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Green Day shaves 6x Grammy Winner Brian Vibbert’s head!

No, Brian has a great sense of humour so I can say this it wasn’t the pressure that caused Brian’s hair loss It was it was Green Day it was Green day I knew he was leading into that So we have to hear that story I was thinking about cutting it and ah… I came in and replaced another person on the session and they I think they’d only been recording a day or two and and ah so they looked at me I had the long hair they were just like nnnn so yeah so Billy Joe um Said you know, uh Would you let me cut your hair? and I was like what? Like I only like had met him a few hours before that’s a little maddening no I don’t think so… like what are you talking about you know and… Yeah, like cut your hair, you know we’ll have someone go buy some shears we’ll do it i’m like mmm… no… I don’t think so no i’m good he’s like alright alright… but then every once in a while he’d come up to me and be like, you know see the guitar take over there I cut his hair he won’t let it go he’s try to convince me like, you know, I can do it I can do it this is not my first time and then I thought uhh All right, ’cause I thought This is now we’re recording i’m punching in and stuff and in the back of my mind, it’s like should I let him cut my hair? really? behind the scenes thoughts should I have him cut my hair or not? so then I thought Okay, I had been thinking about cutting my haid anyway so I thought yeah, okay, let’s do it how bad can it be? so during a break I went up to him and I said Okay, let’s do it he’s like do what I like cut my hair he’s like yeah! yeah! Are you serious? he’s all excited yeah! and i’m like Okay so then they had someone go, you know buy some uh, You know some Clippers and all that stuff And then I go and I go into the the lounge and and then Trey gets a hold of it Trey cool He’s always a little bit crazy so I never like oh oh… you know so then goes zzzz came straight up the back zzzz oh my God oh…what have I gotten myself into that doesn’t sound like cut that sounds like a shave yeah They did the whole thing and let this like weird long ponytail in the back oh perfect now the good thing is this was like the whole thing was filmed because they were filming the making of American Idiot, that’s right. and a couple days later like two or three days later I asked the director was there everyday, you know shooting film and it was on film And I said could I get a clip of that of them cutting my hair? I’m like, you know, what an awesome thing to have. He’s like, yeah He’s like I I don’t I have no idea what real it’s on. I don’t know. I was like it’s only a few days ago Itried to convince them like, you know You don’t have to give it to me now give it to me later I mean at least it would be nice to have. Yeah for sure he never co-operated yeah you never got it? I’ve never seen the footage awe man… somewhere in a vault Yeah. Yeah, that would be a riot You


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