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Gravity Duck Platinum Walkthrough | 100% Trophy & Achievement Guide | PS4 + PS Vita & Xbox One

Hey, what’s up guys Blakk Vulture here and welcome to my trophy and achievement guide for gravity Doug This is a very quick and very easy 100% completion so Bearing in mind this game is actually quite a lot of fun so we’re basically a dark who has to complete levels by collecting eggs and Avoiding obstacles along the way So we’re going to go ahead and do the first level in the forest So you could kind of just skip the opening cutscene here But the idea of the game is that you have to pick up these eggs You will be Using the gravity as well You know to kind of switcheroo yourself around also the gravity wells which rotate you so you’re going to End up using those quite a lot during the game Obviously the first trophy you’ll be gained is Wankel twisted which is For using the gravity for a first time and then at some point you’re gonna get fried chicken That’s that’s trophy for dying for the first time very a very original trophy name, I guess Using these gravity wells will rotate you of course, so so you want to use these to You know to try to make your way to get the eggs Of course of course there are quite a few quite a few obstacles to avoid as well there’s um There are there are some trophies of relating to certain obstacles, too so So obviously that kind of that could have helped All the trophies are like, you know, none of the trophies are really visible or anything Considering that there are different different trophies for collecting certain number of levels Then there are some for you know, dudes miscellaneous tasks or for example, the one we just got here which is called caterpillar that is for meeting the Casper There’s gonna be there’s gonna be a few trophies like that one for example for barfly There’s well for a bat Not sure where else actually but but there’s a few like that then there’s also ones for completing a certain number of levels So there would have been one 431 451 430 as well, I think I’ll buy have to double-check that one. But but yeah, that’s that’s kind of a general Over look at the trophy list, very very easy. Trophy list. I must say nothing is miserable like I mentioned earlier but but certainly It’s certainly a very fun game, I think But obviously the game can be a little bit tricky when we get to when we get to the cave levels with the bats and stuff like that, but But after a while you kind of learn the levels as you go along Also, we have these which are essentially the pea shooters from plants vs. Zombies, but they’ve kind of They’ve kind of made them into their OFI But I really do think these these little green figs are actually a really good touch to the game Kind of kind of gives you a bit of a Super Mario vibe as well. I think but but we’re gonna see like Super Mario vibes pretty much all the way through the game anyway, so So obviously it’s kind of inspired by that I guess But then again, I really do think that This scheme is influenced by Quite a few different games that that already exist. So So there’s always that also egg fee for completing 20 levels, so So obviously there’s quite a few Quite a few trophies for that one, but I Think I think it’s only food 20 30 and 50 but a Hundred percent for now. I think if it is that So So basically you’re gonna end up with your last trophy B and for completing 50 levels Also, we’re gonna be greeted by the beautiful butterfly so so he’s gonna be So, so they’re just going to be shooting Projectiles at you you could kind of just Kind of just zoom your way around level try to avoid them if you if you really can But some levels like this one where there are two butterflies you kind of have to You kind of have to really avoid them while a lot Thankfully they don’t shoot at the same time. So so that’s not so tricky I didn’t even I didn’t even keep track of the level numbers to be honest So I can’t really Say like which which levels this is But but there are quite a few levels that will present a little bit of difficulty However, I will try to work these out and had some timestamps in the description below as well So I have to probably I might I might do I might do once for for the trophies I guess I’m not sure but but if I do if I do do Timestamps, then you’ll find those in the description But I don’t think it’s entirely necessary so someone might not I don’t know but Anyway, okay, so so eventually we’re gonna end up With With some harder levels in this game now It can be it can be a little bit little bit tricky actually might take you a couple of it couple of tabs so we just done 30 levels now which So suppose, let’s say bad So this one would be I think it’s even level thirty or forty one. Then in that case. I Think this one’s 31, I think Okay. So, um, so this level which is number 32, I believe might take you a little bit of a while to figure out but but you kind of have to go to the left side and then Rotate yourself around and then somehow go over to the other side so like I said, it might take a couple of tabs, but but the actual the actual method that you kind of have to Look at is fairly simple enough, I think But obviously y’all get the idea of where I’m going with with this particular particular method You have to you have to really time it right with this especially these particular Particular obstacles well, so the gravity wells in it some of the levels could be kind of miserable as well because because you kind of have to you kind of have to really Like you know just zoom your way around sometimes it might not work too well So eventually we’re going to end up in like a cave area That’s gonna have Yep, there we go. That’s so that’s gonna give us the Scout trophy as well upon the first level so So that is for completing the entire forest area. There are no like boss levels or anything like that So we don’t have to deal with a teef. It likes heart So so the cave levels are kind of Kind of kind of cool like, you know, some of them some of them do present a little bit difficulty but so but over the GNAT should be should be pretty fine with this but But some levels might might take a couple of couple of attempts with the bats, they could be a little bit annoying because they kind of follow you and It could be really annoying but but they’re pretty easy to al run if you If you kind of just keep moving it a lot You kind of have to move pretty quick when when the bots come in and then They absolutely like oh they’re where do I go down, you know but But so obviously you kind of have to just have some really good timing and everything like that So yeah, there’s there’s quite a few there’s quite a few levels, that could be a little bit annoying But I don’t think there’s I don’t Fitness a trophy for completing 40 levels so So I think Suffolk after we got the 40 level one. I think I think we should have only the 50 trophy left at this point so so Obviously it’s not so bad. But but to be fair the game could be pleased in like right about 15 minutes anyway so so it’s not as if So it’s not as if we’re gonna be you know Played with this duck for you know a long time already fit like that But but you know I completed this game in 15 minutes or something like that. I anyway right about 15 to 16 minutes But obviously as you can see I did make some mistakes as well, but Some of them were edited out as well. But but overall it’s it’s around about Right about two hours head I’d say For difficulty wise it’s nothing It’s nothing difficult. Really. Oh Also also we get these little fire sticks as well They’re they’re not that hard to to avoid to be honest Says we you just died, but you get the idea Although I do think I do think this game was kind of influenced by Super Mario and You know anything it if you’d like that, you know, maybe maybe Super Meat Boy to a certain extent but Made a lot easier I guess But I think overall like the actual game is is definitely definitely wonderful fun games I’ve played in recent times It it really does. It really does get your adrenaline going as well, especially when you get to use These higher up levels here Which which of course is really fun So so overall it’s probably around about two hours head difficulty then Well, I mean, I guess I guess how you would rate it for fun is kind of dependent on How you see this game? But I personally feel that That’s definitely why those fun games that you could just play like multiple times and you wouldn’t even know So ah, so there we go. We’ve got the Platinum trophy here So so yeah, it’s it’s definitely definitely a fun game, but it’s known for pretty quick. So So thanks for checking out the guide. I hope it helps and Feel free to subscribe and until next time I’ve been that for sure and RC will very soon


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