Grand Theft Auto V Mission 23 Dead Man Walking (Gold Medal Completion) #NoCommentary

I treat you okay roll you low you were crashing on the squash Hey Davee how you doing but as good as can be expected but the news is not good I don't know what you're talking about I know you did that fucking jewelry job Dave seriously you're imagining things fuck you all right I did it arrest me you know what you'll be saving my life coz you called it motherfucker what you called it Trevor a couple days ago we haven't really talked about anything either but if know when he starts asking questions about why you're not feeding worms south of the Canadian border oh we got problems and no shit we're in it together so if your problems are my problems then I guess that means that my problems are sort of your problems I know what if I lose my job someone comes into my office starts reading my files they'll see the things I did I know a lot of stuff I can cop a plea get five years but you fuck you you ungrateful prick I made your career no and we better go about saving it together because you and I both know we can't let it go to shit now what do you need this guy burden and Carroll off the agency claims he's dead we at the bureau think they're full of crap we think he's being debriefed someplace so apparently he has information which will put me and my superiors out of circulation those agency fuckers I've got the coroner's office locked down we need you to verify the body how the hell am I gonna get in here no you've played dead before haven't you I have always kind of liked you call me when you wake well we got John Doe white male overweight in his late forties possible Cornyn let's take a peek the fat deposits on his hips and abdomen suggested a fondness for bleeder burgers probably about to find one in his gut still on its wrapper right next to the bottle of scotch and packer redwoods see the broken capillaries around the nose alcoholic I wouldn't take any bets on the state of the liver we still think forties takes a toll he's an advert for clean living note the discoloration of the teeth and the fingers smoker pack-a-day I'd say probably cigars – I was going like there was no tomorrow he's got that right some people think they're immortal so you get chest pains pumping away at your mistress lucky girl having this thing on top of her huh she was probably relieved when he bought it what the hell was that don't worry it's just gas no no it's reanimating you want to cut it in the coroner's office you're gonna have to lose the nerves I've been around cadavers this isn't right Oh fresh is different the ones you have seen have been on the shelf for a week you can still smell this guy's breakfast if you say so yeah the things I've seen in this place grown man you could fit into a sandwich bag bodies that are more maggots than flesh this gasbag here's a blessing awkward conversation with the spouse I'm gonna get some hush money so win-win only losers of the chumps who got to cut him open to rule cause of death yet ready with the bone saw and the rib spreader you might want to hold your nose come out heads in the air come on might be in the other room give it up surrender yourself that don't look right guess you can't judge a course by its toe tag I found the toe tag Ferdinand karimov it's on some big black lady definitely not you got ok the agency have the lower floors on lockdown to prevent a leak I got a guy who can cut the power to give you some help but you'll have to get upstairs if you're gonna get out you are this close to being shot this the way out I don't know what's going on here but I want to we're locked down gotta take the stairs carry over your business it's over jackal cussed me I'm not interested in the truth I don't know what you're doing here but you [Applause] [Applause] hey Mike f hey we need to talk quick meet me at those boiled Derek's just outside town alvaro heights and make sure you're not tail man that's on sound too good home look I'm on my way Dave the hell was that you don't have any spooks I just ran into I'm sorry they're not nice people if that's a consolation what's going on there's a big target out there something in the shadows the data algorithms are reading off the charts whoever finds it the bureau or the agency is gonna get a big bump in funding like I care about your funding I'm out Dave you're not I need you to meet my boss we'll be downtown in the plaza between the FIB and the iaa buildings the IAA Building you fucking kidding me after the spare I just had with those agency men relax they won't be looking there they never expect an inside job hey Franklin what's going on got to get out of town man I ain't exactly got nowhere to go well then take a trip a long trip what the fuck is going on things alright you remember I told you I know people feds looked after me when I retired you did yeah I did I mean I think I did I don't want shit Jesus Christ Franklin I got so many stories I can't even keep them straight I'm full of shit yeah but you're full of shit got me a lot of paper one squirrel with you I made more money than I ever did hustling oh yeah I mean I'm a great thief but you know it's the other shit that I think I figured out so what's the deal man what's the deal with the bureau man this clown I mean II's an okay guy fucking cocksucker we did a deal a long time ago didn't go quite the way it was supposed to go wrong guy got killed so I had to go into kind of an informal witness protection program he helped me I didn't reveal secrets of his and everything was cool problems started when recently I became unretired I mean he shows up starts calling in favors telling me to do shit I mean look Franklin I'm working for the fucking facts oh fuck man oh fuck man yeah that ain't even worst part I ever tell you about Trevor I think so see if you only think so that I wasn't being completely honest he's I don't he'll walking on earth that's what he is what let's bury this motherfucker oh yeah good luck with that she meet Trevor and I got history complicated fucking history look I've done a lot of things that I ain't proud of yeah I never claimed to be an angel but you meet Trevor Franklin you'll swear I am an angel so what's the mood a man I don't know I'm sky you know try to play both sides you know tell I can find a way out of this shit alright man look man you helped me way I see it man at least I can do is help you it's a death sentence Franklin man are you trying to hear all that shit man if the bureau ain't gonna take you to court the motherfuckers just hustlers anyway and I finna let no motherfucking cat thang he's so motherfucking crazy run me up a tree fuck that hey a good kid Franklin this means a lot to me like I told you I'm a terrific thief I'll find something for you big come on you better take off all right man I'm with you I'm Wich

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