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Graveyard wins a swedish grammy

She has said that she find all people interesting We don’t believe her She only wants the ones who dedicate their time to blood, fire and death Culture journalist, writer and one of distorted rocks most knowledgeable nerds Here to bestow this years award for best hardrock/metal Ika Johanesson! And the nominess are: Let’s see This years winner of the hardrock/metal grammy goes to Graveyard! It’s more or less a panic attack standing here among all of you but ehhh We would like to thank two categories of people those who have earned money from us like record companies and all those kind of peoples and we shall also thank all the people who have lost money by hanging out with us all our friends, family, girlfriends
only right thing to do is to take a bow there is maybe three people who deserves to be mentioned by name Our manager Magnus Larnhed our tour manager Erik Sjöberg who was been working like an animal and Dan Alsterberg who has produced all our records Thanks alot


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