yeah what's the big one over here and today we are going to hit 6300 trophies inside clash Royale this will get me into Grand Champions aka League eight and honestly it's just an awesome milestone we also have a a mega Lightning chest to open this thing contains 28 epic cards 169 rare cards so that's going to be very awesome to open obviously there is only 7 days left of the season and you guys can see my season-high is the trophies we are at now and honestly I'm up my personal bests as well my highest trophies is the same number so I really hope you can hit Grand Champions today as well I hope you guys enjoyed this video if you do make sure you guys leave a like leaving a like always really helps out the videos plus I hear you guys get legendary cards after leaving a like so smack that like button and see if we can get a legendary card yourself also while you're down there if you could subscribe that'd be awesome really helps up the channel ever any further delay let's hop into it here so like I said I'm one win away from 6300 I'm using a graveyard deck this is the deck on screen really powerful I've been loving it I'm actually on a bit of a win streak you guys can see three victories a draw and then another victory ok so we are going into a game to hopefully get to 6300 and we are up against so Lincoln so to begin with obviously I don't know what deck those guys run in so we're just going to cycle a night at the back very neutral play we're just going to see what he has and he goes with a minor of course it goes into the spot where we can tornado it so we are just going to bar barrel it and this guy has minor Nightwish that's unique you don't see that every day but honestly is going to be able to clear up my night and the bats are going to be pretty annoying and there we go he's giant so I'm actually okay going up against giant that's a good fire boob that's whatever and we are going to tornado it here just so it gets zero damage onto our tower and our baby dragons are actually on his tower that's amazing we did some damage so we played the night there just to distract the minions the meanness will get taken out by our tower and we go with another tombstone here and again he goes with another night rage so we are just going to do the exact same sequence we're going to play a baby dragon at the back and honestly not going to play a graveyard to double elixir time unless I get an elixir Vantage which I keep giving him value fire boo so I'm thinking that won't happen anytime soon but if I do somehow get an elixir want it then obviously I will play a graveyard but until then I'm just going to wait I'm not in a vouch and honestly we are just going to tornado this again I played the night by my tower thinking the miner was going to pop up there but it didn't and there we go we are now into double elixir time which is where we really shine so we are going to go with another baby dragon tapped back and honestly he played his tank so I'm comfortable going in with a okay play tonight wish because he played the night which I'm not going to go in for I was going for a graveyard not yet going to wait a bit longer that's a really good vibe from him I really need to stop doing that and he first went off the Lane now as well tombstone in the middle will bring everything together you're going to play a night here just to distract Nightwish a bit we all go into tornado and very good defense but if our tower helps are very high and dying with a tombstone okay now this Tommy please a giant down the other Lane so we are going to go in here with a barbarian bow graveyard combo we also poison that take out the minions and the skeletons he dropped which is very good for us we're going to get a ton of damage on that tower and we all stand up for another defense so he actually switches lanes here which is interesting going to have to put our ice wizard in the middle just so we can splash everything we are going to tornado everything together for the baby dragons Splash Damage and two giants coming towards me am I scared nope this decks just so powerful with Splash Damage it's really crazy this time we're just going to poison i over committed a bit on defense but because of that it means I can't graveyard right now I swear it managed to hit the minions very nicely we are going to tornado and set up another tombstone it's rinse and repeat right now which is poison cycling him pretty much but it's working so I'm going to keep going there's much might take a while but you know if it's going to get me the win I will do this he played a mine on my left how I'm just going to let that go there's no way this game goes into a two tower game so I'm okay tanking a bit of damage again we go with a baby dragon we go with a ice wizard and we do pull everything back just so we don't take too much damage he's down to seven with help on that white tower I'm just going to save up elixir I was going to go in then but he plays a giant at the bridge and honestly I do not want to risk losing right now so again we're going with a defense it's going to tornado everything okay now Nightwish might actually connect yikes yikes odd damage okay we are going to go in right now graveyard poison I hope that's enough it might be his clothes we're at 86 okay baby you're going down the lane we managed to catch the minor which is fantastic and that's good game our dogs very controlling and obviously the Splash Damage we have is unreal but plus 27 fees that is going to get us past 6300 and there we go a new lead is reached we get a jet speed boost and Grand Champions very awesome to see that logo by my name definitely beat lost season which is fantastic we have a new badge on our profile and a new Hollis trophies we are some love and support from the clan which is fantastic and yeah a really powerful deck I've been loving it but we are now going to open up a mega lightning chest to celebrate we're going to collect five rare cards here we get five tombstones very appropriate that turns into some gold and star points and now we are going to open up this mega lightening chest so we get eight strikes we get go to begin with that's whatever we then get vasco is they're already maxed that turns into more gold we have mortars that's a lot of star points we get some heroes again that's more gold we get sapis not bad but yeah goblin hearts already maxed we get more gold we get electoral dragons which are fantastic and we do get a legendary card you guys can see that we have a cola in one so we are going to tap the screen and see what legendary card we get today and they say inferno dragon not the best not the worst but the unique thing about a mekin lightning chest is we have eight strikes so we are going to try and get a better legend that we called it gives us a sappy again want something a bit better magic all sure I'm still going to dig but if your this were ready max so that doesn't do a whole lot Elektra wizard again it's maxed ice wizard again that man is stranded no bad but again I feel like I could get something good here and a miner is what we are going to stop on I'm going to replace the sapis just to replace the sapis again goblin cages way battle and over oh that's an awesome chest so now let's hop into a game as a grand champion and see we can do okay so we are into another game here and for a first play we are going to go with a tombstone same thing as last game we are just going to see what my opponent has filled them out of beer and on the C he plays a hunter we are just going to poison that will also go through our barrel onto it and another giant deck okay the hunter did get taken out which is fantastic but this guy's going down the left lane right now so we need to get ready for that we did just play a baby dragon we are also going to play an ice wizard and honestly I don't want my baby dragon die into that mega mean so we are just going to tornado everything like that and that's a very successful first defense but nature plays a mini Packer to take out the ice wizard again we drove you spawn my playing the tombstone that counters it perfectly and honestly we're going to go in yeah I thought he was going to play a giant he did and luckily we were just able to catch him off-guard and swarm him he had to play ours on defense he really did not want to do that we call some good tower damage in and now it's our turn to play defense so starting off with a knight we are going to go with an ice wizard we are going to play a tombstone and this guy has Sparky okay buddy giant Sparky I see it we are just going to hopefully defend this I think the Sparky's gonna shun our tower yup that's terrible I was not expecting a Sparky at the bridge going to be completely honest with you guys but you know that happens he caught me off guard Congrats now here he goes with a hunter and a giant so we are just going to get that away and honestly we have a very good counter push right now so we are going to go in with a graveyard here on offense and the Sparky got very distracted by the graveyard which is great for us men or support troops could actually just take it out and we're going to get to take out everything out so nothing's coming towards us except from this giant and hunter and honestly that's a okay by me I haven't seen him play a big spell yet and that makes me question whether he actually has one a lot it does go with another Sparky we are just going to again poison that our baby dragons should be able to take it out fairly nicely and our ice wizard survives as well that is huge for us now he's actually trying to purge spammy a bit it's not going to work we have way too much of a great defense and once again we meet the Sparky Ozzy on this offense here we are going to go in with a graveyard he played a mini Pekka mini peckers not great and in a graveyard again he's forced the arrow on defense and our ice wizard actually go get a few shots in at the tower bringing it down down down down down that's going to be good game after the poison that's fantastic that's a good game and Yahoo a very awesome day again another victory means we are going to open up another chest this time is going to be our legendary kings chairs obviously a legendary Kings chest contains one legend that we call 24 epic odd seventy two rares we're going to buy it here with the gems and we get go to begin with we then get the choice between mu breakers and three spas it's going to be the free spas giant skeleton two witches it's going to be the witches so close to max boy recruits or skeleton boughs I'm going to go with the skeleton Bowser's I just want gold electro dragons or balloons we can actually get a max balloon that's tempting balloon is so powerful right now so I think I'm going to go for here the choice between Valkyries or mega means here I'm you're going to go with the mega means the choice between mirrors and guards we're going to pick the guards or mirrors is already maxed and finally we do get a legendary card it does this awesome spinning animation and we get the choice between a vampire and a log is going to be the log and again a very awesome chest but you're here's the deck once again like I said it's very awesome and powerful the defense on it is amazing and then use that amazing defense to go into a very great offense you have to be a bit patient with your wave your timings but once you get that down the decks very good to play but yeah I really hope you guys have enjoyed this video if you have make sure you guys leave a like of course subscribe if you have not already and as always make sure you guys take care brush your hair and peace out


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