look closely he has scissors in his hand and it’s like ah he’s cutting my hair ah ha see the strings it’s like my hair is like he cut my hair and my hair is like going off to heaven and then if you look closely there’s still that one little ponytail
that was left just like right on perfect It totally validates that story so when she explained that I was like oh yeah it totally make sense thank you Melissa that’s funny so than my dad was like oh I gotta get one of these shirts and Melissa my sister was like yeah want one too okay so then I went back like the next day and bought all these different shirts I think I bough five different shirts oh yeah oh wow these are in big demand now but ah but the interesting thing is the design is from 2005 which is about six months after
American Idiot so it was like right after that time so yeah yeah that’s your story is this tied into my haircut or is it
just a coincidence I think it’s tied in to your haircut yeah I think it’s gotta be tied in for sure so wait they can’t forget that no so what’s this after you told us the
story went and got the shirts yes how did you not see I saw it right away I was like did you I saw it right away I was
like the scissors to hair I’m like I’m sure to subside into the haircutting but how did you not see it yeah it has to be tied in somehow you know what maybe it’s a male-female thing because I didn’t see that right away and then when you pointed it out it’s like yeah of course just like Melissa right they think different you
know yeah I saw it right away I was like yeah like okay he’s cut us hair and but
when I look down they have the the green tea at the bottom so it was official Green
Day shirts yeah I was like wow this this is about Brian yeah yeah yeah Brian they didn’t even tell you we gotta get that footage now I know we have to get that footage yeah

  • The full story of Green Day cutting Brian Vibberts hair while recording the 6x certified platinum selling album, American Idiot is here:

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